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South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia January 24th 2015

21 janvier 2015 - Jour 96 Lorsque l'on ouvre les rideaux ce matin, nous sommes déjà amarrés dans le port d'Ushuaïa, en Argentine. La ville paraît beaucoup plus grand que ce qu'on aurait imaginé. Et surtout il fait un temps magnifique, 8 degrés actuellement mais ils en annoncent jusqu'à 20 pour cet après-midi, ce qui est totalement inhabituel. Nous prenons donc un dernier petit-déjeuner à bord avant de débarquer pour la dernière fois. Houlà, que c'est dur de remettre les sacs à dos après ces quelques jours de paresse! Mais on se remet vite dans le bain car nous nous rendons à notre hôtel à pied, qui se situe un peu en périphérie du centre et nous fait donc déjà marcher un bon bout. Une fois le check-in effectué nous nous ruons sur le code du ... read more
Au golf
Dégats des castors

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate January 24th 2015

24.01..2015 Zur Hacienda 520 km Strecke, ein Grenzübergang und am Anfang 150 km Schotter, zur Hacienda hin dann nochmal 30 km - Kevin entwendete beim Abendessen einige Brotscheiben und etwas Butter, dies war ein eindeutiger Hinweis, dass wir sehr früh fahren sollten. Frühstück gab’s erst um 8.00, aber da waren wir schon seit 1 Stunde unterwegs. Unsere Ernährung war etwas sparsam gewesen - etwas Cola zum Aufwachen und je zwei Scheiben altes Brot mit etwas Butter. Es war um 7.00 schon hell und wir machten uns auf. Die Schotterstrecke war nicht besonders gut, aber auch nicht völlig grauenhaft. Es wechselte, aber man kam vorwärts. Insgeheim hoffte ich, dass wir so etwa um 10.00 bis 11.00 an der Grenze wären. Es ging wieder den See “Lago General Carrera” entlang, aber mit so schräg einfallendem Sonnenlicht war das ... read more
eine Tankstelle

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 23rd 2015

Renting a bike is a easy and cheap way to spend the day. You can rent a bike and just take off or pay for a bike tour. I would only do the tour if I was alone and wanted company on my ride. The city is full of bike lanes that are physically separated from the street. We rented from La Bicideta Narana located in Palermo at Nicaragua 4817B between Thames and Jorge Luis Borges. The cost was 40 pecoes for one hour and 120 for 4 hours. We rode for 3 1/2 hours and they prorated the fee. The bike included a helmet and the bikes have a basket. The company also has a location in San Telmo. I would recommend the Palermo location because it is near multiple parks. We rode around the ... read more
Bike map, organge and blue lines are bike tour
Bike map, orange lines are bike tour
Bike Lane

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 23rd 2015

Today we decided to go back to Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes. The special exhibit La Seduccion Fatal Imginarios Eroticos was closed due to rain. The metro station near our apartment was also closed due to rain so we took the bus. I have a picture of me in the rain, with my rain coat and rain pants. The Museo is free so we just stopped to see what we missed on our last visit. Mark got some pictures which are attached. We also met my couisin Barbara and Gigia for tea and coffee, they are on a tour around South America and me met between their activities. It was great seeing someone from home. Tonight we are having dinner with people Mark worked with who live in Buenos Aires. After our visit we just walked, ... read more
Rainy Day in the City
La Seduccion Fatal
A man painted a picure of the picture

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza January 23rd 2015

I took my time over breakfast and spent it listening to hilarious stories and jokes told by my friends in the hostel and added my own. When it was a bit cooler I walked around a central park where people were doing lots of exercise. In the evening at 11 (like most Argentinians) I went out with Will (22 year old from Washington in the US) to a restaurant. He drank the national drink which was very strong and ate parilla whilst I ordered a banana milkshake. We talked lots about life in the UK and the US and compared the two different politics of the countries. We also talked about our opinions on Chile and Argentina and compared the two lifestyles. A band passed by the restaurant, with about 30 members dressed up, dancing and ... read more
Plaza Independencia

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate January 23rd 2015

4. Januar, Buenos Aires - Ushuaia Heute werden wir einen Temperaturschock erleben, denn von fast 30° in Buenos Aires fliegen wir nach Ushuaia mit knapp 10°. Wir haben das Taxi zum Flughafen genommen und uns kam es vor wie im Film Taxi, Taxi. Mit 130 km/h über die Autobahn hat er sich durch den Verkehr geschlängelt. In Ushuaia angekommen haben wir am Hafen für den Abend die Sunset-Segeltour gebucht. Wir waren mit einer ganzen Familie Brasilianer, einem Guide und einem Kapitän auf dem Segelschiff. Da der Wind nur schwach blies, sind wir nur ca. 30 min bis zur Insel mit vielen Seehunden gesegelt. Wegen ihrem Futter, welches aus Krabben besteht, waren überall rosa-pinkfarbene Häufchen zu sehen. Auf einer zweiten Insel gabs viele Kormorane. In der Zwischenzeit hatte der Wind um 180° gedreht und frischte auf. 5. ... read more
Sunset Segeltour 2
Sunset Segeltour 3
Sunset Segeltour 4

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza January 22nd 2015

Mendoza is out in the desert, passes through the Andes and it is the Argentinian province closest to Santiago in Chile. It’s main business is oil extraction, it’s second biggest money maker is tourism and it’s third business is wine production. The city is pretty and pleasant with plenty of parks but in my opinion there’s not enough to see to warrant walking around in the dry heat when everything is closed between 2 and 6pm but it is a great hub for outdoor activities and is pretty great for tourists and one of the many holiday spots for portenos (those from Buenos Aires)... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza January 22nd 2015

The food in all Argentinian cities that I’ve visited has been mainly based around Italian cuisine, beef, American food, wine, mate, coffee and lots of bread. Sweet food and fizzy drinks can be found everywhere here and people eat very sweet breakfasts. It doesn’t suit me at all but I enjoy eating it at the time and feel unhealthy afterwards. I eat a lot of Mcdonalds because the beef really is top quality here and it somehow suits the climate here.... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires January 22nd 2015

I distinctly remember a certain night in the summer of 2003 when I was waiting tables at Landry’s Seafood House. I took care of a table that started at disaster and then quickly proceeded further downhill. While I certainly could have avoided my own mistakes, many were honestly outside of my control. However, as any former or current server knows, you should never blame a colleague for your table’s gripes. As a result, my table berated me the entire meal; all to my face…but entirely in Spanish under the assumption that I couldn’t understand them. News Flash: This is Houston. It may not be Miami, but Spanish is pretty integral to getting by here; however cursory the exposure. Spanish is my second language, and I understood everything they said to me that day, but I played ... read more
Puerto Madero Waterfront
Probably speaking English at this point
With some of my Latin American team members

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza January 22nd 2015

I’m really happy in this hostel and this part of my trip has been relaxing and productive in comparison to my time in Cordoba where I felt a bit dissatisfied with what I’d managed to see and quite lonely. The hostel owner Javier has been really helpful and has booked tours for me. Also, I’ve made quite a few acquaintances in the hostel and on both tours. I met a forty year old guy from Hawaii who was staying in my dorm and shared his bottle of wine bought from a Bodega between me and another of the guys in the bar, a 22 year old guy Will from the US who had got super cheap flights and was just staying for a week, a guy called Damien from near Oxfordshire and a bunch of about ... read more

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