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South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza February 20th 2008

It had taken us 18 hours on the bus to get from Belem to Fortaleza. Fortunately it was the best bus we have been on so far, but we are still yet to travel on one that can compete with our Argentine experiences! From the bus station we had about half an hour on a local bus into town, assisted by a very friendly and helpful conductor. After viewing the “Backpacker Hostel” we decided to find a cheap Pousada as it wasn’t really what we wanted. We found the Pousada Veleiro near the centre (despite warnings of robbers and thieves!) to be comfortable, friendly and very cheap. Fortaleza is a bit like Blackpool or Benidorm on a bad day! It actually wasn’t that bad though, but when it wasn’t cloudy it was very windy and sitting ... read more
Caiprinhas on the beach at sunset
The Beach!

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza January 17th 2008

So after a brief stop in Natal, I headed off to Fortaleza to meet Soraia. In fact, we saw absolutely nothing of Fortaleza as our reason for going there was to attend Capoeirence 2008 - the annual capoeira meeting of Mestre Espirro Mirrim (Cordão de Ouro) in Portal da Lagoa - Fortaleza. We spent three days there doing workshops in capoeira, afro, samba and forró. For those interested in capoeira it was amazing - there were arouind 22 Mestres from different groups including Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Barrão, Mestre Suino, Mestre Jogo de Dentro, Mestre Cobrinha Mansa, Mestre Iranir, Mestre Deputado and many more that I forget now. For those who dont know about capoeira - it was like a meeting of superstars - being able to hear Mestres Suassuna and Barrao sing live songs that I´ve ... read more
Soraia at the foot of the berimbau
Soraia and I again
Some of the Mestres present.....

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza October 5th 2007

Fri 5th Oct: Took a local bus this morning to a different beach about 8Km out side Forteleza (Priai Fortuna).. very upmarket (and expensive - they add service charges on to everything). However, a lovely beach where I did battle with the waves for a while .... couldn´t swim as the waves were very strong and also quite an undercurrent. ´Would have been fantastic for surfing but that was banned because of some recent shark attacks. Just soaked up the sun for the rest of the morning... with some mango juice, then took another bus back to the city centre. Bus rides are an experience in themselves. Local government buses compete with commercial buses for trade; the commercial ones are much more comfortable and with AC. However they often race or cut in on each other ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza October 4th 2007

Thurs 4th Oct: An early start due to the hotel owner´s dog wanting everyone awake at about 5 this morning. Anyway decided to do my own cultural tour of Forteleza today. I found the tourist information very helpful and they gave me a pamphlet in English with all the key sites. Took an omnibus and got totally lost as it went to a different part of the city than that on the front of it. 'Eventually found my way to the centre square and started with the Jose de Alencar Theatre - built at the beginning of the last century in honour of a famous writer (Jose de Alencar). All the balconies are surrounded by fantastic cast iron designs, imported from Scotland! (See photos). The guide there spoke English and was very helpful; I had a ... read more
The Main Cathedral
Handicapped and Homeless
Interior of Theatro Jose De Alencar

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza October 3rd 2007

Wed 3rd Oct: A taxi to the coach station ensured I was in plenty of time to catch the midnight trip to Forteleza. Not a very exciting trip; faulty air conditioning and uncomfortable seats meant little sleep. Forteleza is 537 Km from Ponta Negra. 'Arrived in at 7:45, a little later than expected and got a taxi to the hotel. This was one of the budget hotels (cheap) but quite a step down from the previous ones in cleanliness and hygiene. Just booked in for two nights - if I manage to survive that long as there is no air conditioning and the humidity is high. 'Had a browse round the local neighbourhood, about 10 minutes walk from the beach and not far from the centre of the town. A hive of activity everywhere - a ... read more
Inside the Mercado Central

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 25th 2007

I finally got up to the northeast like ·I have been meaning to... but it wasnt easy. I got to the airport in Rio on time, but it took a lot of bus and taxi and money to get there.. Then the plane was delayed ... since it was really foggy out, i was pretty glad they didnt just send us off into the mist, so I didnt mind waiting... but they only made the announcements in Portuguese, so I was never sure of what they were saying (between talking fast, bad mikes, and my lack of understanding Portuguese). I did hear treze horas... and I was like... GREAT! 13 hours in the airport. But luckily, they meant we were leaving at 13:00. That didnt exactly happen either, but 3 pm was better than like 2 ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 29th 2007

We are in Fortaleza now, I went through the contents of my backpack yesterday and realised that my mobile was missing! (?) Of course my memory card was there so i lost all numbers:-( At least a couple of (local) people approach us every day telling us to be careful, not to hang around after dark (even if it´s only 6pm), watch our belongings, walk only with plastic bags from supermarkets, not to trust anyone, etc, etc. But one thing i must admit, we´ve met some great people in Brazil, incredibly helpful, not expecting anything in return. P.S. i´ve amended this blog slighlty (for those who have noticed) I had a few pretty bad days but it´s changed now :-)... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza April 4th 2007

After clocking up the miles these last two weeks, finally in northern Brazil, in Fortaleza. Has been a crazy couple of weeks. Firstly, left Rio De Janeiro and headed north into the state of Minas Gerias (the old mining center back in 1700´s). Beautiful colonial towns like Ouro Preto, Sao Joao and Tiredentes..... very different from rio.... churches with bells ringing on every corner, all day every day. People were so friendly too. From there we went back to the coast to Vitoria (one of the dreaded overnight buses...) and and continued north to Porto Seguro.... holiday destination to the brazilians, home of the lambada.... and with a street named "Alcohol Walk".... nice place but seen better beaches elsewhere. What I havent seen elsewhere is massive beach bars with crazy brazillians dancing the day away, ... read more
Ouro Preto, Brasil
Beach Party In  Porto Seguro

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza March 27th 2007

August 26, 2006 Greeted by a La Maison Hotel employee at the airport, I was really exhausted upon arrival at our (me and hubbys', I call him BIZ) destination. My stomach was bothering me a bit so by time we reach the hotel 8:30am, I was out for the rest of the day and night. I'm not sure if it was the food I had eaten the night before or if it might have come from the mosquitos that had their American feast in Manaus. The next morning, I woke up farely late around 9:30am, and Biz was ready to have breakfast, and I knew that in order to gain my energy back, I needed to eat something. We had breakfast in the breakfast area, it was wonderful; fresh fruit, fresh juice, fresh bread, fresh cheese, ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza March 3rd 2007

Hello Again Just a quick note to say that I will try and improve punctuation and using Capital letters after a few comments from randoms condeming my blog for lack of the above. As I said in my previous blog plans seem to change alot here in brazil, and as you can see i am now in Fortaleza which is on the northeast coast of brazil. It took a good 52 hour bus journey after a 3 hour bus and a 2 hour boat journey to get here (with no rest in between just constant traveling). I think the worst part of traveling is the actual traveling. We are going to leave Fortaleza tomorow so we are only spending a day here, and its raining, although cant complain it is the first rain for the two ... read more
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