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Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 10th 2014

Hostel lika was great. We arrived with no booking and there was no 3 person room available and no 3 beds available in any of the dorm rooms. So instead we where offered two double rooms, M and R grabbed one of them and the guy who ran the hostel gave me a discount of more than 50% on my own double room which meant I was paying only just above the price of a hostel bed! The hostel was run by a really lovely couple who cook BBQ each night for the guests and have their little son running around playing! We got on really well with them and each night the guy would sit and drink with us (free Croatian brandy!) and even offered to let us come back and stay for free while ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 3rd 2014

Arriving in Budapest we discovered the currency is worth very little compared to gbp and so got out 25000 Hungarian forints (approx £60). After finding a McDonald's (free wifi, not food) we managed to book ourselves a room in hotel bed and roses. The public transport system was easy to use and we found our way to our hotel located behind the opera house very quickly compared to some of our other hotels! The woman who ran the hotel was incredibly smiley and really friendly. We had a nice clean room with a cool painting on the wall showing the hotel and how far each of the main attractions are from it. Definitely a step up on some of the hostels we have stayed in. Not to mention it being dirt cheap! We had our own ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna July 1st 2014

Having been told Vienna was an expensive place to visit we were surprised to find an apartment available for our two night stay for only £15 each per night. It included a nice bathroom, kitchen area with hob, microwave, toaster, fridge and kettle and even had a flat screen tv which we used to watch the World Cup games. We had arrived too early to check in so spent a couple of hours at a local bar drinking corona before settling in. All the travelling had started to take its toll and we took the opportunity to sleep for a few hours before going out in the evening. We walked down the side of a river until we reached the centre and thought the cathedral at night was beautiful. McDonald's was one of the few places ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków June 28th 2014

We arrived in krakow and quickly found our way to the tram stop. The tram ticket cost the equivalent of about 35p and we only needed to go a few stops to the hostel we booked the night before. In typical fashion for this trip after one stop the tram stopped moving. There had been an accident which the bus in front couldn't get round and so was stuck on the track. The tram quickly emptied but not knowing where we were going we stayed on and waited. Eventually we found our way to our stop (stradom) and our hostel was about a minutes walk. We stayed in hostel B movie. Each room had a different film name, including the godfather, dirty dancing, the matrix, Casablanca and we stayed in sin city. And the walls where ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 24th 2014

Ok, so picking up where I left off, Malmo was nice though it took us a while to find a spot to camp and our spot didn't compare to any of our previous beautiful locations. It was about 30-40mins walk to get back to the station in the morning, so we really felt the packs on our backs! The train strike in Sweden was still going on (naturally it finished the day after we did the route!) so it was a bus over to Copenhagen then a train to hamburg (of course this train had to stop and get extremely overcrowded due to another train breaking down and us taking on its passengers) and finally onto the train to berlin. Due to the delays on the trains we arrived in the middle of the night and ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo June 18th 2014

We arrived in oslo early in the afternoon after a beautiful train ride through the Norwegian countryside. Other than customs jumping on the train and questioning us about where we were going and having a dog sniff the carriage it was a peaceful journey and didn't require any changes which was nice. We decided we would find a spot to camp before sorting food and drinks and after some discussion decided to take a bus and then commuter ferry to an island to the south of oslo. We found loads of other campers on one side of the island, it was like a city of tents, some looked like they had just set up but others seemed to be of a far more permanent nature. We had a chat with a Frenchman who happened to be ... read more

Europe » Sweden June 16th 2014

So we arrived finally in Gothenburg and jumped straight onto a tram out of the city towards an area we had seen on google maps that looked like a good countryside type spot (topelsgaten tram 5). It only took about 15 minutes and we found ourselves in the middle of a residential area with not much idea where to go! After a slightly worried walk into what we assumed where the woods nearby we stumbled upon quite possibly the best Imaginable camping spot. (After scaring ourselves that we had seen a bear which turned out to be a large overturned tree and it's roots!) We set up next to an amazing lake (with water clean enough to drink) surrounded by forests, which I can only describe as something out of a film. We didn't think we ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 12th 2014

Not much more to add about amsterdam other than the hostel I was staying in (the one where i had a dorm room to myself on the first night) ended up overbooked and we had 3 French girls end up sleeping on the floor! Oh and there was a kitten who attacked my feet each morning when going down for breakfast! I was very tempted to put it in my bag and take it with me! But I've already packed too much. The next stop was hamburg. The train stopped just before the German border to allow everyone to get off and have a smoke which I thought was very European! The city itself seemed busy and after a nice bowl of pasta and a beer we walked around the red light district and bars. After ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 6th 2014

Ok, so having been dropped at Victoria Station I began my journey through Europe, starting with a coach from London to Amsterdam. Though I almost didn't, noticing only at the last moment that everyone else seemed to have proper tickets rather than a printed confirmation and I actually needed to check in for the coach! I'll put that one down to nerves! I spent the journey in fractured sleep, (not enjoying having to disembark the coach on the ferry, from what I'd convinced myself was a comfortable position to sleep in despite being face first on the chair in front!) and speaking with Peter from Birmingham, who had kindly pointed out my earlier mistake! Overall not a bad journey and well worth the £14 and saved plane costs. (Departed 9.30pm, arrived 9.00am). I spent the day ... read more

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