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Los Angeles is an urban jungle located in Southern California city which is the center of the nation’s film and television industry, a location which when traveled can give you the unique experience and excitement when you visit the iconic Hollywood sign, or the behind-the-scenes tours of Universal and Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures studio. If you are looking for a travel itinerary, then this is not the right article for you as I would suggest you visit hundred other blogs who will provide you with a list of places to visit in Los Angeles. I am here to talk about the important tips to remember to have a successful and safe solo travel in Los Angeles based on my personal experience. 1. Drink Bottled Water This goes without saying that in foreign countries you should ... read more

Few things are as memorable as our wonderful Sunday family dinners when we were growing up. We spent almost every Sunday, after church, with our relatives from Sanger. These were on my Mom's side, her Mom (our Grandmother), her younger brother's, and older sister's families, who lived next door to each other. They visited us, or we visited them, EVERY Sunday, for family time, great meals, an afternoon of playing the seasonal sport. “The family that eats together thrives together,” says Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, a registered psychologist and parenting expert. “Mealtime has historically been a time of family togetherness. Plus, if you’re getting multiple generations together, then there is tapestry of diversity in terms of ages and interests and that is just so good for kids.” I believe this. In fact, the best example ... read more
Our SoCal family

Day 32 6/06/2019 Edmonton – LA - Melbourne The alarm went off at 4.45 so that we could get to the airport for our 8.30 flight to LA. After a few tears and the final listen to Shotgun by George Ezra we said our good byes. They are always difficult. We have some amazing memories from the past 4 and a bit weeks. We left on time flying in Premium economy. Arrived in LA and then found a quiet spot in a corner on a 2 seater couch which became our hide out for the following 10 hours. We are now waiting to board the long flight home. We had a smooth flight home with a great crew on board the Qantas flight. Arrived early and then a long wait for our cases. As they say ... read more
Farewell Rockies
Back to where we started

Ein weiteres Lied, dass ich mit dieser Stadt in Verbindung bringe ist "Picture postcards from L.A.". Es handelt von einer Barbediensteten die vergeblich darauf hofft, in Los Angeles ihren Lebenstraum zu verwirklichen und Karten an die Heimat zu schreiben. Ich habe dieses Lied u.a. 1995 während der Nachtwache im Munitionslager bei der Bundeswehr gehört, bevor ich meinen Lebenstraum in Berlin realisiert habe. Daher hat mich das sehr mitgenommen. Auf jeden Fall habe ich vorhin eine Postkarte an eine Kollegin und Kundin in Niedersachsen abgeschickt. Alle anderen haben ja meinen Travelblog. Mein Vater hat mich gebeten Fotos vom Hotel zu machen. Die sind heute enthalten. Hier bin ich in einem Holiday Inn, also kein Luxushotel. Trotzdem würde ich sagen, dass alle meine Hotels etwa doppelt so teuer wie vergleichbare in Deutschland sind. Das macht die Übernachtungskosten vor ... read more
Am Hollywood Boulevard.
Im Civic Center.

Für den heutigen Tag habe ich mir zwei Dinge vorgenommen: Zum einen Santa Monica mit seinem bekanntem Pier. Und zum anderen das alte spanische Zentrum von Los Angeles. Dazu gab es noch zwei optionale Ziele, die ich dann aber doch nicht realisiert habe: Venice südlich von Santa Monica und entweder Little Tokyo oder Chinatown in der nähe der Union Station. Ich habe also einigermaßen ordentlich gefrühstückt, wobei die Auswahl noch Verbesserungspotential hat. Aber immerhin ist es im Preis inbegriffen und dann kann man nicht so viel erwarten. Dann bin ich zu meiner Metrostation und habe meine Plastikkarte mit einem Tagesticket aufgewertet. Im Anschluss daran bin ich die schon etwas lange Strecke nach Santa Monica mit der U-Bahn gefahren. Die verschiedenen Linien relativ neueren Datums sind wirklich ein Segen für die Stadt und die Touristen. In Santa ... read more
Santa Monica.
Das alte spanische Zentrum von Los Angeles.
Das alte spanische Zentrum von Los Angeles.

