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South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza January 6th 2007

Hallo Freunde, Spaet aber doch gratulieren wir zum Guten Rutsch in 2007! Vor unserem einmal-ganz-anderem Weihnachts- und Silvesterfest berichte ich noch kurz von einem "Urlaub im Urlaub", naemlich ueber den Ausflug in den Norden Brasiliens. Anfang Dezember um Mitternacht in Manaus, DER Dschungelmetropole, angekommen, ohne Unterkunft und Ahnung darueber startete ich meinen Trip in den Urwald. Aehnlich desorientiert sollte es auch weitergehen, in eine Dschungel-lodge (dort hatten sie zum Glueck aber einen Fuehrer fuer mich), ins museo do indio (ueber die Ureinwohner des Dschungels) und den aberriesigen Markt von Manaus, in dem sich Fruechte und Tiere tummeln, von denen ich noch nie gehoert hatte... Nach ca einer Woche stellte ich fest, dass die Stadt eigentlich ziemlich eklig ist (vom hygienischen Standpunkt aus), einmal schoen GEWESEN sein muss, aus ihren Naehten platzt. Deshal... read more
Manaus - Gaiolas
Manaus - favelas
Amazonas - Encontro das aguas

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza November 26th 2006

20th november- 26th November Fortaleza, admittedly was probably once a very beautiful city. but huge skyscrapers and hotels now hover over the wide sandy much so that after 4pm, you can´t help but be swimming in shadow as the sun moves behind the buildings...occasionally escaping through the dense buildings. That has a killer nightlife! i came in search of what has been deemed 'the biggest monday night party in the world!!!' arriving at 11pm on monday, i checked in, got dressed and headed out. Pirata bar (pirate bar) with a ship attached! The vibe was electric, the crowd HUGE, the band couldnt go wrong!!! it was indeed a great night out. i picked random lucky girls to teach me how to dance forro- the dance famous in northeast of brazil! Despite my initial baggings, ... read more
kite surfer´s mecca!
sunset over the fortalezan coastline...
Priaia Do Futuro

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza October 19th 2006

Since the beginning of the program, Bill told us that we would be changed. I've been anxiously awaiting this change to occur ever since orientation. I thought it would be the gradual kind, the kind that I'd notice only when I arrive back in the US and try to live life like I did before. I was wrong. I now know what that change is. I understand what needs to change in myself. It's up to me to enact it, though. At the moment, the change is internal, a guilty nagging that is begging me to pay attention and do something. Here's how it started... On the busride home from hanging out with my friends on Monday night, I had a long talk with Andrei. He was denouncing SIT for the ridiculously small amount of money ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza September 28th 2006

Oí amigos! Endlich ist es soweit - wir sind in Parajuru angekommen. totaler kulturschock nach rio: sandpisten, einfachste huetten, mega-hitze... aber es scheint die sonne (zum glueck: dachten naemlich schon nach dem regenwetter in rio - christusstatue am corcovado toal im nebel - es liegt an uns...). nach der ankunft wurden wir gleich von unseren "lehrerkollegen" ganz nett in empfang genommen - fuehlen uns jetzt nicht mehr ganz so verloren. haben auch an der ersten party teilgenommen und unsere "kids" kennengelernt. namen haben wir uns noch keine gemerkt, aber das wird schon werden... sind alle so freundlich und nett hier, unterkunft ist auch super und zum fruehstueck gabs bereits frische fruechte (banana, cashew, abacaxi, trauben...) vom baum. muessen das ganze erst mal verdauen und die ganzen eindruecke verarbeiten (haben das noch nicht mal von rio geschafft!!). ... read more
Parajuru Beach
Parajuru Kids of Johanna
Parajuru sunset

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza September 12th 2006

So, I just figured out that if I change my IP address and do all kinds of funky complicated computer stuff, I can get internet access here at school in Fortaleza. Anyway, here's the email that I sent out a couple days ago... and the best part... PICTURES!!! Hello all, I'm officially in Brasil, sitting in a tiny internet cafe about 5 blocks from my house here in Fortaleza. Wow, it's weird to be thinking in English. I've been totally immersed in Portuguese for the last few days. My new family speaks not a word of English or Spanish, so I'm on my own to learn Portuguese ASAP! So far I'm doing ok, but I speak more a mix of Portuguese and Spanish, Portuñol, than actual Português. My host family is amazing, though. Let me tell ... read more
Teatro Alencar
all three floors of Teatro Jose de Alencar
Venecia and I in the theater

