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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX April 2nd 2024

This is an email from Singapore Airlines, the best airline, in my opinion, as others seem to agree: Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been named World's Best Airline in the 2023 Skytrax World Airline Awards, the fifth time we have won this prestigious accolade. We also took the top spot for Best First Class Airline, Best First Class Comfort Amenities, and Best Airline in Asia. In addition to this, we were also named Best Airline (Overall) in DestinAsian (Asia) Readers' Choice Awards 2023, and awarded Best Overall Cellar by Business Traveller’s Cellars in the Sky Awards in February this year! We are committed to innovating and investing in industry-leading products and services, as well as offering you a world-class travel experience. Thank you for your support and for making us a part of your travels. We look ... read more
Singapore Airline food
Great staff

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 24th 2024

Dear All Yay! California, here I am! I write at the beginning of another two-week adventure through one of my favourite countries - the US of A! This trip was actually four years in the planning, as along with South Africa last summer, this one was also delayed from four years ago due to the world having gone crazy at the time. For my first US trip after that time, I wanted to go to the closest US place to the UK as I could, just in case, and thus I did New England over Easter 2022. And last year I just had to visit my TB friends Merry Jo and Dave for a wonderful time in Florida over Easter 2023. So this year, Easter 2024, I began California! The flight over was good, if a ... read more
Los Angeles
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Me, Hollywood Boulevard

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach January 1st 2024

From 2010. Unfortunately, all my Aunts who know how to prepare Shogatsu are getting too old to do all of the preparation and cooking. But the memory will always stay with us. The three-day New Year holiday is a very special time in Japan, a time of solemn prayers and joyous greetings. While New Year's Day is a holiday in many parts of the world, the occasion has a unique significance to the Japanese, who take the opportunity to begin anew many aspects of their lives. New Years is regarded in Japan as an auspicious occasion. As such, it is filled with traditional activities which, it is hoped, will result in a more successful year. The people particularly observe the age-old Japanese custom of not carrying-over any debts or tasks from the old year to the ... read more
OMG sushi
More sushi

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX October 21st 2023

My dear husband, who is about turn 50 but was acting 5, woke me up this morning around 3:30am telling me he doesn’t want to go on this trip and he doesn’t want to see Hawaii and he isn’t going. I firmly reminded him that he basically forced me to go to China and I loved it so he’s going to Hawaii and he’s going to love it, too. He mumbled on and on about not going and I got tired of his nonsense and got-up and left the bedroom. I shut the door and finished packing our carry-ons. By the time I was finished, he was snoring and it was 5am. I got in the recliner in the living room and slept for an hour with the dog on my lap. I got up and ... read more
Two double doubles and fries

Day 29 - A very lazy day in Prescott, trip to Walmart, yes folks, and it wasn't disappointing. Then off to Watson Lake which we visited in 2016, an amazing lake on the outskirts of Prescott. The rock formations are fascinating as you can see by the pics. A very peaceful area which is popular with hikers and canoeists. A local advised us that it is actually part of the Grand Canyon as the waters from the Colorado River also flow around this area. We had a history lesson on our hotel tonight from the bartender, built in 1927 new owners in the last ten years have spent quite a bit of money on repairs and updating the property. It is immaculate and although the rooms are quite small, it is indicative of the era. We ... read more
Hassayamba Inn Cocktail Bar
Hassayampa Inn
Hassayampa Inn

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX October 29th 2022

Woke up around 6.30am and had a peak outside and we had already docked in Long Beach. We had to be out of the cabin by 8.30 so off to breakfast we go. Kerry went to the buffet and I had a couple of the special Mexican dishes which are just amazing and I would love to have these back home where it could be a genuine rival to the good old bacon and egg roll. This time I had my eggs over medium which is the way to go to avoid having eggs oozing out over my fingers ! I had some time to take a couple of photos and explored the upper decks around the waterslide and found a quiet private adults area called Serenity on deck 15 which had a couple of jacuzzis ... read more
A touching farewell from our steward
They have huge seagulls here in Long Beach
Off the ship now but had so much fun !

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 21st 2022

It was a quiet night and we slept pretty well although the air conditioning was a bit annoying. We have had it on heating mode for the last couple of weeks and generally set it around 72 degrees (22 in Celsius) and often we just turn it off before going to bed so we don’t have the annoying on / off cycle happening throughout the night but here in LA the room we were in was set to cooling mode and it got really stuffy as soon as you turned it off so we had to leave it on all night. We had a lay in to let Kerry get some extra shut eye and went down for breakfast around 9.00 am and I decided to make my own waffle for the very first time (they ... read more
Interesting curfew rules for minors to stay off the streets unless accompanied by and adult after 10pm
The pigeon with mysterious changing colour !
Lunch at Tequila Jack’s

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 20th 2022

Well according to the Stepz App on my phone we have walked 62 km over the last 4 days around NYC so that is a new record. We were collected from our driver who was right on time and we headed to JFK airport for our flight to Los Angeles. The drive took about 45 minutes which is what we expected. We are flying with American Airlines today and arrived approximately at 8.45am and had a bit more than 2 hours until our scheduled departure time. Checking in our luggage was simple and we were through the security checkpoint quite quickly and we were at our gate by 9.30am and we have not experienced any of the delays here you keep hearing about on the news at airports. Just after we boarded there was a lady ... read more
This is the MetroCard we used to access the subway
Getting ready for American Airlines flight AA003 to LAX
Bus stop in Long Beach

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Downtown October 13th 2022

For those of you counting, the city of Los Angeles covers 503 square miles and Los Angeles County is 4,752 square miles big. See? HUGE. It’s the second most populous city in the US – a little less than half that of New York City. The map just totally blows me away! In addition, LA has 75 miles of coastline. Almost 4 million people. About 36% of residents were born outside of our country. When I was working, Los Angeles was a nightmare. I even shared an apartment and a car lease with the President of the company, because one of us was in LA so often. And it seems like, no matter where you are, everything is an hour away!! So, you New Yorkers complain about having to go from Central Park West to Chelsea?? ... read more
What a mess!

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 18th 2022

Day 1 of our next adventure to the USA. This trip was planned in 2020 but was delayed a little for some reason ! Kerry & I will be away for 7 weeks this time with the primary goal ticking off the final 6 states so we can achieve the target of visiting all 50 states in the USA. Well we picked up the Kia Stonic (small SUV) rental car from Hertz and left home @ 5.20pm for the drive to Brisbane Airport and topped up with $10- gas (might as well start using the yankee language now I guess) and experienced the stupid parking entry at the Shell Petrol Station near the airport again ! The Stonic is a bit gutless to drive but did the job for 1.5 hour journey from home. Easy drop ... read more
Seats 45J and 45K
Tough water restrictions in LAX area !
Dinner at the Holiday Inn Express

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