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Andrew Spanner

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville June 26th 2018

I think the tired look of both girls when I woke up this morning was reflective of how tired we were. It has been pretty hectic so far, so I let them sleep in until around 9am, whilst I caught up on the blogs. I put on my Aussie Socceroos T-Shirt and fired off a text to Luke as he was already at the ground in Sochi Russia hoping for a Socceroos win against Peru. We were staying in Room 423 on the 4th floor and our room had a city view balcony room, which was nice to be able to sit out and overlook the main street and the mountains beyond. It was pretty clear after spending a few days here how devastating the wild fires were in late 2016 that destroyed thousands of properties ... read more
Happy on Broadway
Old Ryman Auditorium
Jay Bragg & Band

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 25th 2018

It was nice to wake up and no that we were not hitting the road again. This was our first three night stop so time to relax a little bit more. The room here is really nice it has been recently renovated with hardwood floors and a brand new bathroom with a shower that is not inside a bathtub which is cool. The balcony outside is really nice to get some fresh air. It was a pretty wet start to the day and we were glad we did Dollywood yesterday. I looked at the radar on Accuweather website which has been really accurate at predicting the storms we have seen lately and it looked like we might have a few windows where the weather was going to be OK but it was going to be on ... read more
Shops in Gatlinburg # 1
Cabin in the woods. Where are those pesky little bears !
Roaring Fork Nature Trail # 1

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 24th 2018

Today started with a check of the weather to see what was likely to happen. Actually that’s not true I started the day by checking the score of State Of Origin # 2 and was pleased to see the mighty NSW Blues had won the game and the series (shame I missed watching it after putting up with the last decade of getting beaten up by those pesky Queenslanders !). We have two full days here in Gatlinburg and there is so many options of what to do. We had played a game of Putt Putt last night after dinner which was heaps of fun. The course was set up with lots of historical facts about how Gatlinburg was formed and was pretty new. The highlight was on hole number 3 where you putted into a ... read more
Hey I'm at Dollywood !
Am I reallly going to do this ?
Girls on the Sky Rider

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 23rd 2018

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant was great but pretty expensive for what we had. Kerry & I had a granola yoghurt and Elise had a lovely omelette. We all had really good sleeps here, the beds were huge and you almost needed a ladder to climb up into bed ! Antique and period fittings made it cool and the room had the most comfortable sittings chairs I have ever seen. Anyway we hit the road for what was always going to be the longest day of our road trip. I decided against backtracking on Interstate 64 and instead decided to drive down Highway 219 and this route would take us past some countryside and small towns. We came across this town called Union which had some amazing old homes. It has a population of about 500 ... read more
Old House in Union, West Virginia # 1
Heading into the East River Mountain tunnel from West Virginia side.
Welcome to Tennessee

Up early around 7.30am. It was cloudy but the rain appeared to have cleared. Kerry and I had breakfast downstairs. I had scrambled eggs on an english muffin with some OJ, whilst Kerry had some fresh fruit including some huge strawberries and fresh pineapple (I had a bit of fruit as well). The room we had was a bit noisy as it was close to I79. We were on our way about 8.30am, and we decided to stop about 30 minutes into the trip at a Cracker Barrell Restaurant in Fairmont West Virginia. Elise had been looking forward to this experience. Kerry & I just had a coffee but Elise had the French Toast. I bought Kerry the latest Keith Urban CD only to find out our car is no new it does not have a ... read more
New River Gorge Bridge
Grandview Outlook
The General Lewis Inn - Lewisburg WV

Up early in time to watch the Socceroos vs Denmark game on Fox Sports. Kerry kindly went down to the breakfast room and got me some scrambled eggs on toast so I did not miss any of the action. Socceroos are still alive despite the 1-1 draw. We checked out at 10.30 and got the car delivered from valet and went to the park at Nth Harbour to get the famous Cleveland sign photo. Voinovich Park was built in 1996 as part of Cleveland’s bicentennial. We then hit the road again and first stop was at the tourist centre as crossed the border into Pennsylvania where we met Karen and some other lady. They had several taxidermy animals on display including a black bear which had been in a car accident, and some other native animals ... read more
Really ? surely the best coffee is not being delivered in a Petrol Tanker !!
Magical views of the City, 3 Rivers and the Duquesne Incline
Panorama # 2 in iPhone

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 20th 2018

Late start today and I meant to have a bit of a sleep in, but I got up early around 6.00am to start the travel blog writing and get the first blog published. Kerry & I went downstairs to the breakfast provided on the mezzanine level. It was basic food fair and barely OK. It had been raining all morning so we took our time getting ready and headed out about 12.00pm as the rain had now stopped. First stop was the lobby to get 3 drinks vouchers for the evening hotel provided drinks and supper session which we enjoyed last night on our arrival. We had a couple of glasses of wine and heaps of cheese and crackers. We then had a quick look in 5th street arcades across from our hotel looking for souvenirs ... read more
Elise out front to Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Museum
Johnny Cash's original tour bus
The Federal Reserve. The only one of 12 in USA still in it's original building

North America » United States » Ohio » Cleveland June 19th 2018

Up early after bad night sleep after big storm and nosy air conditioner and road noise from the nearby interstate. It was much cooler today after the big storm last night. We had breakfast provided and were away pretty early today. Just before we left I took a photo of these beautiful blue spruce trees native to this part of the world. Not long and a squirrel was seen running up the tree (they are so cute). We have seen these trees everywhere on the drive so far. Once we left about 45 minutes south on US Highway 223 and we crossed the border into the state of Ohio (USA State number 36). I played the song called Ohio by Damien Jurano which is an awesome tune. About 15 minutes further and we arrived in Toledo. ... read more
House # 1 - West End Toledo
Better Half Family Diner in Sandusky Ohio
Say hello to Lolley the Trolley

North America » United States » Michigan » Ann Arbor June 18th 2018

We were up early around 8.00am and got ourselves organised to start our road trip. First order of business was to get some breakfast and during our orientation walk of Chicago yesterday we came across a couple of places on South Michigan Avenue that looked OK so we went to this place a couple of blocks from our hotel called the Artists Café. One thing I noticed about Chicago that surprised me was how it is set up for cold weather. They generally have two sets of doors to get into buildings so the cold can stay out and in this café they had a section in the corner with something like 30 coat hangers like you have in a wardrobe. Look weird and then it dawned on me during winter everyone is probably layering up ... read more
Sand Dunes of Nth East Indiana
Welcome to Michigan City, Indiana
Lunch in Middlebury, Indiana

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 17th 2018

Well we had set the alarm to go off at 3.20am which is a crazy way to start a holiday but we had a 7.03am flight to catch and as are going to Chicago, it’s an international flight with extra security. Breakfast was not open but they let us grab a muffin and some bananas. The shuttle to the airport was not operating so they put us in a taxi for the short 10 minute ride to the United Airlines terminal. We had a good run through security and immigration, and interestingly we did not go through Canada immigration but through USA even though we were in Canada? The good news is that means when we arrive in Chicago it is a domestic flight so no security when we get there. We had breakfast at Tim ... read more
Amazing architecture here
Chicago streets are really pretty
Downtown Chicago

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