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Next we wanted to go to El Tunco beach in El Salvador. This meant from Esteli we would have to get a bus to the border with Honduras, go through Honduras and go through another border crossing into El Salvador. It looked like it would take us a couple of days to get to El Tunco so we asked at Ticabus to see how long that bus would take to see if it was worth doing. They quoted us $37 and said we would arrive in San Salvador at 5pm which would be too late to go to El Tunco that same day. As both options would take 2 days we decided to go with the chicken buses. Here is how we did it: 1. Catch a bus to Somoto. On the main highway in Esteli ... read more

===English version below=== Zo dicht bij het Panama kanaal zitten en het niet bezoeken zou zonde zijn. We namen een dagje vrijaf bij onzen baas en trokken erop uit. Het bleek echt de moeite te zijn, zowel het bestaande kanaal (schepen tot 33,5m breed) als de werken voor de uitbreiding (schepen tot 55m breed). We namen de bus, deelden een taxi met Peruanen en kregen een lift van Colombianen. Ge ziet we trekken hier al goed onzen plan. Grote schepen die het kanaal passeren betalen al gauw $ 400.000. Niet echt een koopje maar als ze over Cape Horn moeten varen kost het hen 10 dagen. Ons Casa Ishq avontuur liep na 3 weken ten einde. Toch nog even wat foto's gaan maken van de mooie zonsondergang. Hannah besloot om samen met ons terug te reizen ... read more
Werken nieuwe sluizen - new locks

I’m scribbling this as we wait for a working boat to take us up river to San Carlos. We were due to leave at 11.30 on the quick boat but the engine has conked out so we now have to wait for the slow boat that leaves at 2pm. Such is the life of the traveller; we have fallen into the stride now so delays like this no longer feel like a problem. The helpful lady at the tourist info has kindly invited us into her office/house so while we wait Helen is researching Costa Rica, our next destination and I am taking the opportunity to keep our beloved readers informed of our adventures. Whatever gets you through the night We are on the Rio San Juan on the border of Nica and Costa Rica, a ... read more
The smiles didn't last long
The local kids with their 'catch'
Helen and her naughty horse

Arrived on Tuesday after a beautiful sail from St Lucia. Were just going to go to the bottom of the island, but after a fast and lovely sail, decided to continue up to the top. So glad we did. Perfect sailing conditions!! Got buzzed by a helicopter, possibly customs? for the first time ever since leaving Oz. St. Pierre is just a stunning little village. Google the history as it's amazing. Totally destroyed in 1903 by volcano eruption. All died except for one man as he was in his prison cell. Very deep anchorage, but more quiet than down below. Anyway, were only going to stay one night, but will end up here for 3!! Love the cruising lifestyle... read more
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Our Arrival Our minibus from Leon dropped us off at the North bus station on the main highway. We walked right up the Panamerican Highway, then turned left towards the Cathedral to find a place to stay. Where We Stayed Hostal El Albergue - Calle 3a NE just west of Avenue Central. C$400 for a double room with bathroom and TV and free purified water and coffee. What We Did Visited Somoto Canyon - we booked a guide through Sonati hostal which cost $25 each for the longer trip. They called the guide who met us at the bus stop in Somoto. To get to Somoto we caught the bus at 6:30am from opposite the garage on the main highway near Calle Transversal. It took about 2 hours and cost C$28. We were met by our ... read more


Central America Caribbean » Belize March 31st 2014

There’s a place called Paradise. In fact, there’s many of them, all a flight away from Home. At the club in a resort the adults are the only ones left after their children have gone to bed. A day full of turning-lobster-tanning and swimming in the hotel’s pool – located next to the sea – is over. The included breakfast, lunch and dinner have been eaten for a week. Tomorrow it’s time to get on the airplane and go back home, so the gringo doesn’t sleep tonight, the males and females of ripe and over-ripe age go to the club to drink piña coladas and rum-cokes. At 11 p.m. a little Latino boy walks out of the darkness of the beach over to the hotel and tries to sell some of his mom’s tamales. He’s from ... read more

12th February: Flying out of Perth via Sydney and Hawaii to Los Angeles. Arriving into the hotel just before 10pm still on the 12th. Feb as we had crossed the International Date Line and gained a day and in time to order a meal in the restaurant - the meal was ample in size and good price. We had booked into the Wyndham Hotel - not 5 star as hotels go but 5 star for location and convenience. Photos of the Santa Monica sign were taken from outside the hotel - so we were that close to the beach and the pier, also the buses go past and the Hop ON/OFF bus was by the pier sign. Plenty of eating places around and some not too expensive. After being in Hollywood and seeing the location ... read more
Los Angeles - Santa Monica
Los Angeles - Santa Monica
Los Angeles - Santa Monica

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 30th 2014

We don't have internet here- have to go to a bar. So this will be short for now! We left Bimini and had a nice crossing over the Bahama Banks. What wonderful blue water! It's a bit scary at first to see grass and maybe coral below you , but after some time you get used to it and relax a bit. We made it to Chub Key by nightfall to anchor. The next morning we continued on to Nassau. We were able to sail for a bit and then of course the wind changed and we had to motor. We ran into some issues that I will get into later, but let's just say for now that we are in Nassau doing repairs. We have been here over a week, and we are hoping to ... read more

One of the last places I visited in Guatemala was just about right in the center of the country and far from everything - the limestone pools at Semuc Champey. This would have been a great place to have a waterproof camera... US$ ≈ 7.7 Guatemalan quetzales (Q) ≈ 13 Mexican pesos (M$) Cobán Like most travelers, I merely passed through Cobán on the way from Guate to Lanquín and had to spend the night after a late arrival. Not much to see in town but nice vibe and friendly people. Very different from Antigua where I had left in the morning. Accommodation and food First looked at Hotel Central as it was on the way from the Monja Blanca bus stop to the center. Q80 for a single but it was full. Then looked at ... read more
Limestone Pools From the Mirador
Río Cahabón

Our Arrival We arrived on the Tica Bus from Panama City. The Tica bus station is in a new building in the West of the City, not near the Supreme Court as our lonely planet said. It is on Avenue 3, transvera 26 near the other bus stations in the North West. There is a Tica Hotel in the bus terminal. We needed to book our TransNica bus to Mangua for the following day so we walked a couple of blocks to do this and the new Tica location was a lot handier. Where We Stayed Hotel el Dorado - just around the corner from the TransNica bus terminal on Avenue 5 Calle 22 Frene al Bar Pecos Bill. $24 for a double room with bathroom, hot showers and TV. We had a bus at 5am ... read more

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