Andrew Spanner


Andrew Spanner

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX October 29th 2022

Woke up around 6.30am and had a peak outside and we had already docked in Long Beach. We had to be out of the cabin by 8.30 so off to breakfast we go. Kerry went to the buffet and I had a couple of the special Mexican dishes which are just amazing and I would love to have these back home where it could be a genuine rival to the good old bacon and egg roll. This time I had my eggs over medium which is the way to go to avoid having eggs oozing out over my fingers ! I had some time to take a couple of photos and explored the upper decks around the waterslide and found a quiet private adults area called Serenity on deck 15 which had a couple of jacuzzis ... read more
A touching farewell from our steward
They have huge seagulls here in Long Beach
Off the ship now but had so much fun !

North America » Mexico October 28th 2022

We we woke up around 8.00am as the ship time went back an hour at 2am this morning and had a good sleep and this is our final day at sea. We decided to head back to the main dining room again for breakfast / brunch and they had the same menu and we sat at the same table # 392 again (how bizarre). Today we have two gentlemen from Canada on our table. Jarett from Vancouver and Gordon from Calgary. Kerry ordered the parfait and also her first omelette of the trip with “the lot”. I had the parfait which was excellent along with 2 eggs sunny side up with hash browns and corned beef hash. We had a good chat with them. Gordon shared his story about riding a motorbike through dirt road canyons ... read more
Evidence I am still committed to my fitness ?
Nice view of the huge waterslide onboard the ship
Nice view of the waterslides

North America » Mexico October 27th 2022

Well no more ports of call left now on the Carnival Panorama and after 3 days of having to be on time to get to port we can get up anytime we choose as it’s a sea day. I was looking through the wardrobe for something I have not worn and decided to wear my new adidas blue t-shirt that I bought from Macy’s in Portland which still had the $4.97 price tag which is amazing as it’s a genuine authentic product. Actually as far as clothes go I will make an effort to try and wear the couple of nice shirts that have not been used but one item that has not been worn and is not going to be worn is a pair of blue dressy shorts and it might be a while before ... read more
Kerry’s new perfume discovery
The big outdoor screen where we watched Elvis movie until 12.40am !
A magical sunset at sea.

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta October 26th 2022

I woke up first and had a sneaky look outside the window to find us approaching land so ventured outside to the balcony in my pj’s to see we were approaching the port. We ventured into the harbour and I could see the pilot jump onboard as they don’t seem to trust these cruise ship captains to navigate entering each port. As we docked we watched these three guys trying to built a temporary sign below us which must have been for one of the tours and they had all sorts of trouble. It must been like putting an IKEA furniture flat pack together with no instructions but they got there after about 10 minutes of trying. Once we docked we went to the buffet for breakfast (I did get out of my pj’s first) and ... read more
Nice statues on the boardwalk
Nice decoration of a shop window
Why not be bold and wear something colourful here ?

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan October 25th 2022

As we have a scheduled shore tour booked for 9.30 we set the alarms early to ensure we are ready to go. Unlike yesterday the ship is docked today so we can just walk off the ship and we had to meet our tour at 9.15 which is called Salsa and Salsa. This tour costs $149.98 for both of us. The ship is docked in a working container ship terminal and there are lots of cars and vans here that have been unloaded so it’s not the prettiest view from our balcony compared with yesterday. For breakfast I tried something different at the Blue Iguana Cantina and had this mexican dish called a Huevos Rancheros at the recommendation of the guy from Arizona who was in front of me in the line. It’s a tortilla with ... read more
About to try the strawberry margarita (yummy !)
The important ingredients so I can replicate my 6 salsa creations when I get back home.
Another licence plate for the Bali Hut collection (plastic but OK.

I woke up and opened the curtains and could see land pretty close by. We had our breakfast from the buffet and sat near the pool area as the ship made its final approach to Cabo San Lucas. Kerry bought a water bottle with its own Carnival cooler cover to keep as a souvenir the water cool for $10- (not what you’d call a bargain !). We headed off the ship once they called for Zone 3 around 11am and there was no waiting at all and we got the water shuttle (a small catamaran for say 50 people) to the marina. It was a smooth and comfortable ride from where we are anchored and much better than using the ship’s lifeboats which was what we were expecting. In fact the Discovery Princess has docked next ... read more
The famous hole in the rock at “Lands End”
On land at Cabo San Lucas
Check out the Guacamole / Salsa Wheel

North America » Mexico October 23rd 2022

We were up around 8.00am and feeling good. The ambience around the ship is awesome and it is great to have a cruise on Carnival again as the last cruise to Alaska on Holland America was undoubtedly the wrong brand for us. It was cloudy and a bit stormy when we left Long Beach yesterday but woke up today to find a beautiful sunny day with calm seas and much warmer as well so summer has arrived ! A short climb up the stairs from Deck 8 to Deck 10 for the breakfast at the Lido Marketplace where I had a disciplined portion of scrambled eggs, baked beans, small potatoes and bacon. The OJ is like drinking cordial straight so will only have small portions if absolutely necessary and had a coffee outside near the main ... read more
Check out how high the rope course is (not for me !)
The famous Guy’s Burger Menu. Which one to try !
Pool tables at sea and Tic Tac Toe as well.

North America » Mexico October 22nd 2022

Today we get to start the final adventure of this holiday by going on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera(Saturday to Saturday). We are leaving on the Carnival Panorama which is a really new ship. We were scheduled to do this cruise on this same ship and same itinerary in October 2020 when the ship was only very new as it first sailed in December 2019. However this was obviously cancelled and once the cruise industry was shut down in March 2020 by the CDC, this ship was put into hibernation for 17 months and was subsequently sent to the Phillipines to take home all the crews from various Carnival ships that were based in the USA and it was mothballed until August 2021 so it is still a very new ship. When we ... read more
Cabnin # 8296 on Deck 8 will be our home for the next 7 days
They say to dress up on your first day on the ship but really !
This is the outdoor fitness deck on Deck 12.

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 21st 2022

It was a quiet night and we slept pretty well although the air conditioning was a bit annoying. We have had it on heating mode for the last couple of weeks and generally set it around 72 degrees (22 in Celsius) and often we just turn it off before going to bed so we don’t have the annoying on / off cycle happening throughout the night but here in LA the room we were in was set to cooling mode and it got really stuffy as soon as you turned it off so we had to leave it on all night. We had a lay in to let Kerry get some extra shut eye and went down for breakfast around 9.00 am and I decided to make my own waffle for the very first time (they ... read more
Interesting curfew rules for minors to stay off the streets unless accompanied by and adult after 10pm
The pigeon with mysterious changing colour !
Lunch at Tequila Jack’s

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 20th 2022

Well according to the Stepz App on my phone we have walked 62 km over the last 4 days around NYC so that is a new record. We were collected from our driver who was right on time and we headed to JFK airport for our flight to Los Angeles. The drive took about 45 minutes which is what we expected. We are flying with American Airlines today and arrived approximately at 8.45am and had a bit more than 2 hours until our scheduled departure time. Checking in our luggage was simple and we were through the security checkpoint quite quickly and we were at our gate by 9.30am and we have not experienced any of the delays here you keep hearing about on the news at airports. Just after we boarded there was a lady ... read more
This is the MetroCard we used to access the subway
Getting ready for American Airlines flight AA003 to LAX
Bus stop in Long Beach

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