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza August 10th 2006

At first glimpse, Fortaleza is what Natal will look like in fifteen years. It is little more than a broad, imposing, and expanding stage of high rise apartment buildings ranging from just-finished penthouses to soot-stained stepsisters that should be used as training exercises for the local fire department. Fortaleza’s vertical block residences surge into the sky as if the city were a Tetris board for God. People with the means choose to live in these palatial prisons and sequester themselves from the rest of society. Automatic gates and twenty-four hour manned entrances ensure that only those authorized to enter can do so. Yards of electrified barbed wire on all four sides stretch atop the walled compounds. Shards of sharp glass protrude from the top of each wall to complete security measures. Everything in Fortaleza, and for ... read more
Wise Move?

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza August 8th 2006

Beaches and beach communities have never appealed to me. Activities are paltry. People arrive in such towns, which are devoid of meaning and cultural significance only to expose themselves motionless to the cancerous sun hours on end until they become red and crispy. Beach towns cater to those who come to forget something or never be found by the society from which they are trying to escape. I remember Budva last year while in Montenegro. It was a horrible combination of revelers from Belgrade, an amusement park, and endless noise. My experience there was so foul that I decided ahead of time to make Canoa Quebrada a brief stopover on my way through Ceará to points elsewhere. That was five days ago. No place provides greater inspiration to do nothing than this place. Conoa Quebrada could ... read more
Either Sleeping,
Piercing Sun
This View...

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 11th 2006

sodeli, noch de wunderbare straend wommer bi uesne letschte stoepp hend doerfe gnuesse hets ues dasmol wieder inne stadt verschlage. fortaleza isch die 3 groeschti. eigentli isches nur en churze zwueschestopp wo mir do gmacht hend, zum nochig witer annen wiederum schoene strand choene zgho. hend immen ueble jugendherbergli pennt und eigentli noed wuerkli vil gmacht. simmer doch am 11 erscht am obig acho und sind nur go znacht esse und denn vor muedigkeit mega frueh go schlofe. am zweite tag hemmer ues denn chli i de stadt uf de weg gmacht und hend wunderbari maerkt bsuecht. haengematte und sou kauft. so extrem billig. da chammer sich noed vorstelle. fortaleza isch eigentli sowieso eifach nur ein riiese markt gsi, ueberall hets staend gha und mensche wo irgendwas uf de stross verchaufet. nebed chli umelaufe hani au ... read more
flipflops gefaellig

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza July 9th 2006

Finally after 30 + hours of travel i arrive in my hotel room. It was an interesting journey. I got lost in Madrid airport with a girl from Estonia who was very stressed that she was going to lose her bags (she didn´t) I thnk she was called Helan. Then spent 1.5 hours waiting to clear passport control at. I then got my connection on the TAM flight to Forteleza the gate number changed I was of course completely oblivious to this and waited by gate 3 for my flight to come up I weventually found someone with a clip board (Always a sign of authority I feel!) who pointed me in the correct dircetion. I was feeling nice and ready to hit my hotel room and chill but unfortunately for me my bags did not ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Fortaleza June 11th 2006

Zoooooo 1-0 tegen Servie Montenegro. Natuurlijk hebben we naar de wedstrijd gekeken. zaten er al maanden op te wachten. Leuke eerste helft, gare tweede helft. We zaten in ons huisje hier in Canoa Quebrada te kijken. De eigenares daarvan is ook Nederlands en woont hier al 6 jaar ofzo. Was wel grappig aangezien ze nog minder wist van het team dan wij. ze dacht dat van Basten ging spelen. whahahahahaha Hoezo stuck in time. Ik, Lavin en die vrouw van de hostel hadden wel oranje aan, melis had maar dr oranje oorbellen in gedaan. Was wel grappig. Net liep ik door de mainstreet hier zo (die Broadway heet) en hoorden we een of ander oranje liedje. Echt super leuk! T comentaar op de braziliaanse tv gaat echt nergens over aangezien ze het alleen maar over hubn ... read more

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