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Saint Martin is an idyllic Caribbean island that has completely won me over during this visit. Things are a little complicated here, so let me explain from the outset this is the smallest land mass in the world to be split into two autonomous regions. The capital and the airport are within the Dutch Saint Maarten, and the northern half of the island is French and called Saint Martin. As far as the population is concerned, the Dutch part of the island comprises around 60% to 40% on the French side. However, this tiny Caribbean island has a little more French territory than Dutch. The Treaty of Concordia was signed in 1648 as both countries coveted this beautiful island, and neither was prepared to yield. Regardless, it is no drama whatsoever for tourists who come to ... read more
Bikini Beach
Bikini beach
Dusk in Orient Bay

Last Day Today was our last full day, so that means more beach. We got to see a starfish close by the shore. How cool is that?! Both A and I took turns snorkeling. I told B one time there is no way daddy is coming back. He went so far out, out by the SCUBA divers! I didn't go near that far out but still saw some cool fishies. I realize though, still, I am scared if I can see the fish coming for towards me. Ben made friends, he's cool like that. I am, of course, 50 shades darker. B browned up nicely, too. He's got a farmers tan going. I think he enjoyed himself. He's a beach and water person, just like his mama. Now we'll have to make sure he's a European ... read more
Where the SCUBA Divers Dive
B has his bucket

We pretty much crashed for a week upon returning to Whisper after a month in the states. Once we were well rested and provisioned, we took advantage of light easterly winds and motored back to Culebra. Spent a few days in Dewey, the main town on Culebra, then sailed south to Vieques. Although its name means “small island” in Arawak, it’s the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands. Like many of the Caribbean islands, Vieques has been home to indigenous people, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and various pirates. The US took over the island in 1898 and, in 1941, the Navy purchased two thirds of the island to be used for live training exercises, ship to shore gunfire, air to ground bombing and amphibious landings. In 1999, a civilian employee was killed and four others injured ... read more
Another starfish

It's a HOT one Started at the beach this morning and stayed for a while. We walked down the beach to the Thirsty Turtle for lunch. The view was delightful but wow is it hot. I had chicken tenders and A had a fish sandwich and B had a hot dog. I guess all that playing on the beach makes him hungry because he ate the whole thing with fries! It is very hot I have to say, the Mexican sweat was abundant today starting at the restaurant. Water Taxi After nap time (for Mr. B, although A joined him) we took a water taxi ($3 pp, if you have 3 or more people, Mr. B was free) to West End to look around and get a couple groceries. Let me tell you about the grocery ... read more
At the Thirsty Turtle
View from lunch table
Water Taxi to West End

Before we abandoned each other to pursue our independent adventures, Ben and I spent four days at Playa Gigante, a beach in the pacific coast. We ended up staying in the house of a friendly and impressively bearded American called John. The house was right on the beach and full of animals - dogs, geese and a cat. John repeatedly warned us about the two guard dogs and how to pacify them (they were identical and both, seemingly, were called Tonka). This was quite unnecessary as neither dog managed so much as a solitary bark in the entire four days. The geese in contrast, were rather more effective at announcing every single entrance and exit. We took some surfing lessons with what seemed to be Gigante's only surfing outfit - a motley crew of gringos who ... read more
A turkey - not entirely sure what it was doing there
Doesn't matter what language - we all know what you're reading
Market barbershop


International Buffet Breakfast, or the "International Buffet" as the sign said, was in the new building they were working on when we were here last. It's a nice little set up with a huge outdoor patio. We opted to sit inside though. Mr. B loved the fruit. The pineapple was especially delish. Not so sure what made the buffet "international" though. Banana Donuts! Mr. B loves the beach so we headed back out there after breakfast. A went out snorkeling out on the reef and got some fish and coral shots. B and I made a friend by sharing our toys. A was in charge of putting on B's hat and finally I noticed it was on backwards. No wonder he couldn't see half the time. Even when it is on correctly though it still does ... read more
Banana Donuts!
Ben makes a friend
Pool Time

Central America Caribbean » Aruba May 24th 2014

Finding out that I was going back to Aruba at the age of twelve was a Déjà vu for me. When I was seven in 2004, my grandparents took me and nine other relatives to Aruba for the first time. All of us went snorkeling, saw lizards and iguanas, had strawberry daiquiris, saw the natural bridge, and etc. Going back to Aruba I thought the memories would happen all over again. Flash forward to our arrival at the resort. Nine other relatives and my grandparents weren’t with me. Instead I now had my five-year-old brother, three-year-old sister, step dad and mom with me. At our resort we were informed that we would be on the second floor due to the first floor being flooded. I didn’t mind this for any fact other than the waiting time. ... read more
Jeep Rangler

We're Back! And We Brought a Guest! We loved Roatán enough to come back, and bring Mr. B! He is a beach person for sure, just like his mama. The day got off to a late start as usual and as I was in line for McDonald's they were already beginning to board our plane. We were lucky enough that there enough open seats that they let us take the car seat on for Mr. B. Flight was good and we got a 30 min nap in the car seat out of B. Better than nothing. Mexican Sweat is Back Also As soon as I stepped out of the plane I knew it was going to be a hot one. And as per the norm it's island time as soon as you land. We were pulled ... read more
Roatan By Air
Britney Moment
Beach time!

I think someone had Jamaicans in mind when the word cool was first defined in the English language. For a tropical country in the Caribbean, there seems to be cool ice running through their veins. These cats are the real deal; and the reggae rhythms, the fist bumps, the languid strides, and the easy rapport of Jamaicans are really starting to win me over. I had a level of apprehension before flying into Kingston, but now that I have settled in and had the chance to explore some of this magical island I'm beginning to understand the great appeal the tropical island of Jamaica has for so many travellers from around the world. The commutes are effortless, cheap and well organised, and the accommodation options and commitment to customer service make Jamaica an island to put ... read more
The Blue Hole
Stream at The Blue Hole
Palm trees on the beach

So I went to this agency to book a trip from Flores, Guatemala to Copan, Honduras, because it seemed difficult to find information about connections. It would start at 5.30am from the hostel and after 8 hourse in a LUXURY bus, should reach my destination. While saying this, the agent pinted several times at a supercool modern bus on a poster. Ok, I thought, sounds easy, I thought, should be comfortable I thought. Booked the rather pricy trip for the next day. To my surprise, at 5.30 am there really was a taxi waiting for me. Even the tour agant was there to hand money to the taxi driver, so the transfer to the LUXURY bus was included, already the second nice surprise. Unfortunately, my good luck for the day ended here, at 5.35am on this ... read more

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