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From: lives in Widnes,United Kingdom
Favorite Book: She says anything by Jonathan Kellerman. He says "the World". And I'm half way through chapter 3 (see favourite quote!!)
Favorite Movie: Some of his favourite movies are Pulp Fiction, the Bourne trilogy and the Godfather movies. Some of her favourite movies include Doctor Zhivago, True Lies and the Terminator movies
Favorite Music: She likes listening to Runrig, Saw Doctors and Ian McNabb and he listens to anything she has playing in the car at the time!!!
Hobbies: He likes taking trips away with her. She likes ORGANISING trips (without him!!)
Languages: He likes to think he can speak German and Swedish. She can count to 10 in Gaelic!!!
Profession: He's a lowly paid Civil Servant (and so is she!!!)
Amazing Event: He says I don't do amazing moments, every minute of life is amazing. She says I'm gonna be sick!!
Description: He's said to look like Young Mr. Grace. She's is and always will be best described as the voice of reason!

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." (read on!!)

Asia » Singapore November 25th 2018

The Civic District We arrived at the MRT station, Raffles Place, south of the Singapore River located in the Downtown Core of Singapore’s central area where we met Adeline. She led us along the riverside for a few minutes before entering, what is now, the Fullerton Hotel. This neo-classical building was built in 1928 by the British to commemorate their centennial celebrations. Before it was converted to five-star luxury, this building was home to Singapore’s General Post Office. However, the hotel has a somewhat checkered past being used as a hospital for the wounded in the last days before Britain surrendered Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. Indeed, the Japanese even used the building as their Headquarters for their military operations for this part of the world. We passed the fluted two storey colonnades and entered ... read more
Roisin with two post office workers
A cool refreshing drink - me thinks!
An ice cream buttie close up!!

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina November 24th 2018

Marina Bay Hotel We had a feeling this was going to be another long day. Roisin and I had a relaxing morning in our apartment as we hadn’t arranged to meet Adeline and Ashton until 2pm down by the Gardens by the Bay. We had a choice to either eat lunch in the neighbourhood of our apartment or nearer to our meeting point by the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We both looked at each other and uttered those immortal famous last words in unison; ‘I’m sure there will be something to eat down there!!’ (In the same vein that Napoleon had said to his starving army: ‘Don’t worry men, I’m sure there will be something to eat when we get to Moscow!!’) We had arranged to meet Adeline and Ashton somewhere near ... read more
Catch a boat through the shopping mall underneath the hotel
The Financial district - Singapore
Looking down on the Supertrees - Gardens of the bay

Asia » Singapore November 23rd 2018

Sentosa island Today started off dry and what’s more, sunny. Now there’s a first. It was still pretty humid but not oppressively so. Checking our itinerary, Sentosa island was our first stop, and not, as I incorrectly said, Semosa Island, thinking there would be lots of tasty stuff to eat!! After breakfast we walked the short five minutes (still in the sunshine!!) to little India MRT station. It is very easy to buy ‘metro’ tickets. There are ample ticket machines on each concourse with simple instructions. The cost depends on the distance. There are day cards that can be purchased for 24 and 48 hours travel but one has to pay a deposit. As we wouldn’t be spending all day travelling by metro, this option wasn’t cost effective. On this occasion we took the North East ... read more
...more water cascades on Sentosa Islan
Sentosa Island - the Christmas trail
The Merlion - a symbol of Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Little India November 22nd 2018

Since our return from Cuba it’s been four weeks of UK TV; wall to wall soap operas, reality shows and a damp climate. The time had come to leave all that behind once more. We both managed the biggest smile when we knew we’d hopefully be rid of the biggest soap of them all – Brexit!! The only reminder we may have in the weeks to come is when we meet non-Brits and, once they realise where we are from usually start the conversation by politely asking: ‘What do you think of…’ We are going to be away for four weeks first flying to Singapore via Warsaw on LOT Polish airlines. Why LOT? During our original research we found that flying LOT, business class was not much more than flying British Airways, Premium Economy. ... read more
Roisin settling in to her long haul flight
The LOT survival kit
The damaged suitcase

