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Before we abandoned each other to pursue our independent adventures, Ben and I spent four days at Playa Gigante, a beach in the pacific coast. We ended up staying in the house of a friendly and impressively bearded American called John. The house was right on the beach and full of animals - dogs, geese and a cat. John repeatedly warned us about the two guard dogs and how to pacify them (they were identical and both, seemingly, were called Tonka). This was quite unnecessary as neither dog managed so much as a solitary bark in the entire four days. The geese in contrast, were rather more effective at announcing every single entrance and exit. We took some surfing lessons with what seemed to be Gigante's only surfing outfit - a motley crew of gringos who ... read more
A turkey - not entirely sure what it was doing there
Doesn't matter what language - we all know what you're reading
Market barbershop

International Buffet Breakfast, or the "International Buffet" as the sign said, was in the new building they were working on when we were here last. It's a nice little set up with a huge outdoor patio. We opted to sit inside though. Mr. B loved the fruit. The pineapple was especially delish. Not so sure what made the buffet "international" though. Banana Donuts! Mr. B loves the beach so we headed back out there after breakfast. A went out snorkeling out on the reef and got some fish and coral shots. B and I made a friend by sharing our toys. A was in charge of putting on B's hat and finally I noticed it was on backwards. No wonder he couldn't see half the time. Even when it is on correctly though it still does ... read more
Banana Donuts!
Ben makes a friend
Pool Time

Central America Caribbean » Aruba May 24th 2014

Finding out that I was going back to Aruba at the age of twelve was a Déjà vu for me. When I was seven in 2004, my grandparents took me and nine other relatives to Aruba for the first time. All of us went snorkeling, saw lizards and iguanas, had strawberry daiquiris, saw the natural bridge, and etc. Going back to Aruba I thought the memories would happen all over again. Flash forward to our arrival at the resort. Nine other relatives and my grandparents weren’t with me. Instead I now had my five-year-old brother, three-year-old sister, step dad and mom with me. At our resort we were informed that we would be on the second floor due to the first floor being flooded. I didn’t mind this for any fact other than the waiting time. ... read more
Jeep Rangler

We're Back! And We Brought a Guest! We loved Roatán enough to come back, and bring Mr. B! He is a beach person for sure, just like his mama. The day got off to a late start as usual and as I was in line for McDonald's they were already beginning to board our plane. We were lucky enough that there enough open seats that they let us take the car seat on for Mr. B. Flight was good and we got a 30 min nap in the car seat out of B. Better than nothing. Mexican Sweat is Back Also As soon as I stepped out of the plane I knew it was going to be a hot one. And as per the norm it's island time as soon as you land. We were pulled ... read more
Roatan By Air
Britney Moment
Beach time!

I think someone had Jamaicans in mind when the word cool was first defined in the English language. For a tropical country in the Caribbean, there seems to be cool ice running through their veins. These cats are the real deal; and the reggae rhythms, the fist bumps, the languid strides, and the easy rapport of Jamaicans are really starting to win me over. I had a level of apprehension before flying into Kingston, but now that I have settled in and had the chance to explore some of this magical island I'm beginning to understand the great appeal the tropical island of Jamaica has for so many travellers from around the world. The commutes are effortless, cheap and well organised, and the accommodation options and commitment to customer service make Jamaica an island to put ... read more
The Blue Hole
Stream at The Blue Hole
Palm trees on the beach


So I went to this agency to book a trip from Flores, Guatemala to Copan, Honduras, because it seemed difficult to find information about connections. It would start at 5.30am from the hostel and after 8 hourse in a LUXURY bus, should reach my destination. While saying this, the agent pinted several times at a supercool modern bus on a poster. Ok, I thought, sounds easy, I thought, should be comfortable I thought. Booked the rather pricy trip for the next day. To my surprise, at 5.30 am there really was a taxi waiting for me. Even the tour agant was there to hand money to the taxi driver, so the transfer to the LUXURY bus was included, already the second nice surprise. Unfortunately, my good luck for the day ended here, at 5.35am on this ... read more

This is Jamaica man. The home of Bob Marley and a bunch of super cool rasta cats, and it's long been my dream to visit the legendary island in the Caribbean. Part of the appeal for a boy from Oz is the sheer enormity of getting over here from Australia, it's difficult to find a location as exotic or far flung. If an Australian wants to visit the beach, well basically just jump in your car and the majority of the population will be by the sea in a jiffy. Alright then, but if a location more tropical is on the cards South East Asia is also on our doorstep. A visit to Bali, Thailand, and other resort meccas are a short flight from home. So what was it that propelled me to fly for almost ... read more
Wall of Bob Marley museum
Street in Ocho Rios
Another wall picture of Bob Marley

===English version below=== De dagen vliegen voorbij in ons paradijsje. Tom werd zelfs al een jaartje ouder. Ideaal om een restaurant op te zoeken. We gingen op stap met Rick, Tracy en Helga. Lekker eten, wijn op tafel en een uniek zicht. Iets om aan terug te denken. Geen wijn in overvloed nog keuze in de winkels. We drinken wijn uit tetra-briks. De kater staat mee op de foto! Er blijft onverwachts dierenbezoek opdagen op onze finca. Ineens een hert in de tuin, een slang in het kippenhok die wel een kipje lust als ontbijt. De hondjes genieten van onze dagelijkse wandeling op het domein. Wij genieten minder van hun nachtelijk geblaf. Het regenseizoen is begonnen en praktisch elke namiddag krijgen we hier klank- en lichtshow. ‘s Morgens puffen en zweten, in de namiddag afkoeling en ... read more
bananen voorraad - our stock of bananas
birthday kid
May 1st Tom's birthday

14thMay: Trellis Bay – Tortola 6nm Once again there were no mooring balls available when we arrived and nowhere to anchor safely. There was a bit of chop coming in so wanted to be inside the bay. We circled 3 times through, no one was leaving. Then decided to do one final sweep through the bay before heading across to Marina Cay opposite to anchor. Just as we were coming past Sea Quest Marin was yelling out and indicating a free ball right next to them. A yacht had just left. No one else picked it up as it didn't have a lead line and was very difficult to get the ball up on deck.....but I managed!! Full moon party was much more 'tame' than we expected. It was really good fun. Very family orientated. Big ... read more
Bonfire ball
welding ball
too many boats

With the disappointment of the Whale Sharks put firmly behind us, it was time to move on to our next destination. We caught the 6am bus which would take us directly from Placencia to Belize City. Thankfully, this time we were a little prepared and didn't have to venture beyond the relative safety of the bus and nearby ferry terminal. Four hours after leaving Plancencia, we arrived in Belize City. Knowing there was a 10:30am water taxi to Caye Caulker, we rushed off the bus, jumped into a taxi to take us to the ferry terminal and just managed to buy a ticket get aboard before it left. After an hour of pounding along over the small waves we had finally arrived arrived on the small island. A quick five minute walk from the terminal and ... read more
Gem strolling along the sandy streets
Yummy street food

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