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South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza August 4th 2009

Das war ein tolles Wochenende in den Bergen! Ganz ganz anders als hier an der Küste! Nach noch ein paar verschiedenen tollen Stränden, die wirklich paradiesisch sind und viel gutem Essen und Trinken :) haben wir uns Samstag morgen auf den Weg in die "Berge", die Serras gemacht. Berge heißt 900 m, der pico alto als höchster Berg in dieser Region hat 1200m! Für eine Strecke von 120 km braucht man ca. 3 Stunden wenn man durchfährt, denn die Straßenverhältnisse außerhalb der Stadt und der großen Hauptüberlandstraßen sind katastrophal. Dieses Jahr hat es nun auch überdurschnittlich viel geregnet und so fährt man schon mal slalom um Löcher, die eher Krater sind und schon mal über die ganze Breite der Straße gehen. Brasilianer interesseirt das meistens nicht so richtig, die brettern durch die 20 cm einfach durch ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 31st 2009

Letzte Woche Mittwoch bin ich also in Fortaleza angekommen. Flug war okay, Einreise hat ohne Probleme geklappt, Umsteigen haben wir auch geschafft und Gepäck kam auch sofort mit. Prima, keine Probleme gehabt! :) Nach 30 Stunden auf den Beinen fiel ich dann in Aquiraz, etwa 30 km südlich von Fortaleza ins Bett. In dem kleinen aber süßen Ort verbrachte ich dann auch die Tage bis Sonntag mit schwimmen im pool, schwimmen im Meer, sitzen am Meer oder Pool, essen und trinken am Meer oder Pool usw. :) Nein, Spaß - den ersten Tag hat es komplett geregnet und das bei etwa 24°. Ich dachte schon ich bin im falschen Land, doch seit dem ist das Wetter super - 30 °, Sonne und imemr etwas WInd, sodass es sich nicht zu heiß anfühlt! Jedenfalls habe ich Aquiraz ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 29th 2009

Hallo miteinander! Immerhin habe ich es jetzt geschafft einen solch wunderbaren blog zu erstellen. Obwohl ich diese Variante eigentlich unpersönlich und doof finde ;) , ist es wohl doch ein ganz guter Weg um denen die es interessiert, zu berichten wie es hier in Brasil so läuft und was passiert! :) In diesem Sinne folgt ganz versprochen auch bald der erste richtige Eintrag mit spannenden, schönen, schrecklichen und lustigen Geschichten! Beijos!... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 19th 2009

Got up very early to catch the 5:30am shuttle leaving in front of the Estaccion Mall for the airport. Took only half an hour and by the looks of it the flights were leaving on time, fog is forecasted today and the travel agent told me at this time of the year it delays flights in the morning regularly, cause for alarm for me as I need to get to Brasilia before 11am to leave my passport at the Suriname embassy to be picked up before 2pm. Anyway I breathe a sigh of relief when we took off on time and TAM airlines is by far the most leg room I have ever experienced, I can have someone sit on my lap and will still be spacious, excellent for tall people. Arriving in Brasilia I cant ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza January 31st 2009

In Jeri we ended up having a few days of sitting on the beach and nights of partying. Almost all ´cocktails'are made simply by adding a load of sugar to fruit and STRONG spirits, all over ice, and I´m sure one thing that we won´t forget is how to make a caiparinha, made using a sugar cane spirit (cachaça), sugar and lime, taught us by two Brazilian guys on holiday from Sao Paulo. This is the standard recipe yet can be made with many different fruits, including passion fruit (mixed with lime is fantastic) and the fruit of the cashew. Before leaving thye made sure we tried stingray, a local delicacy here, and insisted that should we visit Sao Paulo we have places to stay and they will show us around which was really nice of ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza January 13th 2009

Combuco... this place is HEAVEN! After the madness of Rio, this little town outside Fortaleza is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! As far as music goes, Samba isn~t the music-of-choice here, rather a variation called Forro (pronounced FO-hoe), which can be fairly easily found being played around the town if you look & listen hard enough! In Fortaleza itself, it~s the usual city dance and club sounds, although I went to a club that came highly recommded that plays lots of rock. After an hour & a half of the usual boring House DOOF-DOOF (not a fan in case you hadn~t noticed!), there was a good covers band playing a mixture of American; English; Aussie, etc & Brazilian Rock. Apart from the great local music, the housing, food, local people & beaches here are what makes this place so ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza January 4th 2009

There are some times in life when you really hope there's truth to the old saying: 'What goes around, comes around..."! Michael, Lucas, and I are back home safely, and for that we're thankful. But if you knew the ordeal we had to go through to get here, your jaw would drop. A simple trip back home which included 1 connecting flight and 12 hours turned into a trip with 3 connecting flights (2 of which were 'missed' flights), a total of 30 hours, and a husband almost sent to 'Brazilian jail' for outrage (just kidding...)! It all started with a lady in the Fortaleza airport who was unhappy with her seat assignment (hince the 'what goes around' comment). She was one of the first passengers on the plane, so she makes this HUGE scandal, which ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza October 6th 2008

Thursday 2nd October - Redback in Fortaleza So it was my first day (Adrian) in Fortaleza and Stefano was 30 mintues late to collect me from the airport and needless to say I was shitting it because I didn't know his address or contact number. Already after 18 hrs of travelling Stefano had pissed me off!!! Later that evening we went out for free Champagne at an exibition where we were a little bit drunk and then went out for dinner with everybody before heading to a bar called Orbita which was basically the red back in Fortaleza except the girls in there were a lot hotter. There it was when we had the first of many caipirinha experience - it was good........ Friday 3rd October - Beach and 3 glasses only of caipirinha and ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza October 1st 2008

Fortaleza is the Capital of Ceara', situated on the north east of's hot all year round, the beaches are beautiful and I can't wait to experiment the night life...Adrian should arrive tomorrow, hopefully will manage to stand up and have some fun too.... Just in case you don't know, Adrian is old and has back pain these days but even than He's leaving tonight from London and should be here tomorrow, I will go and collect him with a wheel chair...just in case... The food in Brazil is great, Jana and myself have been to few restaurants around Fortaleza where I could experiment some traditional dishes that are incredibly testy such as: TAPIOCA , It's difficult to explain as it's different from anything I have ever eat before. It's a type of processed flour ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza September 21st 2008

Sept 17 -20, 2008 Fortaleza, Brazil We arrived in Fortaleza on a beautiful sunny and hot day and spent our first afternoon relaxing at the hotel and a brief short walk to the beach near the hotel. Fortaleza is a big city, about 2.5 million, on the north east coast of Brazil 3 degrees south of the equator. Almost everyday of the year is hot and sunny with early sunrise and early sunset. This looks like a very nice place with lots of infrastructure for visitors and many beautiful beaches. Our first full day here, Wednesday, included a half day city tour with a very good local guide and we saw most of the highlights of the city and visited the large local central market. The afternoon was spent lounging around one of the main beach ... read more

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