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Die vergangenen paar Tage waren eher ruhig, ich war oft mit Leuten am Strand und in der Umgebung vom Hostel. Mittlerweile habe ich so viele Leute kennengelernt, es ist kaum zu fassen. Viele kommen in dieses Hostel, da es das günstigste in der Umgebung ist, aber das ist super, denn deshalb ist hier immer was los. Ich war fast jeden Tag mit Freunden am Strand, tagsüber einfach die Sonne genießen, Abends den wunderschönen Sonnenuntergang. Zum ersten Mal habe ich den Saint Patrick´s Day gefeiert, wenn ich auch morgens erst fragen musste, was genau man feiert. Auf jeden Fall wird hier ein riesen Hype daraus gemacht, denn alle laufen in grünen Klamotten und Hüten herum, alle Bars und Restaurants haben Specials und Happy Hours. In vielen Städten gibt es sogar große Straßenfeste, davon habe ich hier allerdings ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 15th 2018

Los Angeles is known for its entertainment business. It offers endless options for visitors and locals alike. You can visit a quiet museum or attend a ball game. There are always plenty of things that you can do in one day. LA is a mecca for beach bodies, shopping starlets, and heavy traffic. It has an area of over 34,000 square miles. That said, how can you maximize your vacation here and do all memorable things in one trip? Although you can’t explore all places that LA offers, you can explore must-have areas and affordable cities near Los Angelesthat you can’t miss when visiting LA. 1 OEU Skyspace Want to slide into the sky? OEU Skyspace is the city’s tallest open-air observation deck. It offers 360-degree views of the city. It’s found 1,000 feet above the ... read more

Von meinem Hostel in Seattle bin ich mit der Straßenbahn zum Flughafen gefahren, wo ich erfahren habe, dass mein Rucksack als Handgepäck zu groß ist, deshalb musste ich in gegen einen Aufpreis als Gepäckstück aufgeben. Das war aber nicht schlimm, denn so bin ich mit kaum Handgepäck gereist. Der Flug nach San Francisco ging schnell vorbei, jedoch musste das Flugzeug nach Los Angeles 20 min auf der Startbahn warten. Das wäre kein Problem, wenn meine Knie nicht den Sitz vor mir berühren würden. Endlich in Los Angeles angekommen war ich aufgeschmissen, da ich mich nicht mit dem WiFi vom Flughafen verbinden konnte und deshalb keine Ahnung hatte, wie ich zu meinem Hostel gelange. Also habe ich am Flughafen so ziemlich jeden Menschen in einer Uniform angesprochen. war wollten mir alle helfen, doch keiner wusste wie und ... read more

Our last day in the USA. I get up and buy breakfast; ‘everything’ bagels and strawberry cream cheese. It’s a weird combination. I hadn’t realised ‘everything’ includes onion and garlic. Strawberries and garlic, not a pairing I’d recommend, although Heston Bluemthal probably has an ice cream that flavour. We start the day at the brilliant Getty Museum - an example of what you can create when money really is no object. If J P Getty had been born a century later and not struck oil, he would probably have ended up on one of those TV programmes about hoarders. But instead, he became the world’s richest man and amassed a formidable collection of art. Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Turner, Monet, Manet, Degas. It’s all here. The highlight of the collection; Van Gough’s Irises. There’s also sculpture, furniture, stained ... read more
Getty Museum
Getty Museum
Van Gough’s Irises

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles February 28th 2018

A day to explore Los Angeles. A good start, we discover blueberry flavour Philadelphia. After breakfast, we take the metro downtown. We have to stand, as the seats have homeless people sleeping on them. The level of homelessness is shocking; every bench, every piece of grass, every staircase has a rough sleeper on it. I google LA homelessness, the total is a staggering 58,000. And this in a town where so many incredibly wealthy people live. We walk through Grand Park to visit the wonderfully bonkers architecture of Frank Gehry - the Disney Concert Hall, all silver and weird shapes and angles. And the ultra modern Our Lady of The Angels Cathedral build when its predecessor was destroyed by an earthquake in the 90s. Through Little Japan, which appears to have a photo of George Takei ... read more
Disney Concert Hall
Disney Concert Hall
Disney Concert Hall Garden

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles February 27th 2018

Well, after trying to post last night and having computer issues, this morning it is working again... Left Cancun on time and arrived in Los Angeles with no drama, not a bad flight, watched plenty of movies. Checked in at Hilton LAX, then headed to the La Brea Tar pits, had a little nap in the 3D Ice Age Movie, which was pretty cool. We Ubered down to Santa Monica, walked the promenade and then headed to the pier, stopping at a restaurant for a bottle of vino and some awesome mussels, from there we walked down the Santa Monica Pier, it was extremely cold, so had to stop at Bubba Gump's and purchase a couple of sweatshirts, had to have our taste of Mexico with a Sangria at Mari Sol on the Santa Monica Pier... ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles February 27th 2018

Today is our longest drive. 380 miles to Los, 366 on Route 10, so my awesome navigational skills will not be in great demand. As most of the day will be spent in the car, I get up at 6 am and head for the gym. GCU’s colour is purple and they’ve not skimped on the colour scheme. I run 5 km in a haze of purple motivational quotes before we set off for LA. Soon we are back in California and off the map in ‘Lonely Planet Southwest USA’. I’m not sure how California is not in southwest USA and there has been correspondence on the matter. I pointed out that it’s about as south and west as USA gets, but Lonely Planet stood firm. I ended by telling them I hope Donald Trump doesn’t ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Pasadena January 1st 2018

We won the freaking Rose Bowl, y’all! And we play for a national championship next Monday. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I thought I would divide this post into two parts: the good, and then the bad. So here we go. The good: We Won the Rose Bowl! I can’t say that enough. It’s still like a dream, but the fact that there’s still another game to play keeps me sobered. I got to see my Dawgs at the Rose Bowl Stadium, the home of UCLA, which is in the Art Deco style. So this was really the trifecta of my travel aspirations. That’s pretty amazing. I also got one of those little lapel pins that I collect from every bowl game I’ve ever attended, but this time it was free! Before ... read more
roses at the Rose Bowl
Just after halftime when we started to play well
Good play, Dawgs

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Santa Monica December 31st 2017

We've been so busy the past few days, and especially today, that I've forgotten that it's also New Year's Eve. Today was especially hectic, because I had a few specific places I wanted to visit while in town. I had never seen the Pacific before, so that was my first stop. I had also wanted to visit the LA Memorial Coliseum, where USC plays, but I found out when I put it into Google Maps that an NFL game was happening this afternoon. Bummer—no parking, and a nightmare amount of traffic, for sure. Gives me a reason to come back, I guess. So that meant we were going straight to the Pier in Santa Monica. Because let’s be tourists! On the way to LA, we stopped for gasoline in Coachella. Yes, that Coachella. But we were ... read more
At the edge of the Pacific for the first time, with dad
Dad LOVES Route 66
It's the freaking Golden Girls' House!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles December 4th 2017

I've been back in Ecuador over two weeks and I finally find time to write about my visit to the US. As I type this I'm in Quito at my dear friend Lupe's apartment. There won't be much sleep for me tonight as I'm required to down 4 liters of laxative in preparation for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning....but enough about that! Oops....gotta go! OK - I'm back! Many thanks to new friend Nate for driving me to the airport at the butt crack of dawn (we had to leave his house before 5 am!) My flights to LA were uneventful - COPA airlines is my best option and a good one at that. Connections in Panama City are generally less than 2 hours, enough leeway even if the first flight is delayed for some reason but ... read more
Ongoing Cribbage
Scrabble on the Patio
Chair Exercises

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