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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires February 14th 2023

I have been able to see at least a portion of most of the NFL playoff games on the ship’s TV system. I’m not sure how all that works, but the U.S. broadcast networks are not routinely available on the ship, and, regardless of the network broadcasting the game, all the commercials have been promoting ESPN programming. Regardless, Holland America put on a very nice Super Bowl Party in the World Stage on the theater screen on Sunday evening. It was well attended with a crowd of about 5-4 Kansas City Chiefs fans in attendance. Unfortunately, the game didn’t start until 8:30 PM local time, getting very close to my bedtime. I left at half time to perform my nightly ritual, watched the third quarter from my loveseat (while the sleeping pill took effect) and began ... read more
“Panoramic Highlights of Buenos Aires” Shore Excursion – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Panoramic Highlights of Buenos Aires” Shore Excursion – Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Panoramic Highlights of Buenos Aires” Shore Excursion – Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires February 12th 2023

First, since I have opted to participate in three shore excursions in Buenos Aires, I have decided to compose two blogs to reduce the number of pictures and the amount of verbiage in each blog and to make them more a little more “user friendly” for my readers. It was a short, overnight sail upstream on Río de la Plata from Montevideo, Uruguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sunday, February 12, 2023 would be our first of three days in the capital of Argentina. "Buenos Aires" can be translated as "fair winds" or "good airs," but the former was the intent of the 16th century founders (I am told in the literature) when the city’s name is placed in the context of the original name, "Real de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre." The Buenos Aires ... read more
All-Day Shore Excursion – Gaucho Life on The Pampas
All-Day Shore Excursion – Gaucho Life on The Pampas
All-Day Shore Excursion – Gaucho Life on The Pampas

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires January 23rd 2023

Iguazú January 2023 I didn’t blog before Christmas on my last adventure. I had no excuse, just too lazy, although an excuse did present itself when I caught Covid. However if I am totally honest everything went too smoothly and there wasn’t a lot to blog about! This time I plan to add to the blog every few days so it doesn’t become a chore, and as I am travelling alone to begin with there might be more to report. After a lovely Christmas with the girls and partners in Worcester then a week cat-sitting with Jet in Swaffham Bulbeck I took an early BA flight from Heathrow to Madrid. The plane only had 60 passenger so it was a calm and comfortable flight with a row to myself and no-one in front or behind. It ... read more
Jacaranda, love the feet!
Silver Teal
Southern Screamer

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 6th 2022

Je n'avais jamais entendu dire que Buenos Aires était le Paris de l'Amérique du Sud, mais personne ne peut contester cette affirmation. Que ce soit les carreaux des trottoirs, les bâtiments baroques, les gens qui fument des cigarettes partout ou l'omniprésence des pâtisseries qui servent des media luna (leur version d'un croissant) et des cappuccino, vous avez votre dose du mode de vie européen. Vous pouvez même utiliser un bidet ! Mais ce que nous avons appris plus tard des Argentins de la campagne, c'est que Buenos Aires n'a pas l'identité argentine parce qu'elle a été construite de manière non organique pour être le Paris de l'Amérique du Sud, alors qu'elle avait été une ville coloniale auparavant. Pourtant, en tant que Nord-Américains, nous étions au paradis, profitant de restaurants raffinés dans la situation économique actuelle. Les ... read more
Les gens ont hâte de manger leur Parilla
Repas à la Boca - une bonne salade verte, parmesan et de l'huile d'olive locale
Parilla Argentina

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 30th 2021

You would think after numerous trips, foreign and domestic, short and long, that packing would be easy. Unless it is a quick overnight, I always take a decent size roller bag, and check it on the plane. I have about four or five different sized suitcases, depending on the destination, weather, and planned events. Obviously, going to warm weather destinations is much easier. During my business travel portion of my career, I ran into the worst possible combination of clothing requirements for the weather. I can recall one trip that started in Tucson (over 100 degrees) and ended in Seattle and Portland where it was raining.. And yet another, started in Palm Springs (over 110), and ended in Denver, where it was snowing. Boston and Atlanta were another unfortunate pairing. Bringing a business suit or two ... read more
Tango in Buenos Aires
Freezing in Ushuaia

