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Andrew Spanner

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park September 23rd 2022

Another gorgeous start to the day and nice and warm again. We actually managed to watch a stream of the movie Broken Arrow last night from you tube and it was interesting to see an old western movie again. The ending was a bit of a surprise but I won’t do a spoiler in case anyone wants to watch it but it did have some nice footage of the Sedona area we had traversed a few days ago before the tourists discovered the region. We missed the opportunity to see the Horseshoe Bend whilst we were in Page which is a shame but the reviews said you had to be there in the middle part of the day to get the best views and we had 2 tours back to back yesterday so it just did ... read more
Native wildlife as we entered Zion National Park
Amazing views down the canyon
Welcome to the Zion Canyon hairpins !

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 22nd 2022

We woke up and opened the curtains to find sunshine. Maximum temperature will be around 30 degrees. You beauty ! I chose a simple continental breakfast with toast with Philadelphia cream cheese, a strawberry yoghurt, corn flakes and coffee (can’t have cooked breakfast every day or we all know what happens then ?). Only a short 1 minute drive to Chief Tsosie’s depot for the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon Tour. The tour goes for 90 minutes but it takes about half an hour to get there so we will spend 30 minutes inside the canyon. This adventure along with visiting Sedona were two things Kerry discovered early days when researching this holiday and neither of us had ever heard of them before. The drive out was on a shuttle van and it was nice to see ... read more
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Page September 21st 2022

Let me start by apologising as I forgot to mention we went passed a couple of noteworthy places yesterday. The first was a town called Winslow Arizona we passed by where I was hoping to stand on a corner. It would have been such a fine sight to see. Anyway we decided to “Take it easy” and the second place we skipped would have included a slight detour of about 45 minutes, so it was kind of intentional miss not to see the Grand Canyon. It’s a bit bizarre saying we came all this way and skipped past the Grand Canyon but we have been there twice before and there is much more to see around Arizona and Utah and losing 2 hours going in and straight back just did not work for the schedule. Well ... read more
The famous West and East mittens
Very unusual swirling rock formations
How did the rocks form this way ?

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley September 21st 2022

Woke up to a cloudy morning and reflected on how the Pink Jeep tour experience yesterday would easily rate in the top 10 experiences of our USA travels to date without doubt. We just had a yoghurt on our balcony with some OJ and then hit the road at 9.20am for the first leg to Flagstaff. But just before we jumped in the car we had a quick game of Cornhole next to the. carpark. We both eventually landed the bags but no-one got a bag in the hole. The road climbed in altitude from and the temperature dropped accordingly and it was 16 degrees when we arrived at our designated breakfast spot the Galaxy Diner on the old Route 66. It was really interesting how all the cactus trees disappeared once we rose to the ... read more
Fry Bread Chalupa
The view when we arrived from our balcony
This could be my money shot ?

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 21st 2022

We woke up to see a stunning blue sky out the window and the forecast is to be nice and warm around 32 degrees. It was most unusual to have a shower and not be standing in a bath tub for a change with a beautiful rainfall shower-head. The Matterhorn Hotel is one of the few places we have booked that does not provide breakfast and given it’s location in downtown Upper Sedona we thought breakfast would be a breeze to arrange but we were actually quite stressed last night trying to find anything that was going to be open before 9.00am as we need to meet for our tour by 8.50am. They all seemed to open at 9.00am or later ! Eventually I found a place called Wildflower Cafe and it turned out to be ... read more
Riding the White Line @ Sedona
Kerry captured this amazing shot
Panoramic photo taken by Allan (Thanks)

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona September 20th 2022

Breakfast included another omelette freshly cooked with potatoes on the side this time. Yummy and thought I’d load up as we have a drive today and going to do a bit of walking too. Not sure when we’ll have someone cooking fresh for us so took advantage of the opportunity presented by Embassy Suites. Also Had the orange and passionfruit juice which was so refreshing. We hit the road right on 8.00am as planned heading to North Arizona. Weather is sunny and a bit cooler when we left but was still forecast to reach 40 degrees in Phoenix but as we are heading for the mountains it will hopefully not be much hotter than 30 today. It was amazing to see so many cactus plants along the drive and suddenly when we reached a certain altitude ... read more
White Addax
NRL Premier - The Black Panther
View coming in to Sedona from Cottonwood

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix September 20th 2022

First signs of a challenge for us adjusting to different time zone with both of us waking up at 3.30am but managed to get back to sleep eventually. Later had breakfast in the amazing atrium which was included in our rates. I had a freshly made to order omelette (yummy). Today is Saturday and we decided to take the short drive to Old Town Scottsdale and it was really hot. We managed to park the Lexus undercover in a free parking garage near 5th Avenue and went for a walk. Surprisingly the visitors centre is closed on weekends ! The first shop we went to I found a cool coffee mug which was only $9.99 plus taxes and we definitely want to buy a few more on this trip as mementos. Kerry found a nice piece ... read more
The pink dress was only US $2095- !
Opening lyrics to Hotel California by The Eagles
I thought about buying this a present for my retiring boss.

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix September 19th 2022

Alarm went off at 6am and after having had a pretty good sleep and figuring out how to turn the stupid shower on we went down for the complimentary breakfast which they were actually charging non IHG members USD 20- each. I had a light breakfast with some cereal bran with toast and strawberry jam with an interesting strawberry and banana yoghurt (I’m not convinced they go well together ?). I asked for a coffee and they give me a coffee urn (seriously one cup is enough to start the day !). We checked out at 7.40 am and back on the free shuttle for the 10 minutes trip to LAX to get our Southwest flight. We had already been checked in using the early bird check in system when we we left Brisbane and were ... read more
Retail shopping at LAX
Do they pay for a full seat price ?
Southwest Airlines Flight 1909

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX September 18th 2022

Day 1 of our next adventure to the USA. This trip was planned in 2020 but was delayed a little for some reason ! Kerry & I will be away for 7 weeks this time with the primary goal ticking off the final 6 states so we can achieve the target of visiting all 50 states in the USA. Well we picked up the Kia Stonic (small SUV) rental car from Hertz and left home @ 5.20pm for the drive to Brisbane Airport and topped up with $10- gas (might as well start using the yankee language now I guess) and experienced the stupid parking entry at the Shell Petrol Station near the airport again ! The Stonic is a bit gutless to drive but did the job for 1.5 hour journey from home. Easy drop ... read more
Seats 45J and 45K
Tough water restrictions in LAX area !
Dinner at the Holiday Inn Express

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