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10th October 2018
Yet another view from the old square in Havana

Great photos
Excellent shots, Chris; looks like you had amazing weather and presumably this is before Hurricane Michael! The walking tour sounded very revealing - many pictures appear to have nobody around in the streets..
10th October 2018
Yet another view from the old square in Havana

Great photos (I know!!)
Thanks for your comment Snarko. Luckily we were in between cruise ships so most of the passenger had not yet arrived. The streets were much busier on the day of Embarkation. Hurricane Michael. There ill be something about this in a future episode!!
21st September 2018

The message of your mural is quite clearly 'Don't Smoke in Bed !'
16th September 2018

Selling the Alaskan cruise Chris with your brilliant blog and great photos too.
16th September 2018

Selling the AlSkan cruise
Glad you’re enjoying it Lynne. I would certainly recommend Alaska as a cruise destination at least once in you’re lifetime!!
13th September 2018

A Whole New World
Oh dear Chris - Roison has just learnt two new rude four letter words - 'Uber' and 'Taxi' - your travels and cruises will never be the same again ! My life changed for the more expensive, after my daughter taught my wife the words 'Taxi' and 'Room Service'.
10th September 2018
The Olympic mountain rage - Wasington State

Log Cabin
Beautiful photo and many points for the terra firma parts of your writing, Also + 1 mln points for Cabin Club reference - heroic! btw, did you spot my Quilting reference? AH
8th September 2018

Still sleepless in Seattle!!
Don’t forget the ‘sausage stamp’!!
8th September 2018

Sausage stamp!!
No, that's defo going in but it must be the jet lag as that happens in the next blog entry!!
8th September 2018

Wow! Just Wow! Love the blog and learning new things from them. Who knew Frasier wasn’t even filmed in Seattle (asides the 1000th episode) 💗💗
3rd September 2018

Another great read
Really enjoyed reading about your escapades so far, the blog is funny and insightful, always a great addition to the day.
30th August 2018

Please tell me the monkey hanging from the ceiling didn't really happen? OMG, that's horrific, it would frighten the bejesus out of me and it would be more than water leaking on the floor! On a happier note, I absolutely love the pic of Roisin in the clogs. I know want a pair of clogs, something I must speak to the Hotter design team about!!!
24th August 2018

Waterloo Cup
But you have not mentioned the world famous Waterloo Cup!!!!
24th August 2018

The Waterloo cup
Just had to Google the Waterloo Cup. Now I know what it was. I also googled the Bob Trophy but I couldn't find any entry yet. It's obviously not as renown as the Waterloo Cup.
20th August 2018

Good to hear the Cruise went well.
Unfortunately the work computer scuppered my first attempt at a post, hopefully this time it will go through. Glad to hear the cruise with the family went well and you did not end up throwing yourself overboard to escape, unlike the unlucky women off the coast of Croatia. Shame about the wallet but happens to the best of us. Shame there's people out there like that. Good luck with the rest of the trip.
18th August 2018

Retired, retired - you two are far too young to retire "
Sorry to read about the mugging - I had a similiar experience in a Paris flea market several years ago. But, looking forward to all your future blogs.
15th March 2018

Brilliant photos!
Love the pics! Sounds absolutely amazing and Very cold!!!!
10th March 2018

Roald Amundsen Statue
Sorry Chris, but the most northerly Roald Amundsen Statue is not in Tromso, but in Ny Alesund, Spitzbergen, Svalbard.
11th March 2018

Roald Amindsen statue
Thanks for the clarification Philip. That explains why there is no plaque You get nothing for coming second in this game. (come to think of it, you get nothing for coming first either!!)
8th March 2018
The Oriana - Andalsnes fjord.

Awesome pic
Best ship photo in some time - good job!
11th March 2018
The Oriana - Andalsnes fjord.

Thanks I mean Snarko. That's one hell of a tree I had t climb to get the shot!
3rd March 2018

Ah Oriana - traditional British cruising at its very best - all this and Costa Coffee too. However, beware speeding zimmer frames and electric scooters, particularly when mealtimes are imminent !
25th February 2018

Glad To Be Back
Chris and Roisin, thanks for adding me, again. Great blog and a wonderful trip for Roisin's mum. Looking forward to the next blog, and hopefully some fantastic photos of the aurora borealis.
25th February 2018

Glad you're back!!
Happy that you enjoyed the Romantic Danube (as it was badged) Not my best work as I was up against a deadline before our next one!!! Considering I wasn't going to do a bog for this one, I didn't do too bad! Thanks for the camera settings scale, I'll study it and experiment during our sea days. Speak to you when we get back x
31st January 2018

Love it
I'd totally forgotten about the two female pilots, that diazepan is good s***! Loved reliving the start of our journey, can't wait for the next instalment.

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