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires February 23rd 2020

Friday 14thFebruary 2020 Chris had planned a couple of walking tours, but after yesterday’s walking tour failure and as Buenos Aires is such a large sprawling City, we decided to buy a 48hr hop on, hop off bus ticket (@ 45 US $ pp). Left the ship just after 8.00am and caught the shuttle to the Port Gates, got our tickets for the Big Bus and then had to wait 10 mins to get a yellow bus company shuttle bus to the Bus Stop for the yellow HOHO bus. All seemed very complicated!! Caught the bus at red stop 14 and were treated to some of the sights of Buenos Aires! It is full of trees, statues, churches, clock towers, fountains, parks and gardens as well as old grand French and Italian style palaces and buildings ... read more
La Boca stadium
Eva Peron tombstone

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 10th 2019

Nous voici bien installés dans notre Ibis habituel tout près de l'Obélisque... Pas mal de visites en perspective... nous aurons de quoi faire durant ces cinq jours qui nous restent du voyage... C'est dimanche, nous laissons nos amis passer ce jour en famille... Nous irons donc dans le quartier de La Recoleta où l'on se plaît toujours à retourner et s'y promener.... Recoleta doit son nom au couvent des Récollets, membres de l'ordre des Franciscains qui s'établit dans le quartier au début du XIIIèm siècle, y fondant un couvent et une église dédiée à Nuestra Se... read more
petit marché artisanal du quartier de la Recoleta
en Argentine on trouve des crêches toute l'année...
le texte entouré dit :

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires April 10th 2019

Castellano debajo del francés... Malgré le bus touristique, nous avons bien marché hier... et sommes prêts à recommencer aujourd'hui. Mais la journée commencera par un rendez-vous agréable !!! Nous rencontrons Sofia, la fille de l'auteur d'un livre d'un autre voyageur que celui dont je vous parle d'habitude... Il a écrit un livre qui m'attire et c'est surtout cette idée de voyager en famille (avec son épouse et ses 4 enfants...) qui me parle et la façon dont il le fait...Je ne peux pas vous en dire plus aujourd'hui car j'ai eu l'occasion d'avoir le dernier exemplaire de son livre en venant le réserver à l'Ateneo avant notre périple vers le Sud du pays et ce n'est que d'ici quelques jours que je pourrai lire leurs aventures après avoir pris connaissance de bribes sur Face Book. La ... read more
Contentes de nous connaître
Bus Touristique vers La Boca
Le street art a toujours existé dans ce quartier

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires October 25th 2017

How little did we know about the gastronomic treat we were going to get ourselves into after entering Argentina. Directly after crossing the small bridge, which was the actual border, everything felt different, the people spoke a different Spanish accent, the food was different, to be honest it felt a lot less Latino and very much more European. Although immediately we missed the Latin feeling we absolutely savoured the wines, the cheese, the ham and sausage, the empanadas and of course the beef. We got ourselves to the town of Salta first where we dove straight into an amazing store where we had our first taste of Argentine bubbly wine and a picada which is a plate with tapas like cheese and charcuterie and then ordered a nice Malbec before moving to another place for dinner ... read more
Ruta del vino - Cafayete
Ruta del vino - Cafayete

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 27th 2017

Friday 21 July - Bolivia to Argentina We were collected at 03.45 for our flight to Buenos Aires via Santa Cruz, we were surprised at the items not allowed in hold luggage such as laptops, cell phones etc. our guide told us that this was to avoid the staff on the X-ray machines from stealing them. We were really quite tired when we arrived at our hotel, The Brick Hotel. We had decided that we would like to go to Uruguay on our free day, Sunday. We left Keith organising tickets for the ferry journey with Belen the concierge while we went in search of a coffee shop. Buenos Aires is very much a cafe culture and we were keen to partake in this local custom, especially when we discovered that they served wine. We immersed ... read more

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