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24th April 2016

Welcome home
Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for the trip. I looked forward to and really enjoyed sharing in your travels. I think I will miss your comical descriptions Andrew. Glad you had a great time, lots of sight seeing and driving, well done. Look forward to a coffee soon Kerry. Call me when you are feeling like catching up. Kathy
16th April 2016

Hey there, if you have a car tody make sure you drive out to the valley of fire. Its about 50 miles to valley of fire state park. its amazing If you dont want to drive that far go to the red rock canyon also great. really enjoying the blog. has got me planning a new trip. bruce
14th April 2016

Look out Vegas .... Here come the Spanners!
I really like Santa Fe. I hope you did too. And now on to Vegas. Suggestion: In New York, New York, at the 'city street end', there is the best NY-style deli! It's on a corner, and they have the BEST pastrami or corned beef on rye sandwiches!!! We go there every time we visit and one time we got sandwiches to go for the airport! We were the envy!!!
11th April 2016
What does this sign mean ?

Turn left to get to the Library!
10th April 2016

Maybe it is the library, or church?
8th April 2016

LOTS of miles covered. 🙂 So close and yet so far! You could have continued up to Chicago and flown home from here. 😔
21st March 2016

If you pass a Dutch Bros. Coffee Stand in your travels give them a try. I drink Black Coffee, I order 4 shots in a Med Size Cup "Americano" Nice and Bold yet Smooth... The Best I have found.
20th March 2016

Enjoying the ride
Have a great trip
18th August 2013
Hand made leather masks

Leather Face Mask
Saw a mask in Google images, hope to learn more about your work. Thank you.
23rd April 2013

nice work!!!!
hi guys!! just wanted to say were loving the updates and photos! glad your having a great time, keep up the good work - im learning lots about bali!!! hope the time slows down and your last days are wonderful ones.xx
From Blog: Day 8 - Legian
25th September 2012
Can someone help me ?

16th July 2012

i love these photos but hey Andrew i cant see you on the bucking Bull or horses lol, love you all xxxxxxx
13th July 2012
Yes they do climb trees

So they do climb trees...I'll nominate this for Photo of the week
11th July 2012

hi guys! still loving each update and esp the photos!!!! im loving the jump shots and that beer looked good andrew!! its all "big" in america! keep up the great work the time and effort you put into your blog is greatly appreciated for us folk stuck at home in rain and cold and home cooked meals - keep livin the dream people!!! and you better have one for us too!!
10th July 2012

Ive been reading all the blogs but started reading from wrong end so the most resent to the older ones silly me lol,but have enjoyed them so much xxxx
9th July 2012

What a great time you guys are having!!! Have a had a few laughs on this blog. Xxx
9th July 2012

What am I going to do when you come home no more blogs and will certainly miss them.Hope you have plenty of thermal underwear it has been so cold, wet and miserale and I'm sure you wll need them.Looking forward to seeing you all on the 28th. Have a safe trip home. Love to all
5th July 2012

Green with envy
I wish I had your life xxxx
7th July 2012

Really ??
And put up with my snoring ?
1st July 2012

What a great idea. I love this blog and look forward to reading them. Think I would like to spend a week in Trunk Bay. Muffin is well and is curled up with her coat on in the bed next to the computer. It's cold! Look forward to reading your next entry. Chris
1st July 2012

Island for sale
Are you serious lets buy. Christmas will never be the same. Lol xx
27th June 2012

What a fantastic holiday cant wait to read the next blog.xx
12th June 2012

Happy Holiday
Have a fantastic time can't wait to follow you on you journey Stay safe xxxxxx
31st January 2011

Inspiring trip
Welcome home! Looks like you guys had a great trip. We're planning a Mexican cruise next Jan and you've given me lots of tips and food for thought. Thanks.

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