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South America » Brazil » Pará March 22nd 2016

I brought my rain gear with me and religiously put it on rain threathened, but after two day I came to the obvious conclusion that wt from the outside or wet from the inside aka sweat, made no difference to me. So when the clouds darken and the drops start to fall I lower my visor and keep on without rain gear. It's incredible though how quickly you get wet, as in soaking wet in about 30 seconds. Well I haven't been dry since day one but it's more sweating than anything else. All my riding gear is humid and sticky and probaly smelly which will keep the Zika mozzies away. Brazil is a very large and very green country, so far I've done about 7000 km and it's green everywhere, the landscape is mostly a ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém January 25th 2015

Da ormai quattro lunghe settimane il Mercante si sta lasciando trasportare dalla lenta corrente del Rio dele Amazzoni, il celebre fiume avvolto da un romantico alone di mistero ed esotismo, ma che si rivela in realta´ una immensa massa d´acqua lurida di color fango scossa da violente correnti assassine, le cui sponde melmose sono popolate da nugoli di bestie crudeli quali zanzare e mosche portatrici di larve e febbri, pipistrelli succhiasangue, enormi ragni pelosi lunghi una spanna, per non parlare poi della temibile fauna acquatica, il cui solo terrificante pensiero serve a tener lontani anche i piu´ arditi aspiranti nuotatori. Come sopravvivere alla lunga a tutto cio´? ma sopratutto, come riuscire a godere dei frutti che la natura ha cosi´ generosamente distribuito qui in Amazzonia?? La risposta sta nelle acque, e piu´ precisamente nel loro colore! ... read more
Fiume bianco
Fiume nero
Fiume blu

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém August 5th 2014

unsere platzwahl an deck des massenfassenden schiffs war fast perfekt. fast. leider geht die ganze nacht das grelle neonlicht genau über uns nicht aus. und die laut krächzende durchsagebox direkt an unseren köpfen verkündet alle nächtlichen anlaufhafen. immer eine halbe stunde und kurz bevor wir die stops erreichen. nach einer zeit protestieren dann auch unsere lächerlich verwöhnten europäischen körper gegen die durchhängende liegeposition. immer, wenn eine halbwegs angenehme stellung gefunden ist, boxt der nachbar einem fuß, ellenbogen oder kopf in die seite. markus, der verräter, gesteht mir des morgens, dass er abends noch einmal aufgestanden ist, sich zwei bier und eine schlaftablette gegönnt hat. jetzt wundert es mich nicht mehr, dass ausnahmsweise ich ein schlafproblem hatte… die nacht ist also eher durchwachsen und so ist das erwachen durch umtriebiges geplapper de... read more
neue bananen
hammock idyll

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém March 14th 2014

Friday – Mar. 14/14, Santarem °C-88°F – Humidity 98% – Rain Today’s port of call is Santarem, which is located midway between Belem and Manaus. The city is situated at the joining of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers. The notes from the Location Team state this meeting as follows: Santarem is where the murky, brownish-yellow waters of the Amazon River meet the aquamarine waters of the Tapajós River. For miles beyond the merging of the rivers, the different colored waters don’t mix and there’s a very visible dividing between them.” The city of Santarem was first established in 1661 and is named after a city in Portugal. The original residents of the area were the Tapajós Indian... read more
A long way to anywhere!
Bulldozer used to clear forests
500 years young

South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém November 27th 2012

Day 407 Wednesday 21st November Around 1.00am the bus stopped at a terminal somewhere along the way and we sat there for over an hour. Because this was a long stop the driver turned off the engine along with the air-con and so we sat and sweltered in our little tin can. The stop was unannounced and no one was too sure when we would get underway and so everyone stayed on the bus and seated in the stuffy containment. We eventually got back on the road and with the air con back on managed somehow to snatch a few hours sleep laying with wedged feet and in a half foetal position. Got to the Recife bus terminal around 9.30am making it a 14 hour trip as opposed to the Lonely Planet’s 10 hours and the ... read more
Belem - Zoo

South America » Brazil » Pará » Ilha de Marajó March 2nd 2012

The largest island of Brazil is located in the estuary of the Amazon River. It is about as big as the Switzerland and has a population of about 300,000. The size but was not much to notice in our relaxing stay on the Ilha de Marajó. After we have leave Belém (Pará) early in the morning from the city harbor with a large passenger ship, we could admire the sunrise behind the skyline of Belem. From a distance, this city is far more relaxed. We began our tour in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and Belem, and now the time was ripe for the more silence and nature. After three hours we landed and took the minibus further inland in the direction of the small town of Soure. When you look out the window, it soon ... read more
sunrise behind Belém
ceramics arts in Soure

South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém September 25th 2011

Tha erum vid komin til Brasiliu, Belem nanar tiltetekid. Ad baki er batsferd i litlum bat yfir landamaeri Fronsku Gvaejana og Brasiliu, 10 tima rutuferd i drullu, grjoti og verulega mishaedottu landslagi, tveggja daga pasa i Macapa og nu sidast 28 klukkustunda batsferd i hengirumi, em vid skulum byrja a byrjuninni... Sidustu dogunum i Fronsku Gvaejana var eytt i afsloppun, kokteildrykkja og strandferd svo eitthvad se nefnt. Oldurnar i Atlandshafinu geta verid ansi kroftugar og i eitt skipti vildi ekki betur til en svo ad ein reif okkur baedi a bolakaf, Svenna skaut aftur upp en Hronn faceplant-adi og bring-adi (thad er orugglega ord) botninn og kom upp ur med oll got hofudsins full af sandi, berbrjosta med bikiniid nidri a maga. Thad var sem betur fer fament a strondinni og thvi voru ekki margir sem ... read more
Matur a markadnum i Macapa
Gott ad drekka ur kokoshnetu

South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém August 26th 2011

In a few hours we get on a boat and head up the Amazon River - somebody pinch me! The output of the Amazon Rvr in one day is enough to provide the whole of New York City for one year! We have experienced a number of logistical problems the last 3 days - a serious lack of space (we now each have a backpack, a bag and some plastic packets) and flights that no longer fly to where we want to go. So, although Belem is a shoppers paradise (clothes at super cheap prices), we had to forego most of the shopping in order to visit all the travel agencies in the area to see if they could organise something. With no luck. We have therefore decided to head half way up the Amazon River ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém May 20th 2011

At 4am on April 29th we landed in Belem and immediately rested by a water feature inside the airport, waiting for light to ease our passage to town. Eventually we summoned some kind of energy to find a bus going anywhere near our hostel, though once we were onboard the driver took pity on us and delivered us right to the front door. This, we learned, was typical Belem kindness and hospitality. Belem is a large port city lying on the south bank of the River Amazon's mouth, which is so wide it makes the city look irrelevent. Exhausted from our flight, we arrived with the intention of going straight to bed; however, the hostel workers had the royal wedding on the television, so we sat for a while and watched pictures from home, not at ... read more
The Praca da Republica
Teatro da Paz
Praca Dom Pedro II

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém April 4th 2011

I’m currently sitting on a boat in the tiny port of Santarem, a town in the state of Para on the banks of the Amazon River, halfway through a 6 day boat journey that is taking me nearly 2000kms from Belem on the coast of Brazil to Manaus in the midst of the jungle. It’s an epic voyage which has challenged every sense I possess … the noise of the constant forrá music blaring out of the distorted speakers for 15 hours a day, the smell of the blocked toilets and full septic tanks, the taste of the daily repetitive meal of chicken, rice, pasta and potatoes – all in one dish.(its carbs all the way to the toilet), the touch of other people as they bang into you lying in your hammock like an anthropoidal ... read more

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