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South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza February 25th 2023

What American has ever heard of Fortaleza, Brazil? I sure hadn’t! Well, Brazil's 5th largest city was our port of call on Saturday, February 25, 2023. It has a population of slightly over 2.7 million with a metropolitan area population of over 4.1 million people. Fortaleza, Portuguese for fortress, is the capital of the State of Ceará and is an important industrial and commercial center in Northeast Brazil. According to the Ministry of Tourism, it is the fourth most visited city and tourist destination in the country, and the most important highway in the country, BR-116, starts in Fortaleza. There is typically a tropical climate, with high temperatures and relative humidity throughout the year; however, these conditions are usually mitigated by pleasant ocean breezes. The average annual temperature is 80.6 °F with the relative humidity at ... read more
Entering the Harbor at Fortaleza, Brazil
On the Shuttle Ride to the Tourism Center in Fortaleza, Brazil
On the Shuttle Ride to the Tourism Center in Fortaleza, Brazil

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 12th 2018

No artigo de hoje, você vai conhecer um pouco de Fortaleza Ceara. Se você é um dos pessoas apaixonadas por viagem que buscam novos lugares para conhecer, fique de olho nessas dicas. A vocação de ser referência nacional em diversos setores artísticos, faz da capital cearense o destino ideal para muita festa, recheado de história e, sem dúvida, tem muito o que fazer em Fortaleza entre suas paisagens incríveis do famoso litoral nordestino. O encontro do Rio Mundaú com o mar deixa tudo ainda mais lindo, principalmente se for admirado do “mirante das dunas”. A melhor época para conhecer a região é de julho à março, quando o sol aparece e as águas ficam bem mais convidativas. Entre setembro e dezembro, é a temporada de ventos, ideal pra quem gosta de kite e windsurfe. A começar ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza January 31st 2016

High antics on the high seas yesterday as we crossed the Equator. We were not thrown in the pool, nor covered in cream, baked beans or spaghetti as some were! Mostly new officers and cadets were introduced to King Neptune to undergo the ceremony but also the Captain literally threw himself into the fun too. We got our certificates without going through anything more difficult than sitting by the pool watching all the action. There was an amazing 3 miles of water beneath us at that point. Today we are in Fortalenza, Brazil. A large sprawling city the 5th largest in the country. It reminded me of India with fewer people. I was told all the graffiti and dilapidated buildings etc. are typical of South American cities. There was a very pretty theatre, and newly constructed ... read more
'The initiated' emerging from pool having been presented to King Neptune
Red roofs of flavela (shanty) homes with high rise blocks next door
Street view, Fortalenza

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza March 20th 2015

Total distance from Santos: 1751 nautical miles. Between Salvador and our final Brazilian port of call, Fortaleza, we had another full day at sea. We managed to win both quizzes (morning and afternoon) As a member of the winning team has to walk to the front of the lounge to collect ones prize, we have agreed that a different team member collects our booty each time. Hopefully, by the time the others realise it is the same team winning all the time, we will have cleaned up!! However, unlike other cruise lines such as Princess, each team member does not receive a prize. The team will win a ‘few' items. So the more in the team, the fewer items to go round! For example today we won a ball cap and lanyard in the morning and ... read more
The Castella Fortaleza
Farol do Mucuripe, Fortaleza
Roisin as near to the favela as she got!

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza September 2nd 2014

Le trek dans la poussière à la Chapada Diamantina est derrière nous et nous décidons de nous offrir notre premier hôtel « grand luxe » du voyage dans la charmante petite ville d’Olinda ! Après presque deux mois de backpack, nous profitons d’autant plus de cet hôtel superbe où nous ne sommes pas obligés de garder nos tongs dans la douche ! Olinda est une petite ville magnifique, serpentée de ruelles de maisons de toutes les couleurs et où nous goûtons la caipirinha la plus assassine de tout le voyage et où nous célébrons la 8ème chose perdue par Armand…logique, nous voyageons depuis 8 semaines ! Nous sommes également à 15 minutes de Recife et y découvrons avec bonheur le grand marché San José… Nous avons probablement regardé et négocié tout ce qu’on peut trouver là- ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 19th 2014

