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26th April 2021
Downtown Salalah, Oman

Oh wow
It looks kind of shabby there, but maybe it has modernized since then.
10th September 2020
Chris getting stuck in to a Piadina!!

Festive eatings
Love the buon gusto on display there, Chris. For a landlubbers' voyage you seem to have had fun in E-R. Appreciate that you got time in Bologna - did Ravenna draw you at all? Best mosaics in the world! Take care
10th September 2020
Chris getting stuck in to a Piadina!!

Festive Eating
We sure did Snarko. We hope you and yours have managed to stay safe during these uncertain times.
27th August 2020

Am enjoying your Rimini blog. I wanted to go there 60 years ago, but my mates wanted to go to Spain - so we went to the Costa Brava instead. Still. perhaps I will make it one day.
23rd August 2020

Have you been to the local McDonalds yet? As you know I am a very keen bird watcher, anything of interest there? Beat Stutgard 3-0 yesterday. Bob
20th August 2020

Bob and Roisin, Enjoy yourselves glad to see you got away, you may even get quarantine like us! Bob
23rd August 2020

Sef Isolation - no fear!!
Italy is not on the UK's naughty list yet so no self isolation. We just had to fill out an on line locator form and show it to immigration on our return
23rd June 2020
Struggling for photos - so here's one of a seagull!!

Simon and I were on the Grand Princess in Hawaii on that day (March 4). The next sailing of the Grand was to Mexico, when the virus got on board. We are all lucky not to have been infected. Stay well.
17th June 2020

Dubai diversity
"The mix of cultures reminds me of Singapore where people from diverse nations, with differing beliefs, customs and traditions have learned to integrate and exist in harmony." Maybe. I saw a documentary about the guest workers there working on the construction sites or as domestics, and they are treated badly and have no rights. Thanks for the photos, looks like a fun day.
17th June 2020

Wheres the pic of Chris modeling the Abayas
17th June 2020

Chris in an abaya
Ha! Ha! Jim. Unfortunately The photo of me in an abaya didn't turn out which is a pity as I think the colour matched my eyes... Bloodshot!!!!!!
16th June 2020

That was really great, I want to visit Dubai someday.
15th June 2020

Great to see you posting again
Love reading your blogs again, good as ever, the doughnut story in the other one was golden.
17th June 2020

.The one with the doughnut!!
Thanks Michael. I'm glad it amused you but probably not as far as wetting yourself as it did me!!!
14th June 2020

welcome back
you two are amazing. keep on traveling
17th June 2020

Hi Ken and Alice, Thanks for continuing to read, Great to hear from you. Please continue to comment, good and bad (but mainly good, please!!)
14th June 2020

Welcome Back
Great to hear from you both again - I was beginning to get worried about you. How about retrospectively writing about some of last years adventures ?
17th June 2020

Retrospectively writing
Hi Philip, Great to hear from you. It would be difficult to trace my steps without notes as many things would just merge in to one and to be honest, on a lot of these cruises, not a lot of exciting stuff happens!!!
10th August 2019

Simply Stunnong
Jim pictures don't actually do it justice. It was worth every laboured breath I took!!
9th August 2019

Island life suits you
As a maritime man, I feel your report from these islands stands out as a bit of an emotional high point from the many (hundreds now?) of cultural tours you've reported on around the world from Siberia to Tonga. Clearly these islanders made a connection, and your appreciated their situation, perhaps more than some of the other villages you've been to with larger (?) cruising groups. I wonder if this could be a sign of the times for a different kind of holiday in future? (the people of Venice will thank you!) Snarko
9th August 2019

Making a connection
Thanks for your kind words Andrew. As an ex journalist I hope the grammar of this blog wasn't too off kilter!!!
14th June 2019

Guess which photo I liked?
No prizes, I loved Pans People to look at, hated their dancing!
14th June 2019

Pan's People
S'funny but I was thinking of you when I took the shot. Can't think why!!
14th June 2019
Darkness falls as the last tender returns!!

Moody Blues
another lovely maritime snap - excellent work both! Snarko

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