the biggest monday night in the world!!!! pirate ship included!

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November 26th 2006
Published: December 10th 2006
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intrepretive danceintrepretive danceintrepretive dance

never knew i was a fan!!! it was great!
20th november- 26th November

Fortaleza, admittedly was probably once a very beautiful city. but huge skyscrapers and hotels now hover over the wide sandy much so that after 4pm, you can´t help but be swimming in shadow as the sun moves behind the buildings...occasionally escaping through the dense buildings.

That has a killer nightlife! i came in search of what has been deemed 'the biggest monday night party in the world!!!' arriving at 11pm on monday, i checked in, got dressed and headed out. Pirata bar (pirate bar) with a ship attached! The vibe was electric, the crowd HUGE, the band couldnt go wrong!!! it was indeed a great night out. i picked random lucky girls to teach me how to dance forro- the dance famous in northeast of brazil!

Despite my initial baggings, Fortaleza had alot to offer. Its best known for its tapestries, handwoven hammock (had to buy one! now im dead lugging it around the rest of my trip! real smart mario!!! someone hit me!), and its prostitution trade! no joke! you´re walking down the street and 8 times out of 10 you
kite surfer´s mecca!kite surfer´s mecca!kite surfer´s mecca!

comboco...i think how its spelt. alot of wind...not great for am sure great for a kite surfer!
get proposed to by a woman barely covered, occasionally get gropped or sometimes get a girl literally jump on you. It turns out that its big thing for italians to come here and spend up. no suprise, they all thought i was Italian!!! what i was absolutely shocked by was stories of young girls (as young as 10) who would be sold to lose their virginity with some sick old man willing to pay a fortune for it! firstly, i dont know how they come into this kind of informartion and are bloody sick to pursue it. secondly, how could any parent expose their child to such a burning doubt it would haunt them for the rest of their lives!

I stayed at Hostel Atalaia, run by a grunting man and his mother. but they made a great breakfast! met some great guys- Daniele (italy) and Jorge (Belem, Brazil). Me and Daniele headed out a few nights in search of forro dancing. though it would sometimes be hard to know if a girl was a prostitue or not!! but we liked teasing them anyway!

The nearby beaches
sunset over the fortalezan coastline...sunset over the fortalezan coastline...sunset over the fortalezan coastline...

a great plaec to run though..on footpath beside the long beach!
were again reminiscent of the north Brazilian beaches. Beautiful to look at, but windy as hell to swim comfortably. visited the local Praia do Futuro and the nearby Corcombo- said to be one of the meccas for kite surfing...saw well over a hundred kite surfers landishing the beaches with their kites!

one of my highlights of Fortaleza was its long beachside paths, where most afternoons i would take a run (am on this new health kick!). It would be lively with other runners, people chatting, people sellin food, kids playing, volleyball...and a big stall market set up each night.

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Mercado centralMercado central
Mercado central

where i bouth my heavy, now burdensome hammock!!!
my dorm room matesmy dorm room mates
my dorm room mates

Mario, Daniele (Italy), Jorge (Belem, Brazil)

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