Eeda & Jahn

Eeda and Jahn

Eeda & Jahn

Wondering about our names? These are our travel names - because everyone calls us by our first names on flights, tours, etc... and they pronounce our names "Eee-duh" and "Jaw-un" ...Every. Single. Time. 😊

North America » United States » Missouri » Springfield March 21st 2023

Well, we woke-up in Miami around 9am. Hungry. I didn’t feel good. I had a runny nose and a head cold. We walked across the street to McDonalds and I ordered an orange juice and a biscuit. We walked over to Publix and grabbed some fruit juice and Chex Mix. I took a long, hot shower. I crawled back in bed in my leggings, t-shirt, and socks. I was freezing but I felt hot to the touch. I was a snot machine. I slept a few hours. I’m not sure what order we did things today. We both took turns sleeping off and on. We had a 1-bedroom suite so we one of us could be in the living room with the TV and the other one could be sleeping in the bedroom which is what ... read more
We had a lagoon view this time
Walking across the bridge to Chipotle
Looking down from the bridge... this is what was in the lagoon!!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 18th 2023

Time To explore BA and then head home… It was basically only about 24 hours with no sleep this time... Saturday morning was our debarkation day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The letter in our cabin the previous night said everyone leaving the ship today had to be out of their rooms at 8am. We waited downstairs in the atrium (peacefully actually because this was not the waiting area for very many other people apparently) and we got off the boat around 9:30am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were walked off by a Costa staff member and taken to our luggage, then our luggage was put through a scanner LEAVING the cruise. In all the time I’ve cruised, this has never happened. I asked why. She flatly said “to check for drugs” so apparently, this is standard ... read more

Greetings from Uruguay! We are still in the port for some unknown reason (we were scheduled to leave hours ago) and so I’m blogging with a gigantic headache from the wine I drank today. Let me back up for a bit… we arrived in Uruguay probably around 9am. It was high-70s and humid today. We took our time but we also took our waiter’s advice and decided to explore on our own. We walked off the boat and straight until we arrived at an open air market of sorts. It was a long row of shops and outdoor vendor setups. Overly touristy possibly but safe. Lots of local traffic too. Definitely an ex-pat area but this area specifically was probably more of the hippie ex-part area… ganga for sale in brownies and other sweets and bongs ... read more
Kamie Kamie
I think he's carrying a fish
Our buffet breakfast to share

South America » Uruguay March 16th 2023

Today was our final “sea” day which means no stopping at a port today. Here are a few things we learned about South America. The toilets flush backwards… as in, they swirl the other direction when they flush. It is dark at 6pm every day, 365 days a year. They have 12 hours of daylight 365 days a year. The country and the people overall are poor but their shores are lined with Asian based banks like The Bank of China. I’ve already said the Brazilians onboard and in the shops have been rude. Brazilians love to hate Argentinians and Argentinians hate to love Brazilians is a “known” saying around here. Frankly, I don’t think the Brazilians like anyone. Today on the boat overheard speaker they announced “Happy Hour – Buy 6 coffees, get 6 free” ... read more
Kamie's gross beans breakfast
Toilet flushes backwards
The makeup area between our hallway and our bathroom

Good Evening from Cambouri which is pronounced like “El Santo Camburee” or something strange like that. It’s not an island. It looks massive based on the tall thin towers dotting a very long shoreline however, the population is only 138,000. The population of people live behind the tall buildings. The buildings are hotels, restaurants, and banks. A crew member on the pirate boat told us that today and we jokingly didn’t believe him so he Googled it and showed us. He was wanting to practice his English so he spoke to us today. As a side note, all Costa staff are REQUIRED to speak English in order to work for Costa (odd, huh?) and all of the tours/excursion staff are required to speak at least three languages, but most speak four or five. For this boat, ... read more
View from our balcony
Me before the curls fell out two minutes later

