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Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 21st 2014

We had decided to leave our one Jamaican tour for this day so that we could make it extra special. The trip we booked was to YS falls and it was an excellent day. We booked the driver for the day that had brought us from the airport on Tuesday evening. Our driver from the airport has a large comfortable mini bus with recliners. It was a private tour for just the two of us so the day was made very personal and comfortable. He picked us up at 8.00am. We originally thought this was a bit early, but later in the day it became very apparent why we left so early. The drive to the falls took us through many Jamaican villages and small towns and was very interesting to us to get an insight ... read more
Below the falls
Bottom pool
Lower levels

A pretty warm and noisy night, with roosters, goats, and periodic shouting. At about midnight, the power came on, and therefore the fans, but also the bright-enough-to-read-by bathroom fixture. The walls don't reach the ceiling, so the bulb shone directly in my eyes. There doesn't appear to be a switch for this one. One corner of my mosquito net fell down, but I have two corners tied to window louvers and was able to get it taut enough by tucking the edge firmly under the foam mat I'm sleeping on. No mosquitoes in my net; didn't have to step around/on/over sleeping people to use the bathroom. This probably means I'm dehydrated. I moved some supplies into my netting, making it easier to get to them during the day. I couldn't find my watch, so I couldn't ... read more
Los niños at the door
Our escort
A house in the batey

Yesterday I completed the final objective of Central America's high points, Volcán Tajumulco in Guatemala. Even though it is the highest of the high points it was by no means the most difficult. Actually, it was quite easy once we got to the trailhead, a 2 hour o'dark-thirty drive from Xela. Most people do the trek as an overnighter with a camp very high close to the summit. That normally involves taking chicken buses to and from the trailhead, each way a 3½ hour trip. Moreover, it is purportedly very cold and windy at the camp making for an uncomfortable and sleepless night. One day round trip was the way to go and I was lucky one of the tour operators had such a trip going the day after I arrived in Xela. $US ≈ 7.7 ... read more
Volcán Tajumulco
Volcán Tacaná
Volcán Tajumulco

I can't mark quite where Batey Isabela is on this map, because it's hard to locate on the somewhat contradictory online maps. It's about where I've placed the route marker. Bateys are sugar cane plantations, and as a quick look at the DR/Haiti border reveals, many of the people in this region were brought over/came over to harvest. New legislation in the DR has disenfranchised multiple generations of people of Haitian descent, effectively rendering them stateless: Now, intensifying a long and furious debate over their place in this society, the nation’s top court has declared that the children of undocumented Haitian migrants — even those born on Dominican soil decades ago — are no longer entitled to citizenship, throwing into doubt the status of tens of thousands of people here who have never known any other ... read more
Beginning construction
The court on Day 1
Shoveling gravel

Our three vacation tourist days in Alice Town, Bimini turned into a week due to weather. We had the pleasure of walking the beaches on windy days even if we couldn't get in the ocean, and we had time to walk up as far as we could to the top of the island. Unfortunately for us, our picnic lunch on the top beaches was not to be... we didn't realize that the resort up there took over the whole top of the island with its condos and shops and soon-to-be casino. It was interesting to see- perfectly manicured grounds, infinity pool, huge yacht slips, bars, high end shops and very nice condos overlooking the water. I did however find it sad to see it all- up to that point other than the odd bar that was ... read more
Alice Town beach
empty beach!
Bailey Town


Central America Caribbean » Cuba March 20th 2014

Hello Again, We haved arrived back from our quick trip to Cuba. We arrived in Havana and steppedback in time. Walking out the airport reminded us of asian countries with hundreds of people trying to get us into their taxi or to their casa. Our main priority was to get some Cuba Cuc since it is a closed currency and we couldnt get it earlier. That sorted we picked our taxi man and headed to the casa we had booked in old havana. The first thing you notice is all the old cars, and then the smell of car fumes from all the old cars. I was lucky to have Daz point out what type of car and the year for each...I was more like oooh thats a cool colour. We arrived at our casa in ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba March 20th 2014

So im having some issues typing this from my phone. Have had to split it in two. We enjoyed a better meal than we had eaten in Havana and Daz had his first lobster which he said was good. While this casa had a fantastic rooftop terrance and the family were really nice we were given a room with a bed that I think jesus himself made it was that old and lumpy. I slept on my towel I was that worried about bed bugs. Turns out I was just being dramatic and no itchy legs in the morning. Good news was they were booked for the next three nights so we were found another casa up the road and it was amazing! We were so much happier in Trinidad where the people were friendlier and ... read more

How To Get There FROM SAN JOSE We tried to get the 10am direct bus from Gran Terminal del Caribe. We walked there from out hostel, queued up to get tickets and found the bus actually leaves from Terminal San Carlos. There were a few other people there who were in the same situation. One couple had been told the wrong terminal by their hotel and we relied on the Lonely Planet which is wrong. If you to get the direct bus go to Terminal San Carlos. We didn't have enough time to change bus stations and buy tickets for the direct bus and there are only 4 a day so we decided to go via Puerto Limon. This bus does leave from Gran Terminal del Caribe. You need to buy tickets from the offices behind ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Negril March 20th 2014

Late last night the hotel lost power around 10.10 pm , so we were unable to make teas and coffees this morning, and the showers we had were only luke warm, but hey this is Jamaica and acceptable. We thought we may pop over to Ricks Café for breakfast today, but were told by our hotel that it did not open until 12.00 midday. Instead we thought we would have a slow leisurely walk towards the village and see how far we got. After about 2 miles we found a typically Jamaican restaurant and got some breakfast. The other customers were a mixture of locals and tourists. Whilst there we called the driver that did our journey from the airport, as we want him to take us to Y’S Falls tomorrow for Theresa´s birthday. This conversation ... read more

Sailed up to Bequia (pronounced Bekway) today 26nm and a bit of a bash on the nose, but managed still to sail most of the way. Seemed to take ages though and the seas were a bit sloppy. Got to Bequia and Boomerang is there. YAY. The boys paddled over on their paddleboard and Luuk’s first comment was “What took you so long?”. Apparently it’s been too long since we saw them!! Had dinner with Boomerang at the Steakhouse as they are leaving tomorrow and then we won’t see Oma and Opa again until we get to Holland. 21st: Explored the town of Bequia. BBQ on our boat with Alkiera that night 22nd: BBQ (grill on an open fire) on shore with a group of other boats. A really nice night, enjoyed meeting new people and ... read more
Bandanna boys cream

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