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Central America Caribbean » Haiti February 17th 2006

The past month I have been at Villanova University during the day, but on the island of Haiti after hours. I am in a musical called Once on This Island which is based in Haiti. I play the role of a story teller, where I switch from being a native Haitian peasant sometimes, to a wealthy upperclass "Beauxhomme"- a family that stayed after the revolution and built a hotel on the island. The musical is primarily about a young peasant girl who falls in love with a rich Grand Homme, but they can not be together because of their differences in class/skin. It has some historical aspects, like one number which is a "history lesson" telling about how the "peasants fought against french and they hated napolien, they fought for their island and finally won!" When ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete February 16th 2006

This has to be one of the most colorful places on earth. Every bush and every tree seems to be covered with blossoms of riotous colors. No staid whites and pale pinks here. Oh no. It's orange and purple and fuschia and gold and red and all the colors in between that I never learned the names of. I walked from Hotel Rebequet at 7 AM to a little neighborhood cafe that Luigi had pointed out last night. There I had french toast and coffee while I watched all kinds of little birds flit in and out of the shrubbery. Blue tanagers were the only one I remember but there were lots of others. (I remind you again, I am not a good bird watcher.) Two delightful ladies from Panama City wearing gorgeous hats allowed me ... read more
Coffee shop birds
Outside my door
The main man

Sakaric, nan! (at least I think that is hello in K'iche, the local language, so say the kids next to me playing grand theft auto) so this will be my first ever blog, or open journal, or whatever you want to call it. It has been about a week here in Guatemala, though it feels like a month. As some of you might be wondering, and others already know, I was supposed to have left two weeks ago, but didn't. Embarrasingly enough it was because I had misplaced my wallet the day I was supposed to leave. I ended up finding it in Yael´s car that night. But nonetheless a week later, minus $200, my adventure began, and everything was well, minus one ipod. Another embarrasing and costly story. All I'll say is that you should ... read more

After spending two days in Tikal, I am yet again ready for a nap. On the hour and a half drive into the jungle Murry and I met a guy named Paul who decided to join our trek to Tikal. Nothing can describe Tikal. It is truly amazing at how massive it is. We spent two days at the park and still didn't see everything. The Mayans were a crazy lot, I tell you that much. The large temples soar above the jungle canopy reaching more that 150 feet above the floor of the jungle. Pizotes clamor about the ground (Pizotes are friendly forest rodents with a long nose and tail that stands up), spider monkeys swing through the tree branches, and howler monkeys call out in the distance. The first time you hear a howler ... read more
Paul, Me, Grand Plaza
Temple I
Temple I, Me

Central America Caribbean February 16th 2006

¡Hola otra vez! para Maggie y Fillipo Lo siento mucho, escribí todo en aleman, es que se me olvidó que no hablais alemán! Desde hoy, escribiremos todo en aleman y en español!Kassra, para ti tambien, eh! Also wie versprochen hier n paar party fotos! So haben wir also unseren Valentinstag verbracht, total betrunken, aber saulustig! como lo prometemos, aquí teneis unas fotitos de algunas fiestas! asi fue el día de san valentin aquí en málaga! totalmente borracha, pero de puta madre! Wir schreiben jetzt mal nich so viel, lasst die fotos einfach auf euch wirken! Nachdem ihr uns ja eh kennt, koennt ihr euch vielleicht vorstellen wies war...!! Dejamos las fotos sin palabras, como ya nos conoceis todos, no hace falta que digamos mucho! os podeis imaginar como fue, no? Besitos muy fuerstes y hasta luego! ... read more
Lena and the fog
Jas, Caro und Nathalie


Hola once again, Well I know I just bored you all with a very long posting, so I will try to keep this short. We left city Leon for a beautiful beach not too far from the city called Las Penitas (there is a tilde over the n, I just can't find it on this keyboard). Of course as soon as we arrived at the beach I realized I forgot to email the school in San Juan del Sur to arrange more classes so I caught the bus back into the Leon this morning to find a computer. While on the computer I figured I may as well email you all again. We had a great Valentines Day watching the German Orchestra. Apparently the group won some kind of competition and is touring Central America playing ... read more
La Playa  Las Penitas

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica February 16th 2006

Tomorrow I leave San Carlos and head down to Jaco, the surfer party beach town that I fled from 2 years ago. I am returning to visit the friends I left behind, OK, actually just one friend...Jimena. But I will also be reconnecting with Sandy. Sandy got sucked into the beauty of Montezuma beach last weekend, and there she remained the entire week, so I've been flying solo this week. Solo works well for me, I'd say a good 95 percent of the time, But then there's those 5 percent times, like this past Valentine's Day in which I spent the night watching Finding Nemo on my laptop in my apartment, had and avocado for dinner and fell asleep by 8pm. I also checked my email 4 times and the internet cafe, which stayed open just ... read more
Finished Wall

Just got done traveling for the past few days, decided that I have had enough of living in the middle of nowhere where it rains all of the time. I had a great time working on the river and getting in the water every day, but work slowed down tremendously and it was hard to find anything to do. One of the other guides that lived with me there in the cabin told me about a place down in the southern part of the country where he could get me some work, so I packed up all of my things and started the long adventure. Tuesday morning, Valentine´s Day, we got up super early and took a truck into Siquirres to catch the first bus. It was a 2 hour ride to San Jose, where we ... read more

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was pretty lonely, and questioned the decision to break away from the group. Today, no regrets. I began the day trying to figure out how to gain the trust of the locals in Santiago de Atitlan, so that I could photograph their beautiful, purple clothing and their truely exquisite faces. Its hard, because I didn't want to take pictures with my zoom, without them knowing. It feels like stealing from them, and most don't want their picture taken. Then if I asked, they would either charge anywhere from 1 to 10 quetzales, about 15 cents to a buck 45. Not much really, but I ran out of small change quickly. It seemed to me that the ones with the most beautiful, interesting faces, didn't really want their ... read more

Exciting news today: I received a message from the school I will be studying at, and now know who I am staying with. The name of the mother (don't know if there is a father there) is Martha Nimatuj, and there are four kids: boys 15, 13 & 10, and a girl who is 2 years old. They live at 9 Calle 5-34, Zona 1, Xela. "Calle" is Spanish for "street". I also learned that there is a b&b who offer a transfer service from the airport to the bus depot for a very reasonable price, so I will probably use them for that purpose, and stay there on my way home because I have a plane leaving at 7:30 in the morning. "Dos Lunas" has a webpage on the Xelapages website. They also help people ... read more

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