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Where to begin…The goal tonight is to get several blogs typed up and ready to post tomorrow at the internet café. I worked on saving pictures to the jump drive for 2 hours this morning. I hope you enjoy them all. I know many of you are wondering why I’m not posting more often. Our landlord, Edgar sent his wife to ICE, (not ice, pronounced ee-say) the phone/internet monopoly, on Friday to make arrangements. It will be 128k dial-up but at this point I’ll take anything I can get. I like to write at night or in the early hours of the morning so that will suit my needs just fine. Secondly, my computer desk is a plastic tub in the corner of our bedroom. I sit on the concrete floor with my keyboard on a ... read more
Playing in the dirt
Are we happy?
Traffic jam

This is a little late in getting published as we haven´t been to the internet cafe lately. Sorry for the delay. ICE, the internet company was out yesterday to see about having it installed in the house. They have to fix a wire underground then... possibly next week we´ll have internet. Keep your fingers crossed! Jen Grecia is about 30 kilometers southeast of San Ramon. We headed out on our mission to find the World of Snakes for Callista. Mundo de los Serpientes has been on her mind since we passed the sign weeks ago while furniture shopping in the town of Sarchi. For those who aren’t aware, our daughter Callista LOVES snakes much to my dismay. Not one to discourage her passion I went along to learn what I could about the snakes I may ... read more
Saturday in the Park
World of Snakes
False coral

Rio Dulce, the city almost by the sea. Wondering how to spend my time, I go and visit the Castillo de San Philippe. The fortress was built during the 1500's to combat pirates who were raiding the merchant ships along the river and to protect the town. It is fairly easy to get to the site, just jump in a taxi. Returning is a different matter all together. I find it necessary at this point in my story to mention that the fortress is four miles outside of town. I found myself contemplating this very dilemma over a bottle of water in a little comedor (eatery) as I watched the heat rising from the asphalt. As I wiped the sweat from my forehead I thought four miles, maybe I should get another bottle of water. "Hello" ... read more
Castillo de San Filipe
Castillo de San Filipe Cannons
Castillo de San Filipe Tower

After a tiring 7 hour journey from Granada, we arrived in the town of Leon. We really slummed it in a very very very basic hostel, 75 cents per night!!! Leon looked a bit more authentic than Granada at first impression, and is home to the largest Cathedral in Central America, which from the outside looks very decayed, and on the inside, beautiful. We purchased a football, and decided to play keep ups in the busy main square where the Cathedral is located. There are many people here, who looked on in delight as we played around, and lots of kids all joined in. It was Carnaval here too, so there was a bit of a party atmosphere in the air. We went out for a meal that evening, and then took in some of the ... read more
Border crossing to Honduras

Hi ! We are in Guatemala at the moment. We had a really pleasant border crossing and were lucky enough to meet up with an Italian couple and travelled the whole way with them. We decided against the gruelling chicken bus journey and paid the more luxury option and caught a mini van (almost door to door!). We headed down to Panajachel, to catch a boat across the lake to our next planned week long stop. We have now at the lake side village of San Pedro. Lake Atilan is a massive lake around 17km wide, clear (quite cold waters) with really hippy type laid back Gringo hangouts! We are staying at a lovely new hotel called Mikaso. It is low season and so we managed to get the price down to $4/night each !!! Room ... read more
Chi Chi market, Guatemala
Zoolas. San Pedro


Les transports au Guatemala sont d'un cote assez pratique - les bus s'arretent absolument ou tu veux - mais sur les longs trajets ca devient plus difficile: pour aller de Tikal a Coban, j'ai du prendre 4 microbuses differents... Ceux ci sont des mini-vans dans lesquels le conducteur essaie de de caser le plus de monde possible, donc sur un trajet de 4h, c'est assez hardos, mais bon, ca forge le caractere! Perdue dans les montagnes, Coban est une bonne ville etape entre Tikal et Antigua, et est toute proche d'une merveille naturelle: Semuc Champey: a cet endroit, le fleuve plonge litteralement dans un tunnel au-dessus duquel se trouve des piscines naturelles superbes. Comme c'est quand meme a 4h de route de Coban, j'ai passe la nuit dans le petit village de montagne de Lanquin: 2h ... read more
Semuc Champey 2
Semuc Champey 3
Hotel Lanquin

We spent our last day in Panama seeing some of the sites and packing way too much stuff in our bags. I had asked Ceasar Diaz to drive us to the Peregrine Fund building in Panama City. They have a harpy eagle there that they are planning on releasing into the jungle. You can read more about the Peregrine Fund Harpy Eagle program at: Peregrine Fund Harpy Eagles Ceasar has a great love of the harpy eagle. It is an endangered species that due to the work of the Peregrine Fund is making a comback in Panama. The eagle represents the heritage and culture of Panama. The El Dorado Rotary Club also has a picture of the eagle on their banner. So we were all very happy to find that the falconer was willing to bring ... read more
Ceasar and the Eagle
Group Photo
In flight

They want to go home Joe and I began talking about this trip just before Christmas, and easily convinced his brother, Ben and sister-in-law, Sarah to come too. This trip was a bit of a home-coming for the boys, as they lived in Belize for about 9 months with their family 20 years ago. I was excited not only for a holiday from work, but to get to experience something that was so big in the Bilton's lives. Park n' Fly After waking up way too early in Bolton, Joe and I met Ben and Sarah at the Park n' Fly in Toronto, and headed over to the airport. I was feeling pretty nauseous from lack of sleep, but nothing a couple of gravol couldn't help. Our two flights were good, no problems at all, and ... read more
Harbour view
Waiting for Ben to pee...

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Kingston March 10th 2006

The last couple of weeks Jamaica has been engrossed in the recent political party elections. Prime Minister PJ Patterson resigned thus sparking the party elections. There are two dominant political parties in Jamaica: The People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP). Currently, the PNP has control of the job of the prime minister and the government. So, whoever is president of the PNP party is the prime minister. PJ Patterson, PM, and former president of the PNP is now passing his torch on the new president, Portia Simpson Miller. That’s right, it’s a woman! Jamaica has now joined the ranks of the few countries with a woman head of government. Way to go Portia! People seem to be very happy with Portia. She will be inaugurated, as Prime Minister, later this month. I ... read more
The things I surround myself with.
What a cutie!

The title of this entry says it all. I´ve gone too long without updating. I´ll try to pick up where I left off. I was in David, Panama the last time I updated and now I am in Golfito, Costa Rica. This is what I did in between: Tom and I went to Pedasí a small town south of Las Tablas on the Azuero Penninsula in Panama. If you look on a map Azuero is the bulge on the south and center part of the country. The plan was to find a place to stay during Carnevales. Las Tablas has the largest and most authentic Carnevales in all of Central America. So since we were close we thaught we´d check it out. We took a day trip up to Las Tablas (1 hour north). All of ... read more

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