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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 25th 2018

So, today we’re off to Los Angeles! We won’t go directly there. First we’ll drive to Morro Rock (yes, all the jokes apply) on the coast, and then down the coast to the big city. The drive to Morro took us a couple hours, as usual. Morro Bay is a small town of mostly fishermen and vintners, and the rock itself dominates the coastline. It’s a huge rock jutting out to sea, forming a natural bay on its south side where the fishing boats dock. There’s a road leading out to the rock and you can walk part way around it, but the rock itself is protected and you can’t climb it. We enjoyed walking around the rock, greeting the squirrels that ran around the rocks along the shore. Some were inquisitive enough to approach us, ... read more
A Morro Bay native
Another native of the rock
People like piling stones, this one had imagination!

And so starts round two! Shorter time this go around - San Fran and Seattle to see the Jays (I will honestly be happy if I see *ONE* win because they are so bad this year lol), Portland (because I don't know how to book a train ticket to Vancouver apparently) and then up to BC for one of my best friend's wedding :) Wee! And it's been less than 24hrs and I can clearly already see that this trip is already shaping up to be a weird one with weird encounters... and super long delays lol. Early flight out to LAX via Toronto today... I had got an email from Westjet warning about long check-ins for the US, so I came early, but since I connect at Pearson I don't do clearance here... so why ... read more
How I spent most of my day
Walking near Union

Da bin ich also wieder: Back on the road. Nach 10 Tagen San Diego und 4 Tagen Los Angeles, verlasse ich morgen das Land der Traumblasen, Luftschlösser und scheinbar unendlichen Möglichkeiten. Ich war nie ein großer Fan von den Staaten, geschweige denn Großstädten, versuche mich aber dennoch von den schönen Seiten überzeugen zu lassen. So schwierig es für manche unter euch auch sein mag fernab von unserer westlichen Zivilisation ohne Handyempfang, Internet, Trinkwasser, warme Duschen und Autos zu leben - nicht zuletzt auch mit einer völlig anderen Kultur, Mentalität und Sprache - so schwer ist es für mich mich in dieser High-End aufpolierten konsumgesteuerten Mega-Metropole zurechtzufinden. Ich verstehe deren Sprache und doch verstehe ich nichts von alldem was sie hier vermittelt. SAN DIEGO dafür bekannt die Stadt mit alljährlich perfektem Wetter z... read more
Vista California
Am ersten Tag hab ich mich noch über Suppe und Tee gefreut
Im Tonstudio mit Cam

In case if you didn’t know, Disneyland is a big place. In fact, it is so big that it is two places. That’s right there is Disneyland and directly opposite there is Disney California adventure. So, Leanne, Nathan, Ray and I spent a day at each park and I can safely say that we didn’t see all that either park had to offer. Eleven hours is just not enough time. The theme parks are not the only big things here. The cars are bigger (noticed that more so in Wyoming and Montana), the burgers are bigger, all drinks are bigger from coffee to beer to giant bottomless soft drink cups and the shops are much bigger too. Our two days at Disney were great fun for everyone. There are rides and roller coasters, most of which ... read more
Day time parade at Disneyland
The castle
Guardians of the galaxy ride

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX May 24th 2018

We started our day off in the middle of the night. My flight to Russia would be in 16 hours and we had a long drive. My mom, my little sister and I drove off stopping a couple of times for gas. I believe my mother forgot to close the gas tank at some point. At 7 in the morning, we made it to the San Clemente State Beach. We all had planned to spend a couple of hours at the beach before heading off to the Los Angelos Airport (LAX). The weather, unfortunately, was not merciful upon the three of us. The cold winds, cloudy skies, and light rain loomed over the beach and we could only do so much. In the end, we spent around an hour and a half before driving off to ... read more

" Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen." Benjamin Disraeli. Routing. Highway 101 to Santa Barbara and then Highway 405 to Los Angeles. Distance 285 km. Total distance to date: 675 km. The real beauty of RV travel is that there is a basic plan but other than plotting a next destination, it is more or less a case of "roading" by the seat of one's pants. And so, on a chilly and misty morning, Sue and I slipped quietly out of Pismo Beach with a southerly plot to Los Angeles where we planned to spend a day with Richard and Laura Biebuyck (Richard is the son of Julien and Jeanette whom we had spent time with in Lancaster, PA). We left our travelling mates ... read more
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara

Due to the aforementioned landslide closing Route 1 south of Big Sur we loaded the car & headed south on the inland 101. Most of our route followed the El Camino Historic Road, a 600-mile (965-kilometer) road connecting 21 Spanish missions in California (along with a number of sub-missions, four presidios, and three pueblos), stretching from the San Diego area Mission San Diego de Alcalá in the south up to Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma, just north of San Francisco Bay. The route was marked by lots of historical bell shaped markers. The 101 rejoined the coast around Pismo Beach and we detoured briefly to Avila Beach for lunch. Several other people thought it would be a good lunch spot as we hand to drive around the seafront a few times before we found a ... read more
LAX at sunset
Farewell America!

In the 70’s one of my favourite TV shows was The Rockford Files. As we are driving along Highway 1 through Malibu I think it would be good to visit the location used for Jim Rockford’s trailer home. To be honest when we get there I’m a little disappointed as the parking lot at Paradise Cove looks nothing like it did in the 70’s and you can’t even park there without paying 12 dollars. They let me do a U-turn and I grab a quick picture. The Malibu beachfront also isn’t that special, considering it is some of the most expensive real estate in the world, but as Aussies perhaps we are conditioned to having such great beaches and maybe we didn't find the best of Malibu. Last night we were staying near San Ynez a ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 27th 2018

Our relaxing week in Fiji was over as soon as we got to Nadi airport to catch our flight to Los Angeles and given the Spanish inquisition about who had packed our bags, where our bags had been all day, could anyone have smuggled a bomb into our bag without us knowing before being told our ESTA application couldn’t be found on the system and then told it was! It was by far the most rigorous security we’d been through before any flight we’d taken over the last 6 months or so. It then took us the best part of two hours to get through border control and security at LAX, partly owing to the fact that Julia has been collecting nuts and seeds from around the world meaning we would have to go through separate ... read more
Walk of Fame
Warner Bros. Tower
Eating again!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 28th 2018

In preparation for 2028 Olympics, LAX is really ramping up. I’ve always loved the international terminal and always delighted to be flying on a codeshare flight. Yeah the traffic is horrendous but that’s what Uber is for. The giant screens with high resolution image is a prelude to the adventures ahead. Gorgeous and expensive storefronts that reminds me of Rodeo Drive. Picked up a copy of The Economist (predictably, the headline being Facebook data breach) and a few atypical books to start the journey. 12 hours could go very fast, or very slowly....... read more

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