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13thMay Baths, Virgin Gorda 12nm Sailed up to the Baths this morning (well motored actually). Had to wait for a mooring to become available as it was lunch time and all the mooring balls were taken. After probably close to an hour one became available so we jumped on and then went to explore the baths. You can't take your dinghy ashore, so you tie it off on a rope and then have to swim ashore. We snorkelled ashore and saw a very big baracuda in close on our way in. The Baths are stunning, massive granite rocks, pristine waters and sunshine making it all so blue and white. We went for a walk nearly over to the next bay on a small dirt track with heaps of massive cacti all around. Phil thinks Eliza might ... read more

Tomorrow is the big day. We are off to see what we hope will be our Beneteau Clipper 381. Just look at her graceful lines and beautiful salon. That is only the beginning!... read more
Beneteau salon

Our Arrival The bus from Orange Walk dropped us at the bus station to the West of the park. It is a few mins walk to the middle of town. Where We Stayed Sea Breeze Hotel - B$60 for a large room with TV and bathroom with hot water. Free water, kitchen available for use and internet. Breakfast available for B$10 and there is a bit of a bar upstairs. We also checked Maya World Guesthouse which was B$55 but didn't have internet. What We Did Not too much - the town is pretty quiet and hardly anything is open on Sundays. Where We Ate There are small stalls and restaurants selling tacos around town. Two for B$1. In the market there are several small restaurants. We had chicken, rice and beans, fried plaintain, mashed potato ... read more

We had 5 days from when we returned from France until we took off for St. Maarten, and during that time Barb & I came to grips with the fact that she couldn't make the trip. Just before we left for France her mom had taken ill and was in the hospital. Barb received many calls on our cruise with updates, and for help making decisions about her mom's choices. Her brother Bob lives nearby and is always a huge help, but Barb was the one with the Power of Attorney and she felt anxious about the position; besides, she loves her mom and wanted to be with her during this time. We planned this trip to the Caribbean island while we were visiting our friend Ray Listanski at his Florida digs in March. Ray mentioned ... read more
Belair Beach Hotel
Sugar Birds

9 May 2014. What a way to wrap up a hectic schedule. This day started at 12:47 am. It was supposed to start at 12:30 am, but the front desk forgot to give us a wake up call and my standby travel alarm also failed us. Only Linda's internal clock woke us up in time to meet Juan, our guide, and driver at 1:30 am. One thing about going to airports at this time, and especially so in La Paz, is that there is no traffic. So we made it with plenty of time to catch our 4:40 am flight to Bogota, Columbia. Juan stood in line for us, calling us as he got to the check in desk. Great service! We made it through immigration, with the officers just as gruff as those we encountered ... read more
Bob at the Miraflores Lock
Miraflores Lock
Miraflores Lock


The day fast approaches for the flight from Canada to Sint Maarten/St Martin, the beginning of a year-long Caribbean Sea odyssey with a break in the fall to attend to business at home. We will wend our way through the Caribbean Sea to BVI, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Santiago de Cuba, Belize, and on to Costa Rica. All of this is in preparation for Travel Notebook Learning Adventures, writing and photography workshops planned for next winter (January-March 2015). Check out the website: In the meantime, details...details...details demanding attention.... read more

Arrived at Norman Island after a short motor from Cane Gardens Bay on the other side of Tortola. We took up a mooring ball in 'The Bight' close to the shore on the port side of the bay. I snorkled ashore soon after and had a snorkel in the shallows below the cliffs. Then, after lunch we went in the zodi around to Privateer Bay where we snorkeled against the cliffs and into 3 caves. One was quite deep into the cliffs and Phil went all the way to the back, but it was too dark for me. For sundowners we went ashore to the newly built resort for a quick drink, but it was too posh. so we went across to the other side of the bay where the William Thornton or Willy T is ... read more
The Bight - Norman Island

Condor? Yes, German is a must ;) So here we go, with that cheap-noble airline towards Cancun. Colonial experience of our time. Well, the Condor is about to get extinct - considering the food rations onboard, it must die of hunger... Else, I am going to face the challenge entirely unprepared. Time for getting accustomed to the equipment there is on the flight, also for learning Spanish. The word for thief is... oh damn I already forgot. The final days were abnormally stressful. Sending my work at 2 am and 3 hours of sleep, that stupid road contruction causes a royal traffic jam, so I manage to check in just 8 minutes before the counters closed... the reward: Place near the emergency exit with extra leg space and noone in the seat nect to me. Can´t ... read more

and exhausted people DO screw up things, yes indeed. But first things first. Cancun beach is just EMEZING! White coral sand beaches, dolphins, manta rays and erm jelly fish, sharks, ... ok didn´t care much, went into the water, heard whistle had to get out. Had not see red flags, saw the waves though. Thought they were rather fun instead of them being dangerous.... Screw up of the day: Did not take map with me, hopped off the bus close to the hostel on a 20km long boulevard by pure luck. next day Chichen Itza, the first of a number of cultural sites I will visit. Not writing much of the ruins here, no it was a majestetic scew up that made my day. Imagine this: Tired conquistador falls asleep on the bus. Wakes up and ... read more
Friendly wildlife
Pyramid of Kukulkan

This is how we got from Flores Guatemala to Caye Caulker Belize. 1. We booked our bus to Belize City through Hostel Los Amigos in Flores for Q100. The bus picked us up at 5am, drove around picking a few more people up from different places and left the island at 5:25am. 2. We arrived at the border at 7:20am. Just before the border a cambio man got on the bus to change money claiming that at the border there was a worse rate, however the other changers at the border when you got off the bus offered the same rate. 3. The bus stopped with Guatemalan immigration on the right. No questions asked and no forms required. It cost B$5 or Q20 to get a stamp. When we were leaving we answered a tourism questionnaire. ... read more

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