Eeda & Jahn

Eeda and Jahn

Eeda & Jahn

Wondering about our names? These are our travel names - because everyone calls us by our first names on flights, tours, etc... and they pronounce our names "Eee-duh" and "Jaw-un" ...Every. Single. Time. We joke around and call ourselves this from time-to-time at home.

North America » Canada » Quebec December 7th 2019

I'm writing this final entry after the fact, clearly. We had a whirlwind weekend. Friday evening we again were out exploring Quebec and it was getting colder and colder. We also realized our hotel has three restaurants which, in comparison to the skyrocket prices around the hotel, offer better food for less money (overall). So, we made reservations for dinner in one of the hotel restaurants but we still decided to walk around some of the side streets tonight. The hotel, by the way, has steadily increased in traffic daily. Thursday evening the check-in desk was backed-up with people everywhere. Tonight, the lobby is packed full of people coming and going and then we see later on.... there's a ball in the ballroom!! They had a red carpet setup and "security" in tuxes so only those ... read more
Typical Menu
Convenience store

North America » Canada » Quebec December 6th 2019

We have been out and about today so I'm writing my blog for today early. It's basically dark now so we'll go back out in a minute. It is completely dark by 4:30pm here every day. The lights start coming-on outside around 3:00pm. I was up semi-early today and took a shower and was ready long before Kamie was at 11am. That seems to be our "get out and about" time on this getaway. Good for us. We need the rest. First off today, we checked on the Toboggin ride they have outside our hotel. It was not open and running today. We would have froze to death anyway. It was 6 below freezing out this morning. We took the Funicular - which is a moving elevator - down the hill to the shops of Old ... read more
The lobby of the hotel is beautiful with several sitting areas
Today's weather - 6 below freezing
Our hotel has been around since at least 1602

North America » Canada » Quebec December 5th 2019

We had a full day of sightseeing yesterday and it was glorious! I was wearing my new boots which are super cute (that's mandatory, right?) and comfortable too but after nearly 9,000 steps and walking up and down hills all day, my poor feet were warm but tired by the time we finally came back to the hotel room around 10:30pm last night. First, we returned to see the Christmas Markets at night. We walked through every area of the markets we could find. The Christmas Markets are in association with the Bavarian region of Germany and they have 80 to 90 vendors from Germany selling various items - hats, gloves, soaps, ornaments, hot chocolate, nougats, jewelry, etc. I've purchased two ornaments so far but their really hasn't been anything stand out to us as something ... read more
Our hotel
Entrance to our hotel

North America » Canada » Quebec December 4th 2019

Welcome to the North Pole! This is the greeting we were given by a jolly man with a white beard when we flew into Quebec yesterday - we weren't even in the airport yet - he was waiting for passengers as we got off the plane and started our walk down the "hallway" that leads into the airport! We then walked directly into the airport staring at a Café Starbucks which I was really in need of to simply stay awake for a couple more hours. Kamie was off to the restroom while I listened to Christmas music overhead, noticed the airport had a kids (and adults) area setup with The Grinch movie showing on a giant TV, and adjacent to that was a Lexus SUV wrapped in a big red bow. This small airport sang ... read more
Kamie smoking outside Toronto airport

North America » United States November 4th 2019

Well…. we were bad kids on the last night of the cruise. We listened to some music, walked around here and there, etc. Didn’t get to bed until after 1:30am sometime… and the boat began slipping into the New York harbor a little after 5am. I tiptoed around and grabbed my camera and went outside and watched. Everything was quiet except for the nonstop early morning traffic on the Verrazano Bridge. I probably took a hundred pictures. It was chilly and I was exhausted but I kept slipping out to the balcony and then back in the room to finish packing the last suitcase. I could see the city waking-up every time I stepped on the balcony so it was nearly impossible to stay in the room. By the way, you know what the one thing ... read more
Another view
Veranzzo Bridge
Balcony view

North America » United States November 2nd 2019

We woke-up to the ship still rocking and rolling today. It was so dark and stormy that at one point they almost shutdown deck 14 because it was raining so hard it was blowing rain onto the entire deck. It was weird to see. People were walking all over the boat today like they were drunk. It really didn’t calm down until about an hour ago and it’s midnight now. I should be asleep. On that note… today we settled with the casino (we won a whopping $5), settled our account, picked-up our pics, played in the arcade for a couple of hours and then rode bumper cars afterwards. Tonight we went to The Music Hall and listened to a band called The Royal Swedes. They were singing songs like “Feel Like Making Love” and “I ... read more
My favorite
I'm in the top 3 now
Kamie playing

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia November 1st 2019

Happy Halloween from the eastern seaboard in the Atlantic! We are currently cruising in 50 mph winds and the boat is rocking & rolling and the surf is pounding outside. It’s very loud but not too bad and not scary or anything. We’ve seen and felt much worse. Though, it is eerie we were in Halifax, Novia Scotia Canada today which is where most of the Titanic bodies are buried. We wanted to visit the Titanic museum today or the cemetery but the cemetery had an emergency shutdown due to rains causing a sinkhole in the cemetery (those people can’t get a break dead or alive) and we learned there is no Titanic museum.. just a small museum with one small titanic exhibit – some pictures, a deck chair from the Titanic, etc. So, today we ... read more
I feel like this moose is flipping off people
He just wanted to go back to bed
A Memorium

North America » Canada October 31st 2019

Today is a Sea Day meaning we are on the ship all day as it cruises us to our next destination in Canada. It was in the mid to high 50s and sunny all day. Beautiful. I will share some “Ship Characters” with ya’ll today.... Remember Mr and Mrs Tennessee… she knew everything and he spent $96 in the bar one night? Well, they are celebrating their 50 year anniversary on this cruise. I saw him sitting in the pub again yesterday. They were chosen for the “Love & Marriage Show” onboard and let’s just say they are old superfreaks. Next, we have Mister Helper Man who is here with his wife and her family. He is a very energetic and funny man who has a sincerely nice wife and a gawd awful mother-in-law. He doesn’t ... read more
Bingo time!
Warm today - mid to high 50s and sunny all day
Cupcake Class Beginnings...

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » St John October 29th 2019

Greetings from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. We are now 2 hours ahead of you in the time zone. It is late. I am tired. We had a long day today. We woke-up and decided we should do a little tour or something today. We were busy today. The boat docked here around 10:30am and we were in line to get off the boat by 11am. We walked to the City Market. It was cool to see but it was also located up the steepest street in Canada (for reals). Yikes what a climb that turned-out to be. After touring that area, we walked back down and decided to have a 1:30pm drink at a local lobster café/pub because we weren’t hungry. At 2pm, we caught a tour we purchased when we got off the boat. ... read more
My lunch
I love this picture

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor October 28th 2019

Happy Birthday to McKamie in Bar Harbor, Maine! Today was supposed to be a so-so day. I didn’t think there was too much in Bar Harbor and so we had nothing planned. I had read it would be raining and our coldest stop of the cruise. Today was a pleasant surprise. Bar Harbor is an enclave of small islands connected by a sand bar… when the tide is low, you can walk to one of the islands but if the tide rises, you are stuck on the island. Bar Harbor is also a small hideaway for the wealthy. We could easily see why today. This little piece of America is nothing short of glorious in the autumn and it is easy to look around and imagine the fun in the sun of summer, too. Backing up…. ... read more
Us in Bar Harbor
The little downtown area of Bar Harbor
Oysters Rockefeller

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