After eating breakfast at the hostel me, Jorge, old Chris, and another Uruguayan walked to the nearest bus stop and took the #49 to Croco Beach. The bus just happened to drive through the industrial and port part of the city, which is the most dangerous and which we were warned to stay away from. But the bus didn't stop, so that was good. We walked from the bus to the beach and the first thing I noticed was the amount of palm trees. More than SC, Florida, or even Hawaii! There were coconuts all over them. At one point that day I saw a coconut fall from the tree and split on the pavement, which reminded me when someone once told me that falling coconuts kill people every year. The second thing I notice was ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 16th 2014

Yay, my dad came to Brasil finally by himself. He picked me up to go to Fortaleza. It was about a 4 hour plane ride. When we got there, we took a taxi to our hotel to drop off our stuff but then we left to go meet our friends Roy and Kevin Cardoso in a restaurant. I already knew Roy, but I did not know his brother, Kevin. So I met somebody new. We watched Chile beat Australia 3-1. they watched it and I was just playing with napkins. The next day we went to our first game in the stadium. It was Costa Rica vs Uruguay. We got dressed up and painted and it was very nice to go to our first brazilian stadium. We were rooting for Costa Rica because we were rooting ... read more
Celebrating USA;s win over Ghana
My sad face and this sign helped us get tickets
Way up at the top

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 15th 2014

A correction from the other day, the FanFest at the beach where I watched game 1 had 32,000 people. Thursday night me, old Chris, and new Chris went to Dragão do Mar, which is the local bar strip (equivalent to Fayetteville St in Raleigh). The bars and clubs here close around 4, but the special after parties that are invite-only last until sunrise. Tuens out we got invited to one. By the time we got back to the hostel it was 7:00. After a quick rinse I passed out. I slept until about 12:30 and watched the Mexico vs Cameroon game. Mexico won, which I didn't enjoy :( BOO MEXICO! New friends Humam, from Canada, Markus, from Portland, Daniel, from Uruguay, and a guy from Scotland, along with George came with me to find some food. ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 13th 2014

Brazil I slept during the whole 4 hour flight from São Paulo to Fortaleza. Not a single person around me on the flight spoke English. When me and JC got into Fortaleza I met his friend, Marcelo, and Marcelo's cousin JP. JP drive us to a restaurant called Ordones. I are fried goat and a mixture of cheese, rice, and beans. It was a delicious meal. JP then drove us to my hostel, Hostel Terra da Luz, and I checked in. The place is really clean and there's 3 triple bunk beds in each room. The husband of the owner, Nico, is pretty cool. We were talking about games we like to play and he really likes chess. I also found out that the reason he likes chess is because he played it all the time ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza September 16th 2012

Unser erster Eindruck von Fortaleza: es ist heiß! Unser zweiter Eindruck: verdammt, es ist immer noch heiß! Ja, im Vergleich zu den Orten wo wir bisher waren ist es wirklich ein Stück wärmer. Immerhin ist es eine relativ trockene Hitze, nicht so wie dieser Schlag in Rio letztes Wochenende. Ronaldo, unser Couchsurfer hier in Fortaleza, hat uns gestern wie versprochen am Flughafen abgeholt und uns gleich erstmal in seinen Laden (Videospiele!^^) mitgenommen. Er ist super sympathisch und lustig, ein Weltenbummler mit permanentem Fernweh, Surfer aus Leidenschaft und nebenbei führt er erfolgreich zwei Läden… Abends hat er uns gleich zum Geburtstag einer Freundin entführt, in einem super Anwesen mit Pool und allem Firlefanz, den man sich so vorstellen kann. Die Leute waren alle total nett, nur war die „Party“ schon um 8 so gut wie vorbei… irgendwie ... read more
ich bin noch auf Ultra-Anfaengerlevel :D
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Strand in Iguape

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