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela March 14th 2023

IIhabela, Brazil is a small jungle island. We arranged for a tour of the island which included a visit to a waterfall but the guide was only available in Spanish or Portuguese so Costa asked us to take another excursion where they could provide an English-speaking guide. We agreed. We were told we would be taking a jeep tour through the jungle, to wear lots of bug spray due to mosquitos and then we would be transferred to a beach where we would board a Schooner (a long pirate-like boat) back to the port. I will preface this excursion by saying that I was interested in this excursion last year many months ago but it said we had to swim from the Schooner to the beach and Kamie didn’t want to do that. This time, the ... read more
We were running late and we still stopped for a photo - how and why I do not know!
Pure Bliss
Seen from the schooner on the way back to the main port

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro March 13th 2023

Welcome to Brahzeeeall!! Listen, if you haven’t seen Fast and Furious 5, you can’t appreciate Brazil. Okay, that’s not true but go watch that movie because it’s good! Today was our first day off the boat exploring and we were READY! As per usual, I was awake before sunrise and enjoyed watching the sun come out on the balcony. I took a shower early, spent a good hour putting on my makeup and curling my hair, and then headed to breakfast at 7:30am with Kamie. We stayed on our balcony watching our ship float into Rio and by the time we left our cabin, all the curls had fell from my hair and we were almost sweating. Most of my makeup was gone within an hour of being outside this morning. It was not hot today ... read more
Leaving Rio
My hair would stay curled about 15 minutes - about as long as ice would take to melt (max)

South America » Uruguay » East » Punta del Este March 12th 2023

Let’s talk about this ship and about this cruise overall. We are on an 8-night/9-day cruise on the Costa Fortuna which holds just over 2,000 passengers when at full capacity which it is not. The drinks available are Sprite, Coke, Coke Zero and Fanta. They do have some sort of canned disgusting mango/peach/I-don’t-know-what tea and canned, disgusting lemongrass tea. There is no other tea on the ship that I can find. I know these people drink tea and use tea bags but I don’t know where the hot water is or I’d be brewing my own tea and making an iced tea. There is no iced coffee (except what I made one day that was not good). There are constant espressos. Every bar has a gigantic espresso machine. I did see cappuccino on the menu one ... read more
Our Ship - Costa Fortuna
Our cruise path so far

We are in waters of the South Atlantic somewhere north of Uruguay. I am no longer sleep deprived. It feels nice. I woke-up this morning and watched the sunrise on our balcony. It felt amazing. I got ready to have breakfast at 7:30am and went to kiss Kamie goodbye and he decided breakfast sounded good to him, too. We both had steaming hot omelets. They gave us “toast” but it was not toasted – just bread with strawberry jam and orange marmalade. We sparked an entertaining discussion with several of the employees about coffee. I ordered a regular coffee with some milk. Then I put ice in it. This intrigued them and they approached me and started asking questions. They told me it would be normal for the Italians onboard to drink 10 espressos a day. ... read more
This pool area was packed
Expresso maker in our room with tiny cups, tiny spoons, and coffee pods
Their little espresso cups and sugar shakers are everywhere

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 10th 2023

It’s been over 48 hours since I wrote a blog post but it feels like 4 or 5 days. We are on the ship. I will back-up and tell everything we’ve went through to get here. It’s A LOT. For starters, let’s back-up to the night we spent in Miami because Kamie has a funny tale to tell… he was outside smoking and the hotel airport shuttle drove-up and the driver proceeded to back into a lady’s car. The driver pulled-up and stayed in the shuttle van… she came outside… he still didn’t get out..… so Kamie told on him! The shuttle driver denied it! There was a shouting matching in Spanish between the shuttle bus driver and the lady (everyone in this area of Miami speaks Spanish as their primary language). She didn’t have too ... read more
We did NOT take this route
Typical housing
Miami - this guy selling fruit in the street - he was kept busy!  Every red light, he sold and sold

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