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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza March 3rd 2015

De tweede werkdag zal iets anders verlopen als bij de eerste dag, de instucties worden aan mij gegeven via WhatsApp. Het was wederom een dag werken in het reisbureau en dit ging vrij goed. Ging de klanten helpen om hun ideale tour te kunnen boeken dit in: Frans, Engles of Spaans. Daarna moest ik nog wat verder werken aan de concurrentieanalyses. Na daarvan een deel te hebben gemaakt kwam de verdiende. Eerst een goed uur fitness en dan met de kotgenoten naar een tof restaurant gaan met een wijn van Mendoza natuurlijk :).... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba March 3rd 2015

A bit of culture, meeting friends on the way, lots of hot days, being flooded and, evacuated and to top it all off a mad bash back to Cordoba to take a bus to Asuncion. You might call this a boring few weeks but it wasn’t. Just another day at the office of my backpacking life…. After Carla left Buenos Aires I spent the Sunday afternoon just walking the streets and enjoying the last hours in that amazing city. As I mentioned in my BA update, this city captured my imagination and I could easy see myself living here. I hope that one day I will return was and explore the places that escaped me this time. On Monday I had to catch the bus to Villa Maria to catch up with some friends from Facebook. ... read more
How they fix streets in Cordoba
Main plaza in Cordoba
Jesuit church - Cordoba

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 2nd 2015

EVENING It was 7pm when I’d had some rehydration sachets and felt well enough to finally go looking for a newspaper. I must have searched in twenty different places for one, where each owner had directed me to another place. I’d tried sweet shops, book shops, kiosks and magazine shops but not one had a newspaper. After one hour I found a kiosk with a couple of tabloids. I was curious about the shortage of newspapers. The owner explained: ‘First thing in the morning all the unbiased newspapers were selling out quickly and by midday they had all gone. The second set of newspapers to sell were the less objective left-wing, socialist ones in support of Cristina. By 7pm the only ones left unsold were the right-wing tabloids which were against Cristina, the socialist president.' Well ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 2nd 2015

When I awoke at 8am in the hammock on top of the hostel roof I noticed that the clouds in the morning sky were passing by Buenos Aires much faster than they pass by the UK. At first I wondered if I could have been drunk but then I reassured myself by the thought ‘No this happens because the earth is round and the earth tilts on an axis so it is likely that some parts of the earth spin through the atmosphere faster than others. This must be one of those parts of the earth that spin faster than others.’ The earth is indeed round, and does tilt on an axis and clouds do tend to linger longer over the UK than in Buenos Aires due to the UK being an island but my worst ... read more

After enjoying the mountians and Patagonia it was time to say good bye to this vast and beauitful part of the world. The journey to the Argentinan lake district began with a 25 hour bus ride and our first mishap. Upon arriving at the bus station at 11:30pm Sandra discovered that she had forgotten her purse (including wallet). As we frantically searched our bags in the hope that the missing purse was in fact just packed, an Argentinan girl seeing off a friend took notice of our predicament. We explained our issue and she offered to inquire at the restaurants we had visited that day. She ended up finding Sandra's purse and returning to the bus station the next evening and talked the bus driver into delivering it to Bariloche. Sandra got her purse back, with ... read more
Campsite at sunset
View point from the road
Look-out point

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza March 2nd 2015

Vandaag begint de stage definitief voor mij. Ik mag de hele dag werken in het reisbureau van Mendoza Andes Travel. Mijn stagementor geeft daar een duidelijke duiding van wat ze verwacht van mij voor de komende dagen in het reisbureau. Ik mocht meteen al starten met Excell, meteen een van mijn mindere vakken. Ik mocht de files van de boekhouding voor de komende maand opstellen en inkomsten en uitgaven bestuderen voor de maand februari. Dit ging goed. Hierna moest ik een folder maken die al mensen in het reisbureau moeten gebruiken. In deze folder staan alle tours die wij aanbieden met de nodige info voor benodigheden, verplichte zaken. Dit zijn er bijna 50 dus zal er wel even zoet mee zijn. Na een gevulde maar toch leerrijke dag kwam de leuke vrije tijd. Eerst gaan sporten ... read more

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia March 2nd 2015

Ushuaia- (U sh why a), Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Today we awoke after traversing part of the Beagle Channel in the absolutely beautiful city of Ushuaia. It was before dawn and the lights were on in the city with a background of snow covered mountains. There was not a leaf moving. The waters were so still and the air was still. Pristine. It is truly spectacular. Ushuaia is a modern city on the Grand Island of Tierra del Fuego originally founded as a prison much like Australia. Today it is a bustling town of 70,000 population with no unemployment or crime. The government, in order to encourage people and companies to move here, declared this to be a “no tax” area, so our tour guide, who moved here 7 years ago loves living here and ... read more
2. Glacier at Usuhaia
5. Post Office at Fin del Mundo (End of the World)
5A. End of the Pan American Highway

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 1st 2015

EVENING After today's excitement I decided that from now on I would adopt the pacifist Bolivian attitude of doing nothing and waiting for an act of God or the Gods to decide my fate and send me in a specific direction. This way I wouldn't have to look for adventure, it would come to me as easily as it did yesterday in the form of the presidents' speech. One week ago I had dreamed of spending the unadventurous last week of my trip on a beach with palm trees reading my Swedish crime novel about a girl who went missing, relaxing knowing that it hadn’t happened to me. I had survived South America. I was here. I was alive, well and fit to face the UK. This was my big dream. At 8pm my adventure was ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 1st 2015

MORNING I was having a nice sleep in until 10am when my friend Elizabeth (from Norway) and I were woken up by the sound of firecrackers, gun shots, drums and Argentinian flags flying past the hostel windows. There were hundreds of them. I ate breakfast quickly thinking I must be missing ‘Carnaval’ like what we had in Bolivia. As soon as I hear noise and the sound of drums and explosives I immediately think that there must be a party, like there was in Bolivia. But oh no, this was something bigger, a historical moment which was about to include me, a chance to celebrate democracy with the Argentinians, democracy which many British take for granted. I raced out of the hostel having just heard that it was the annual opening of the Congress (after the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires March 1st 2015

Day 9 & 10 28th Feb/1stMarch 2015 Buenos Aires So after four airports (Newark, Toronto, Chile and Argentina) 3 flights, 2 buses and what’s felt like an eternity,although I only left Newark at 9pm Saturday and was at my hostel here in Argentina before 5pm Sunday, so it wasn't really as long as I thought. I arrived in Buenos Aires. It’s very warm and humid, which is a nice change from the snow and ice I left behind me in New York. I met some friendly people on each flight and the time passed quick enough, although I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight and not an aeroplane. Here is a brief summary of my day so far, After the misdirection going to the first airport, in Toronto only having 20 minutes to ... read more

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