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So what a great start to our adventure! I broke my glasses last night. Shit! When I was going to bed the buggas flew out of my hands and when I caught them they broke. Now I gotta find an optometrist to fix them. Not easy to do in a tourist town. Neither of us slept very well as we are still on Melbourne time so we were up early and out walking to find an optometrist. Couldn’t find one so we got the hop on hop off bus to Beverly Hills. The bus dropped us about a 10 min walk from Rodeo Drive, just near the Police Headquarters. The walk to Rodeo Drive was so funny. Because of where we got dropped off, we were chatting about the movie, Beverly Hills Cop. As we were ... read more

Apologies to all that got a drunk call last night 🤦‍♀️ 🍸🍹 Last night turned into a party. Some of the guests staying here heard us all talking and came out and asked to join us and there ended up being about 10 people all drinking and swapping facebook details. We had a great time making new friends from all round the world. Of course, we said that if they ever come to Melbourne, we would show them around. The staff from the hostel came out and asked us to move from the backyard at 10pm and we went to the front yard and took over. We made a lot of noise and had lots of fun and of course plenty to drink. We woke up a little seedy and walked to an optometrist we had ... read more

Thanks to Sandra’s next door neighbour, Jodie, we got to the airport in plenty of time. Our plane took off 15 mins late. We had plenty to eat and drink on the plane and the staff were lovely. Photos to come when I can work out what the hell I am doing wrong coz I can’t post any at the moment. We both dozed on and off and were glad to get off when we landed on time. We got through customs in record time, even though Sandra couldn’t get her finger prints done properly coz she couldn’t bend her wrist the way the lady wanted. We all ended up laughing and the customs lady wished us a happy vacation and sent us on our way. We were in the taxi within 30 mins of landing. ... read more

Voila, nous sommes enfin arrivés à Los Angeles, après une journée compliquée à courir. Cela a commencé a Roissy, pour trouver les comptoirs d’enregistrement de British Airways. En fait, ils sont « au sous-sol », et pas clairement bien indiqués. Heureusement, nous avions de la marge, mais c'était le premier stress de cette journée. L’escale d’Heathrow c’est faite sans encombre, mais nous avons découvert que nous n’étions pas ensemble sur le vol pour Los Angeles. Mais après avoir embarqué, ma voisine de siège à bien voulu faire l'échange avec Sabi. Clément, lui, a fait le voyage seul. Presque douze heures de vol, c’est vraiment long. Arrivés aux contrôles, on s’est retrouvé dans une interminable file d’attente où l’on a perdu presque deux heures pour juste une petite photo et un contrôle du passeport. Du coup, les ... read more

Considering how poorly Asian men are portrayed in Hollywood, I was genuinely surprised to learn about Sessue Hayakawa, a Japanese actor who became one of the biggest stars during the American silent era of the 1910s.He became one of Hollywood’s first sex symbols after starring in the film, The Cheat (1915) in which he plays a cruel villain (there’s a scene in which he literally brands a woman). Despite his portrayal, Hayakawa became extremely popular with American women for his “broodingly handsome” good looks. At one point, he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood (making over $3,500 a week), and his fame was on par with that of Charlie Chaplin.Although, Hayakawa was highly sought after during the 1910s and early 1920s, he became disillusioned by constantly being typecast for the same roles. He decided to ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX June 17th 2022

We flew to LA today. WHY? Because apparently I like things to be difficult and I’m cheap. Flights to LAX from SGF were $85 per person, we are staying at our (former) favorite hotel in LA this evening, and we have free flights to Seattle tomorrow morning. Cruise to Alaska leaves Seattle Sunday So… today…. I woke-up early-early as normal and walked the dog up the hill and back and we both had just decided to slow down when we saw a skunk on Hole 10 and we headed right back down the hill as fast and far away from that part of the golf course as possible. The regular morning of leaving chaos ensued – overpacking, Kamie sleeping in, and me running around like a chicken with my head cutoff. The plan was to leave ... read more
Diane and I
97 golf balls in this bucket!
$58.98 for Chipotle! Yikes

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX May 3rd 2022

From MSN: But there is one thing I haven’t done. Will not do. Will never do. Will grow angry enough at you to throw spitballs at you if you ask me to do. And that’s move my seat on a plane to accommodate you so that you can sit with your friends or family or concubines or whoever else you’re flying with. Your grandma’s on the flight with you and you want to sit next to her? Granny should’ve taught you to plan ahead. Maybe Granny wants a break from her thoughtless progeny. You ever think about that? Of course not, because you’re thoughtless. You’re separated from your 6-year-old son? Braylin has to learn to fend for himself. Plus, this ain’t Antarctica. It’s an 80-minute, temperature-controlled trip to Albany on a flying couch. He’ll be fine ... read more

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Since my Niners are not in the Super Bowl, I will watch from home, and enjoy some good food like most of you. I think the menu calls for chips and guacamole to start. This will be followed by lamb chops, rice, and greens. Dessert? Probably the All-American favorite, apple pie! The Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption. What are the rest of you eating? If you are taking the over/under on the food prices, take the over on higher food prices than 2021. The projection for chicken wings alone is 1.42 billion (over 100 million pounds) chicken wings! I wonder what they do with the rest of the chickens? Over half of Americans prefer to dip their wings in ranch dressing. Pizza is the top snack for the Super ... read more
Love bbq burgers
Enough wine?

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Fast forward to 2022. Both the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021, and the current Winter Olympics in Beijing would have been great to attend. Why? No crowds, decent prices for hotels and food, ease of access to all venues, and reasonable ticket prices. Tokyo is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the culture, the food, and the people. And it is my motherland, as both sets of my grandparents immigrated from Japan. Here is a rather old email on my Olympic experience. I mentioned in a previous email that I attended the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. I was not able to get any tickets ahead of time and had given up any hope of attending. But I was able to find someone whose daughter worked for an Olympics hotshot in ... read more
Michaela Schiffrin. skier extraordinaire!!!
US Olympic team opening ceremonies

Heading down to UCLA for a basketball game is normally a big deal. The Bruins play in Pauley Pavilion, and have won eleven NCAA National Championships, mostly under legendary Coach John Wooden. It was dedicated in 1965, named for UC Regent Edwin Pauley, who matched alumni contributions. It was renovated in 2010-2012. Attending a game there, despite the team's modest success of late, is still quite magical. Imagine getting to play there! Yes, I was visiting some friends on the UCLA campus back in the early Seventies. One of my friends, a med student at the time, and a real basketball junkie, suggested that we find some pickup basketball games at Pauley. Imagine playing on the floor where ten (later eleven) championship banners hang, along with the retired jerseys of Kareen Jabbar, Bill Walton, Denise Curry ... read more
Eleven times national champs

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