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Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston March 10th 2006

The last couple of weeks Jamaica has been engrossed in the recent political party elections. Prime Minister PJ Patterson resigned thus sparking the party elections. There are two dominant political parties in Jamaica: The People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP). Currently, the PNP has control of the job of the prime minister and the government. So, whoever is president of the PNP party is the prime minister. PJ Patterson, PM, and former president of the PNP is now passing his torch on the new president, Portia Simpson Miller. That’s right, it’s a woman! Jamaica has now joined the ranks of the few countries with a woman head of government. Way to go Portia! People seem to be very happy with Portia. She will be inaugurated, as Prime Minister, later this month. I ... read more
The things I surround myself with.
What a cutie!

The title of this entry says it all. I´ve gone too long without updating. I´ll try to pick up where I left off. I was in David, Panama the last time I updated and now I am in Golfito, Costa Rica. This is what I did in between: Tom and I went to Pedasí a small town south of Las Tablas on the Azuero Penninsula in Panama. If you look on a map Azuero is the bulge on the south and center part of the country. The plan was to find a place to stay during Carnevales. Las Tablas has the largest and most authentic Carnevales in all of Central America. So since we were close we thaught we´d check it out. We took a day trip up to Las Tablas (1 hour north). All of ... read more

Whenever I plan to rise early on a free day somehow the alarm keeps moving on a little later until it's not so early. Saturday was no exception. Once I got going, I found myself on a route I had travelled before with a choppy boat ride to Santiago followed by a pick-up to San Lucas. From here some inprecise pronunciation on my part (or too many names beginning with San) meant the next journey was a short (but free) one on discover of the misunderstanding. By this point I was stuck at one of those nothingy places where roads meet and subsquently a Pepsi stand emerges, some kids sell fruit and people wait around with stacks of wood and bundles of grass. If the roads are major enough, whole towns appear, which are normally scruffy, ... read more
Stone 1
Stone 2
Stone 3

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Colón » Santiago March 10th 2006

We woke up early and traveled North to the town of San Francisco. The health fair last year was held at the school in San Francisco. They used the facility to treat around 7,000 Guaymis Indians. This year the health fair took place in Sante Fe which is further north and therefore closer to the bulk of the indians the health fair served. The health fair took place a couple of weeks before we arrived and it sounds as though it was another exciting event. They served even more people than the previous year. The school that hosted the health fair last year also serves meals for a large portion of the surronding area. In many cases it is the only nutrious food the children recieve. They serve around 800 people a day. They took us ... read more
Meeting with the San Francisco school administrator
Needing new kitchen stove
Needing new kitchen

04.03.06 Am Morgen weckten mich die Haehne, auch richtig so, denn ich musste noch mein Gepaeck packen. Die Familie bot mir an, meinen Koffer bei ihnen zu lassen und zurueckzukehren nach meinem Trip. Das hoerte sich auch super an. Ich erhielt Fruehstueck und dann begleitete mich die Frau von Enrique zur Bushaltestelle. Ich fuhr nach Guapiles und wechselte den Bus um nach Cariari zu kommen. Dort kaufte ich mein Bus-/Boot-Ticket fuer Tortuguero. Mal wieder eine Abzockerei, die Touristen zahlen genau fuenfmal mehr wie die Einheimischen. Das Boot fuhr erst um 13.30 Uhr. In der Zwischenzeit machte ich ein paar Einkaeufe, um in Tortuguero nicht in teure Restaurants gehen zu muessen. Die Busfahrt dauerte etwa 1,5 Stunden und dann mussten wir aufs Boot umsteigen. Die Bootsfahrt war sehr schoen, wieder mal auf einem Fluss durch den Dschungel ... read more
im Tortuguero Nationalpark
im Tortuguero Nationalpark
im Tortuguero Nationalpark


Hello again, I'm back at Lake Atitlan but this time I'm getting a different look at things. For those of you that aren't aware, there were devastating mudslides at the lake this past year due to torrential rainfall caused by Hurricane Stan. Hundreds of people lost their lives and many lost theirs homes and crops. A lot of different groups are here at the lake providing resources and help. I have been introduced to a few of them and will help out where I can. On Saturday, I caught a boat with Joann (my connection here at the lake) over to her house on the water to gather supplies for the day. We met her friend Heather in San Pablo and handed out materials for clothing to five families that had lost their homes and belongings ... read more
Joann & Heather
Recieving Clothes After Losing Everything
The Families in Need

Well the plane ride was pretty good except for the 4 hour layover in Phoenix. We arrived in San Jose at about 10:30 at night and lucked out and found a nice b&b ran by a german family. In the morning she pointed us in the right direction and we ended up at the coca-cola bus terminal in downtown San Jose. Let´s just say you watch your back while walking around there in the day time. Lucky for us we were about a foot taller than everyone and weren´t bothered. We jumped on the bus and headed to La Fortuna, a nice city of about 8000 people that is a tourist hotspot. There is an active volcano which we tried to see but the fog at the top was pretty thick and didn´t think the hike ... read more

1. I left my camera at school but got it back today 2. My teacher says I am well advanced in writing Spanish after only four days - wish I could say that for understanding the spoken stuff! 3. Finally found a store that took a travellers cheque - and enar the school too! 4. Found a polular student hangout that burns pictures to CD and allows me to upload I hope - I think it is working - there should be ten pictures appearing on my älbumpost site shortly - I got a "popup blocked"message but hope that is not important. 5. This "cafe"(no beverages) has English keyboards that are much easier to navigate than the other one I was using. 6. Cloudy today for the first time since I arrived - but still fairly ... read more

Apres un passage de la frontiere et un trajet plutot laborieux, quelle joie de me retrouver dans ce site extraordinaire! Rappelez vous Xunantunich, et bien la les ruines sont bien plus hautes (jusqu'a 60m) et pour y acceder on doit se faire des petites rando dans le jungles environnantesm en compagnie des Singes Araignees, Singes Hurleurs, perroquets et autres toucans... Il y a auss des petits mammiferes avec un long nez et une grande queue qui m'ont fait le plaisir de venir traverser le chemin au moment meme ou je passais par la, pas farouche les betes! Un peu d'histoire: Tikal est une cite tres veille (elle debuta vers 600 av JC) je crois mais son apogee fut vraiment vers le fin de la periode classique, vers 700 apres JC, periode pendant laquelle la cite s'etalait ... read more
Tikal 2
Tikal 3
Tikal 4

We arrived in Granada in the afternoon. It was very hot, and the bus station is right in the towns very busy market place. We found our hostel, and spent the rest of the day looking around this colonial looking town. We had a great pizza in a nice Italian restaurant, and just spent the rest of the day looking around. The next day was an opportunity to do an excursion to a lake and a market. As I've been travelling a little while now, I've pretty much seen quite a few of these type of things, so I decided to look around Granada by myself. It was very very hot, and there are some nice buildings, especially the Cathedral, but on the whole, I didn´t really find that much to do here, it seemed just ... read more
Kids at Night

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