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June 19th 2014
Published: June 19th 2014
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After eating breakfast at the hostel me, Jorge, old Chris, and another Uruguayan walked to the nearest bus stop and took the #49 to Croco Beach. The bus just happened to drive through the industrial and port part of the city, which is the most dangerous and which we were warned to stay away from. But the bus didn't stop, so that was good. We walked from the bus to the beach and the first thing I noticed was the amount of palm trees. More than SC, Florida, or even Hawaii! There were coconuts all over them. At one point that day I saw a coconut fall from the tree and split on the pavement, which reminded me when someone once told me that falling coconuts kill people every year. The second thing I notice was the staggering amount of booty. So many women laying out and walking around in thongs. They weren't all bomb shells, but from the waist down... damn. Guess some stereotypes have some truth to them. Some girls there was no way of even telling how old they were. The next thing I saw was that most people on the beach that weren't tanning or strolling were in the water or playing soccer. After getting in the ocean and walking for a while we were invited to play with some locals. We played for about 2 hours and man they were good. The guys ranged from 16-50 years old and every one of them was pretty good. I accidentally rubbed all of the skin off of the bottom of my toes while playing. Which was great, I'm about to go to the Amazon with open wounds on my feet. We stopped playing when the weather got bad. After rinsing the sand off of us we got a fresh coconut to drink. I had never had one, but man they were refreshing and delicious. I absolutely hate coconut shavings, frosting, and general flavor, but this was good. The kid serving us the coconut couldn't have been more than 8 and he was handling a machete like a champ. I thought he was gonna cut a finger off. We walked to a restaurant close by and ate lunch. It was buffet pay by weight style. The service was absolutely terrible as it took 20 minutes to get a drink. I couldn't get my phone card to work the night before because apparently the number it uses for use in Fortaleza doesn't exist... wtf phone card. I used international charges to call my Dad for Father's Day and Arturo for his birthday. After lunch we walked back to the bus stop and took #49 back to the hostel. I took a nice warm shower, washed out my compression shorts and swim trunks, and doctored my foot while watching France v Honduras. I was cheering for Honduras. The turning of my foot on the sand had caused the whole bottom of my toe to become a blister which then popped and slightly tore. I had to tear the rest of the skin off and douse it with alcohol to clean it. Then I used antiseptic wiped to get the sand and grime out, put polysporin on it, bandages it, and taped it up. Then I did the same for the other toe. Afterwards me, old Chris, new Chris, Michele, Lucas, Jorge, and 2 other Uruguayans went to Churrascaria Gheller. The way this place worked is you paid a flat price for your meal. Then you had cooks come out periodically with different meats and they put it on your plate until you say stop. There was also a buffet for side dishes. This made me miss free refills. We stayed to watch the Bosnia v Argentina game, I was cheering for Bosnia. Afterwards we walked around Biera Mar for a while an had a few beers. It was pretty much like any other beach boardwalk on a busy night. We did see a roller blade team practice. I went back to the hostel while the others went to Dragão do Mar to drink. I watched the last quarter of the final game of the NBA Playoffs. I chilled the rest of the night with a bunch of Mexicans and ended the night having a long conversation with a Mexican guy and a Brazilian lawyer.


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