Eeda & Jahn

Eeda and Jahn

Eeda & Jahn

Wondering about our names? These are our travel names - because everyone calls us by our first names on flights, tours, etc... and they pronounce our names "Eee-duh" and "Jaw-un" ...Every. Single. Time. We joke around and call ourselves this from time-to-time at home.

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis October 16th 2019

Where do I start? It's been a tough year... we lost our beloved Scaredy cat in March.... then Keith passed suddenly which threw us for a loop….and then the sweetest dog on Earth, my Simon, passed away just last month. September was the saddest month of my life thus far. I can still barely talk about losing Simon. I miss him almost every day. It's like a suffocating lump in your throat that doesn't go away. In other news, the St Louis Cardinals had a great year. I've always loved baseball and at some point in my life I switched from backing the KC Royals to the STL Cardinals. This year, with Simon being sick and blind, he couldn't do much.. he would whine if I didn't stay near I would sit with him after ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami October 5th 2018

We are in the Miami Airport waiting for our plane. Kamie is literally snoring next to me. I’m drinking Starbucks so I’m wide awake. We were up at 5:30am this morning which is 4:30am Missouri time. We were in the first group off the ship. We Ubered to the Miami airport. We have a very long layover in Atlanta airport today so we won’t be in Memphis until around 5:30pm tonight. I suspect I will be driving home and all will go well. Kamie’s new car is the smoothest ride I’ve ever experienced…. makes driving in out of Memphis traffic seem like a trip to Ramey’s…. it feels like it glides. Update: Kamie took over in Jonesboro and we didn’t get home until around 11pm and let’s just say his driving made me yell at him ... read more
Good Morning Miami
MIA  (Miami International Airport)

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau October 4th 2018

The ship rocked & rolled last night while the thunder and lighting and rain pounded the ship all night. We slept great. We sailed into pouring rain in Nassau, Bahamas around 8am. By the time we were off the ship the rain had stopped and the humidity was all that remained. It was hot today. We took a tour to Nassau’s “Top Ten” spots. We liked about three or four of them. We agreed no more ship tours for us. We should have learned our lesson years ago. Regardless, we enjoyed spending time walking around the Atlantis Resort on our own. We bought a souvenir in their gift shop. We went to a rum cake factory (so-so) and to a rum distillery (awesome). The rum distillery tour was outside and self-guided so we skipped the tour ... read more
Sailing into Nassau
A resort on Nassau
Wet hair, don't care

Kamie woke-up at 6:02am this morning. He was awake, lights on, and out of bed before 7:30am yesterday. I cannot get this man out of bed before 3pm sometimes at home and this is what he chooses to do on vacation?? Eh. We arrived in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas today. Half Moon Cay is Carnival’s privately-owned island so it’s only Carnival employees and Carnival cruisers on the island. It’s one big beach party. Sand like flour. Aqua waters. Beautiful. We put on our swimsuits, lathered and sprayed 100 proof sunscreen everywhere, and caught one of the first water shuttles over to the island. I swam a lot more than Kamie. It was the kind of place I could stay all day if I had some sort of floaty and Kamie would stay with me. However, within ... read more
Half Moon Cay (the tip of the island)
Our Ship - Carnival Victory
Pirate Ship (Bar and BBQ) on Half Moon Cay

North America October 2nd 2018

We woke-up today to a completely quiet balcony and no noises next door but the sea was roaring! Our ship was rocking and rolling and some people seemed concerned but it was not the worst seas we’ve been in so we were fine. We watched the waves from our balcony and listened to the spray of sea water. I loved it. Today was a “sea day” on the boat – meaning the boat is traveling to tomorrow's destination and not stopping anywhere. It usually means naps, sleeping-in, and boat entertainment. After breakfast we walked the ship and found all the areas we hadn’t seen before. Kamie went up to deck 10 to smoke and I played Rock Music Trivia. I didn’t win but I didn’t lose. If Kamie would have been with me, we would have ... read more
Kamie & Poseidon
The main lobby bar
The main lobby area

North America » United States » Florida » Miami October 1st 2018

Today we got on the ship. The End. Just kidding. It was uneventful, however. Breakfast on the hotel’s dime at a small restaurant next door was good. Check-in was easy in Miami and rather quick. The “problem” with today was our boarding time was early (11am) so we were onboard before 11:30am and they were refueling so the entire ship was non-smoking until almost 1:30pm/2pm. Kamie was not a happy camper. Actually, later we learned he could have been inside smoking in the casino but neither of us thought about the casino since it is the only indoor smoking area on the ship. We had beautiful views of Miami leaving the port. Our ship actually turned-around in the small harbor to leave the port! Never seen a ship do that before. We got fantastic views of ... read more
On the ship - Miami in the background
View of part of Miami from the ship
Coast Guard & Miami Dade Police

North America » United States » Florida » Miami September 30th 2018

Kamie woke me at 4:05am this morning with an upset stomach. Did I pack anything? Yes, I did. 😊 Suppose his Dave & Busters beer-battered fries didn’t set well? He should’ve had the quesadilla… (like me and other Rockstars). We were back to sleep in a couple of minutes…. then the alarm beeped at 4:45am. We had an easy drive on 240 to the Memphis airport. This was our first time flying out of this airport, but it was fairly simple to navigate and was not busy with traffic this morning. Kamie was wearing a hat he purchased in Cabo San Lucas a few years back. He looked like a redneck going to drink lots of beer on an island to me. Strange enough, his hat was very popular with the ladies this morning. He received ... read more
FLL Airport arrival

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis September 29th 2018

Today we drove to Memphis. We left, as usual, 3 hours past the time we thought we would, but the drive was beautiful. It was sunny and 71 degrees. Once we got through the Arkansas mountains, it was all flat cotton fields as far as the eye could see. The cotton looked ready to be picked with the full, fluffy branches. Neither of us had been down this way in years so it was neat to see again. We drove most of the way with the windows half down. We stopped in Jonesboro, Arkansas (population around 67,000) at a small Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market so Kamie could use the bathroom and he grabbed a hot dog at the deli. He’s a cheap date - $1 hot dog with free mustard. 😊 We sorta fell in love with ... read more
Green Elevator
The Pyramid

North America » United States » Missouri September 28th 2018

We need a vacation. The following things have happened to us in the last 30 days: · I hit a large fencing nail on the highway and blew-out a tire on my SUV · The coil on a garage door just randomly decided to break, shoot off and swing around and cause some other minor damage in our garage and to my SUV. · I accidentally knocked-over and destroyed hubby’s 65 inch, UHD, 4K TV (which was replaced within 24 hours, for the record) · The TV slammed my thumb on the way down which caused some major damage to the nerves in my left thumb to the point that I can’t even carry a purse with that hand or grip anything tight · I almost ran over some dear co-workers and crashed into some cars ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 17th 2017

We are sitting in Munich, Germany airport. We will be here for another 3 or 4 hours… then a 10 hour flight to Chicago…. Then a 4+ hour layover in Chicago…. And we will finally be in St Louis on Wednesday the 18th(your date and your time). I think we just added-up that our flights and etc is all over 29 hours. Maybe more? We had an early flight out of Krakow so for “breakfast” on the plane to Munich they served us cold sandwiches – brown bread, egg, and beef pastrami. I didn’t even open the package. Kamie ate his! He will eat anything. We just had a small meal in the Munich airport. I ordered a beef burger and “german fries” (according to Kamie but they were just fat fries) and Kamie ordered a ... read more

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