In den 70ern habe ich zuhause öfters das Lied "L.A. International Airport" gehört und nachdem ich schon einmal 1997 am Busbahnhof dieser Stadt umgestiegen bin, habe ich sie als Ausgangspunkt meiner 3. Reise in die Vereinigten Staaten genommen. Über Weihnachten und dem Jahreswechsel war ich ja in Dubai und im August will ich mir ein weiteres Schmankerl gönnen (Details folgen) und hiermit erlaube ich mir eine 4-wöchige Reise in die USA und Kanada von Los Angeles mit dem Mietwagen nach Vancouver. Also bin ich am Sonntag mit der Bimmelbahn von Trudering zum Flughafen München gefahren. Die Münchner Bürger waren ja angeblich dafür diese Strecke weiterhin mit der altmodischen Schnecken-S-Bahn anstelle des modernen und schnellen Transrapids zu bewältigen. Leider war ich damals noch nicht in der Stadt wahlberechtigt. Also irgendwann im Verlauf des Tages bin ich dann ... read more
Mein Flugzeug für den Hinflug: ein A380.
L.A. International Airport.
Flug über Grönland.

After having our "midnight snack" at last night we slept for another full night. The clothes we rinsed out were all dry, so onto breakfast, albeit in yesterdays clothes. Lol. Food court we went to yesterday does not open till 11.00 so we were recommended the local IHOP. Had the bottomless coffee (blah) I had the turkey bacon & egg white scrambled eggs (a couple of things ticked off my bucket list of American foods) They were yum. The blueberry flavoured maple syrup was yucky. Consulted the map and started walking..... spied a gorgeous building in the distance and it turns out it was the Los Angeles library. Had a wander around inside, it has a beautiful dome with murals depicting California's history. The lift was lined with old manual library reference cards. Walked onto ... read more

The Huntington, or the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens to give its full name, was our destination Sunday afternoon. The Huntington is a very popular weekend attraction for Southern California residents. Families and people of all ages enjoy coming out to stroll the beautiful and varied gardens. (This despite an entrance fee of $29 per person.) The Huntington Library is in San Marino, just across the city line (street) from Pasadena. The Huntington comprises a rare book library, a botanical garden and an art collection. Our goal this afternoon was to visit the library and see a bit of the gardens. Railroad entrepreneur and businessman Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927) acquired Rancho San Marino, near Pasadena, in 1905. He and his wife, Arabella, redeveloped the working ranch and farm into a botanical display of 18 ... read more
Fountain in the Huntington Library Entrance Plaza
Gutenberg Bible, ca. 1455
Americae, Pars I, 1590

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 30th 2019

Hello folks. This is a little late being posted but it is the story of our return from the cruise. Spoiler Alert – we did get home. The ship docked in Los Angeles about 5:00 AM. We weren’t up at that time, but we had officially completed 10,030 miles of cruising. We did not get up until 7:00 because our departure from the ship was late in the morning, but we had to vacate the cabin by 8:00 so they could start cleaning for the new passenger who would come aboard later in the day. So we put our remaining items in the roller bag and backpack and we went to the Horizon Court for breakfast. Many people had early departures from the ship, so they had come and gone through the breakfast buffet. It wasn’t ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 18th 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and gorgeous States: California Cities: LA (Burbank, Pasadena, Beverly Hills Miles: 20 miles Hours: 1hr Restaurant: Lanstra’s Bistro, In and Out Burger Hotel/Home: Springhill Suites LA/Burbank Movies: Audible What a great day! It was an all around great day. The weather was sunny and warm. We started out at Warner Brothers. What a great tour. Thank you Wendy and Kevin for telling us to do it. We really liked it. Now, we are all movie and theater people so we really enjoyed seeing where movies we love are made, costumes, sets and the hope of seeing someone famous. Which we didn’t. It is a tour on trams but we also got off and went into prop buildings and costume displays. Super cool. We saw movie and tv sets that would blow you ... read more

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