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Have you ever been to Rios carnival?

What was it like? Best bits? Good/bad experiences? How far in advance did you have to book? Was it expensive?
14 years ago, January 5th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #98561  
B Posts: 130
All is in the summary really, would love to see photos and just hear your experiences of the carnival really! I am planning on being there for march 2011, baring in mind ive never been to south america before..do you think its a good way to immerse myself? Is there any advise or things you wish you'd known before you went?

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14 years ago, January 8th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #98880  

14 years ago, January 12th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #99434  
I have been to Brazil five times. Brazil is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rio is incredible, great, lovely. Plese GO. I am from Argentina and they are my neighbours. I have never been to their carnival. But I suggest you to go. Reply to this

14 years ago, February 2nd 2010 No: 4 Msg: #102087  
Here is a list of block parties in the city of Rio de Janerio for Carnival 2010:

http://connectionrio.com/Carnival_2010.htmlhttp://connectionrio.com/Carnival_2010.html Reply to this

14 years ago, February 3rd 2010 No: 5 Msg: #102256  
You have to love lines and to be among TOOOOOO MUCH people, from EVERYWHERE. Reply to this

14 years ago, April 22nd 2010 No: 6 Msg: #109340  
N Posts: 4
I have been to Rio De Janeiro five times as well! Rio Carnaval is the greatest show on earth. I would definitely recommend you visit this city and go for Rio Carnaval. The official language in Brazil is Portuguese so I would brush up on that language before you go. Don't worry, it is not necessary for you to be fluent to have a good time, but if you some some basic stuff before hand, that would help.

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