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Une semaine dans un Resort tout inclus dans la Région de Guanacaste dans le Papagayo Gulf. Prix de 1200$CAN pour 1 semaine / personne. Je prends le temps de rédiger ce blog, car certains petits trucs pourraient être utiles à certains, alors que moi-même je cherchais ces informations avant mon départ. Donc, nous avons séjourné au Allegro Papagayo du 24 au 31 mars 2014, soit dans la saison sèche et plutôt chaude de cette partie du pays. Aucune goutte de pluie durant notre séjour où il y a fait plus de 35 degrés chaque jour. Les locaux nous disent ne pas avoir eu de pluie depuis Novembre. Donc, très intéressants pour ceux qui veulent beaucoup de soleil pour un beau bronzage, mais moins attrayant pour les amants de la nature qui aiment se retrouver dans une ... read more

My typical day: Midnight: Power may or may not come on, or go off, so there may or may not be lights or fans. 12:00-4:00 AM: intermittent awakenings from heat, noise, smoke, animal sounds. 4:00-6:00 AM: Increased multiple rooster crowing, goat bleating, dog fighting, cat yowling, and soft pig grunting. Various shouts, clanks, engines. 6:00-6:30 AM: Greater rooster/goat/pig sounds; more human noise. 6:30 AM: Get up, pour bucket of water over head. Return to bed and sit reflectively, or go for a walk. 6:30-7:00 AM: Wake-up call and brush teeth, spitting outside. Dress, collapse mosquito netting. 7:00-7:30 AM: Breakfast: Plantains +? Apply copious sunblock. 7:30 AM-12:30 PM: Work on site. 12:30-1:30 PM: Lunch. 1:30-5:30 PM: Work on site. 5:30-5:45 PM: Bucket shower and change clothes. 5:45 PM-6:30 PM: Dinner. 6:30-~8:30 PM: Free. ~8:30-10:00 PM: De... read more
Getting good with the filth
Even before the court is dry

Costa Rica Travels, Part 1, Toulouse to Alajuela(10° 1′ 0″ N, 84° 13′ 0″ W) Why Costa Rica? As most know, Costa Rica has one of the greatest bio-diversities found in the world. Costa Rica has set aside vast areas of wildlife reserves. Also the land is punctuated with live and dormant volcanoes. Along the east coast is a narrow band of villages of Creole speaking people with a culture very much different from the Latin majority found west of there. These were the features that piqued our interest. Costa Rica is a small Central America country bordered on the north by El Salvador and Nicaragua and to the south by Panama. The latitude of Costa Rica is about 10 deg north. The coastal areas tend to be hot and steamy and the higher ... read more
Wildflowers in Cloud Forest, Parque Volcan Poas
Wildflowers in Cloud Forest, Parque Volcan Poas
Jungled Slopes of Volcan Poas

Courtney (another PCV): "Find the sweet spot between what you love to do, what you're good at, and what the world needs." Because there was no gravel, we couldn't work today. Therefore, we got a guagua (okay, a minibus rental isn't precisely a guagua, but, hey) and spent most of the day at the beach. The water was a beautiful mix of dark blues, turquoises, and teals; pebble shingle; brown pelicans; a river turned into waterfalls and pools before pouring down to meet the surf. Some men set up a table to sell larimar jewelry, a very local and indigenous stone in lovely light blues. A lunch of fried chicken or fish plus tostones (plantain chips) and salad (which I dared to eat a tiny bit of because I was jonesing for a vegetable). Tigres (machos) ... read more
Looking at larimar
The beach
Dancing with children

This is how we crossed the border from Costa Rica to Panama without using a shuttle service. We went from Puerto Viejo De Talamanca to Bocas Del Toro on Saturday. 1. Catch the bus to Sixaola. In Puerto Viejo the bus ticket office is on the road next to the sea. Buy a ticket there costing 1,720 colones. The bus to Sixaola stops at the yellow house on the corner (Deelite ice cream shop/Caribbean Tours). We caught the 8:30am bus. At 8:30 2 buses pulled up, 1 was heading to Manzanillo and the other to Sixaola, the destination is in the front window. It arrived in Sixaola at 9:50am. The border crossing is not the last stop but most people will get off the bus and it stops near where lots of trucks are parked. The ... read more


Our Arrival The ferry dropped us off one street back from the park in the middle of town. Where We Stayed Hotel Cayo Zapatilla - on the SW corner of the park. $25 for a double room with TV and bathroom with hot water showers. Hotel had a kitchen, communal balconies and good internet. We were on the 3rd floor and it worked well in our room. There is cheap laundry available. Apparently Bocas Del Toro is a big weekend destination and when we arrived on a Saturday afternoon a lot of places were full. What We Did Walked to the beaches on the East side of the island. Playa Bluff has a couple of bars/restaurants at the end of the road and big waves. It is a long walk of about 11kms. You can rent ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 22nd 2014

As we were leaving St Maarten, George noticed what we thought was a rather large animal / critter bite on his stomach. It looked red and very angry, but at the time, did not hurt too much. Once we were settled into our Jamaican hotel on Wednesday, we made a visit to a local pharmacy and he diagnosed that it was possibly an allergic reaction to a bite and gave some steroid cream to put on it. The shop also helped us with some other counter products for this too. Over the last couple of days, the original bite area site has grown viciously and rapidly from his stomach around to his left hand spine in some very nasty deep oozing red blistered areas. It feels very sore, is preventing sleep and carries an intense bruised ... read more

A cement mixer has been rented. We've laid down a chunk of the court with hand-mixed concrete; this will be faster but more rote. Today I've mostly been dipping water buckets from a big plastic cistern, carrying buckets of concrete, and shoveling sand and gravel. Breakfast was sweet potato, a yucca/plantain mash, and spicy pasta. I added a can of tuna salad later. While I sat on the porch eating, an old man came over and began to talk to me in French. We conversed briefly, then he gestured, took my tuna, and ate it. I gave him the crackers from the packet. He handed back the can and two girls took it and fought for it. Local lunch: Rice cooked with bits of salty fish, maybe sardines, salad, and frijoles negros. I ate a little ... read more
Plenty of gravel to shovel
View across the court

Yesterday I completed the final objective of Central America's high points, Volcán Tajumulco in Guatemala. Even though it is the highest of the high points it was by no means the most difficult. Actually, it was quite easy once we got to the trailhead, a 2 hour o'dark-thirty drive from Xela. Most people do the trek as an overnighter with a camp very high close to the summit. That normally involves taking chicken buses to and from the trailhead, each way a 3½ hour trip. Moreover, it is purportedly very cold and windy at the camp making for an uncomfortable and sleepless night. One day round trip was the way to go and I was lucky one of the tour operators had such a trip going the day after I arrived in Xela. $US ≈ 7.7 ... read more
Volcán Tajumulco
Volcán Tacaná
Volcán Tajumulco

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 21st 2014

We had decided to leave our one Jamaican tour for this day so that we could make it extra special. The trip we booked was to YS falls and it was an excellent day. We booked the driver for the day that had brought us from the airport on Tuesday evening. Our driver from the airport has a large comfortable mini bus with recliners. It was a private tour for just the two of us so the day was made very personal and comfortable. He picked us up at 8.00am. We originally thought this was a bit early, but later in the day it became very apparent why we left so early. The drive to the falls took us through many Jamaican villages and small towns and was very interesting to us to get an insight ... read more
Below the falls
Bottom pool
Lower levels

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