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Travelers coming to pantanal

Tour to Pantanal and Bonito
13 years ago, February 25th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #105055  
Pantanal Brazil

This post is to warn travelers coming through Foz to visit the Southern pantanal Campo Grande!

There will be many people trying to sell tours to pantanal and Bonito from Foz.
Avoid pre-buying tours to pantanal at the bus station in Foz.

We had a miserable experience. Arriving in Campo Grande, none of the representative of the "company" where waiting for us at the bus station as promissed, we had to pay the taxi (very expensive), to look for the company, wich also doesnt match most of the agreement.
Best to arrive in Campo Grande and make sure to find a reliable tour company to explore the region.
Polishe Reply to this

12 years ago, January 17th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #126771  
N Posts: 8
It's an amazing place - the Pantanal. Just spent about 3 months there in Rio Verde, Aquidauana, Corumbá, and a little in Miranda and (ugh) Bonito. Just the drive from Miranda to Corumbá is worth it. Along the road you'll see most of the animals that you would see spending $2000 for a week at a fancy fazenda. Of course, the road is still being built, or rebuilt, so you may spend an hour outside of the 2nd Pelaton of the Environmental Police of Miranda. But, they're nice people!

Corumbá is on the Bolivian frontier. You'll be told that it's terribly dangerous, that everyone will want to rob, shoot and kill you. I'm not saying that doesn't happen but, for the most part, if you're not dealing drugs over the border then it won't be an issue. Stay at the Pousada do Cachimbo. Jane is a great cook and it's an absolutely gorgeous place right on the Rio Paraguaia. Tell them that you heard about them from the American mosaicists. (But only if you're good people. She's pretty picky about who she'll take in.) Check out the mosaics on the wall of the Policia Militar.

There are probably touristy things to do there and in the other cities we went to (Bonito was the only place we did anything specifically touristy because it was our vacation). Take the advise of the OP re finding people. There are tourist information places for sure in Aquidauana and probably in other places. There's a train that goes through the Pantanal that looks pretty cool. Reply to this

12 years ago, March 8th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #130665  
Very true about Campo Grande, don;t book in adavnace, don't book ANYTHING when u get oFF the BUS!

YOu will be bombarded by tough TOUTS that will scream in your face and will nag you and not leave your side!

If you have time, go to the tourist info and ask them for a list of "reputable" companies....if they can't tell you which ones, look through their binders of complaints. THERE HAVE BEEN HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS....i guess look for the company that has "LESS" and then try to visit about 4 companies to get a "feel" for them to better help u access which company suits your needs!

There are plenty of companies there that are "PARTY" pantanal tours....if you are not into that, avoid it!

Good luck!

CAMPO GRANDE is a horrible place, i hated every min of being there! But once u get to Pantanal and u r lucky to have a good tour, u will enjoy it! Reply to this

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