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana October 14th 2018

The day after Belize we arrived in Cozumel, a small holiday resort on an island off the Mexican Yucatan coast. The plan was to hire a taxi to take us to the nearby Mayan ruins, wait for us then bring us back to the ship. However, there were four cruise ships in Cozumel today. It was also another hot and sticky day. We had vison of the ruins being absolutely heaving with impatient tourists, those part of a ships tour and those independent travellers, probably all queuing to buy tickets!! All this, whilst tackling greedy taxi drivers and greedier little biteything bastards that take the piss when feasting on my ankles!! Having been to Cozumel less than ten months earlier we’d seen all there was to see in the town so we just stretched ... read more
Outside our accommo in Havana Centro
Deana, our hostess in Havana Centro
Breakfast in Havana Centro

We arrived in Belize albeit a day later than the original itinerary. So, where or what is Belize? It wouldn’t exactly jump out at you on the shelf of a travel agent as an alternative for Benidorm or Ibiza!! Belize, formerly British Honduras, is an independent Commonwealth country on the eastern coast of Central America. It is bordered on the northwest by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by Guatemala. Its mainland is about one hundred and eighty miles long and sixty eight miles wide. Belize has a population of 387,879. To put it in to perspective, the country is smaller than Djibouti but bigger than El Salvador. It is ranked 151st biggest in the world!! (or 33rdsmallest depending if you’re a glass half empty sort of a ... read more
Roisin surrounded by the MSC chocolateers
Welcome to Belize
The small marina in Belize city

North America » Mexico October 10th 2018

nHURRAH!! Finally back in the real world with wi-fi. It's been so long, in case you have forgotten, we're in Cuba!! Read on... …RECAP Embarkation day started like any other. We were filled with eager anticipation and excitement. We checked out of our Casa at 11am and walked the ten minutes to the port. We arrived at the arrivals hall and showed our passport and boarding documents to the security guard. After checking the names on the documentation agreed with our passports we were waved through. In the transit shed we could quite clearly see the berth and the bay beyond. We approached a group of porters in distinct red t-shirts but where were the rest of the passengers. But more to the point, where was our ship…??? Perhaps it is moored at another pier and ... read more
A nice drum and bongo combo walking the streets of Havana
The stilt procession, Havana
Woman riding a cock in Plaza Veijo

Central America Caribbean » Cuba October 5th 2018

Our first full day in Havana. Rather than explore this city ourselves, we had planned on letting someone else do it for us. We had a free walking tour booked for 2pm. These tours operate on tips only. The guides are usually very knowledgeable about their surroundings, speak excellent English and take you to the things worth seeing. They will also advise you of the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ as well as the scams and bargains. They gratefully accept gratuities at the end of the tour and never question the amount given. These tours last between two to two and a half hours and are highly recommended. Of course, the entire city can’t be c... read more
Pulling on the Caberllero de Paris
A detailed mural of Habana old town
Vintage cars along San Pedro, Havana

Central America Caribbean » Cuba October 4th 2018

No sooner had we returned from our Alaskan trip then it was time to venture out once more. We were home for ten days. In that time, we’ve had an overnight stay in Kings Lynn, Norfolk where we saw the very funny comedian, Tom Allan; had lunch at an alpaca farm and visited several National Trust properties. Retirement is far from slippers and a dressing gown in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa watching reruns of Jeremy Kyle, a cross between Oprah and Jerry Springer but with attitude!! There will be plenty of time for that when we run out of places to visit!! We found ourselves once more on the move to a far-flung destination. This time, our journey will take us to Havana, Cuba where we will stay for a few ... read more
Our Casa Particulare in Old Havana
The small courst yard of our Casa Particulare
Santa Clara Street,m Havana

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 18th 2018

It was our final full day in San Francisco. We were advised by the owners of the property that they would be returning from lake Tahoe for one night only before jetting off somewhere else. Yesterday when we arrived back at our accommodation at 09:30pm, the house was in relative darkness. Lights were on in the front room but these had been turned to low on the dimmer switch. The owners were at home but had already retired to the upper house. We wouldn’t have to sit and make small talk after all!! This morning I awoke about 8:00am to the sound of movement in the kitchen, then silence. Fifteen minutes later more movement. We couldn’t stay shut in our room forever although we still had to remember we were guests in someone’s house. It somehow ... read more
The parallel street of San Francisco...
The Coit Tower

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