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Welcome to my Travel Blog. I began this profile in 2018 for our USA tour and our 2019 China tour. Now that world traveling is almost back to normal, we will hit the traveling road again in 2023. Trips to America & Great Britain on planned and it will be great to see some sights again.

We'll be riding Harley's again in America, back to the west coast, into Montana, South Dakota & Wyoming, before heading south to Colorado, Utah & Arizona. And as always, some treasured favorite destinations along with many new sights to see.

We'll look forward to sharing adventures again soon!

Traveling Pez.

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou April 13th 2019

After a long Friday, leaving our Beijing hotel at 4am, Angela left for her flight home via Hong Kong on time at 8am. I, on the other hand, suffered a 2 hour delay on my flight to Guangzhou, eventually departing at 10.45am. Arriving at the President Hotel by taxi after my driver failed to show, a miserable drizzly day, and now sitting in my room on a rainy Saturday morning after catching up on much needed sleep, I'm slightly disappointed that our magical Glories of China Tour has ended. From seeing the magical sights of Shanghai, the Silk Factory, Huangpu River cruise, The Bund, Shanghai Museum & Zhujiajiao (old water town) to Guilin, the Li River cruise, Yangshuo and the local village, the Pearl Factory, Cormorant Fishing to Xi'an and the Terracotta Warriors, the Xi'an Ancient ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China April 12th 2019

DAY 10 - Although the Temple of Heaven was very interesting, the really big ticket items were still to come on Wednesday. Again we left the hotel early to beat the traffic, a short, illegal park for the coach so we could run (yes, we were told to run, as the driver could receive a ticket), to the top of an overpass to take some quick shots of the Birds Nest Stadium, where the Olympics were held some years back, 2008 I think. So picture this, 18 Aussies running down footpath in Beijing, pushing the locals aside, up the steps the overpass 3 at a time (well, maybe just one at a time, quickly), across to the other side, snap a few quick pics of the Birds Nest, then a leisurely stroll in double double time ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an April 7th 2019

DAY 7 - An early start today for our flight to Xi'an, home town of our guide, Grace. We arrived and began with a tour of Xi'an City Wall. Xi'an is the ancient capital of China and the wall was required to protect the inner city residents. A moat is being reconstructed around the wall. Our hotel for tonight is amazing, LanXi International Hotel, can't complain about the level of service here. After dinner we jumped on our coach for a nighlights tour of Xi'an, including a stroll through the pedestrian mall. As it is a very important weekend here, Memorial Public Holiday, all the women, from young ages around 13 or so up to late 20's, dress in national costumes and are very proud of doing so. A massive light display throughout the streets of ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou April 4th 2019

DAY 3 cont - After arriving in Guilin late afternoon, we had another wonderful dinner followed by a wander around the local streets. Plenty of activity as there is a festival in full swing, with dancers and displays in the major park of Guilin. We found an Irish Pub in an alley, where you'll not be surprised to find, all the Aussies eventually accumulated. DAY 4 - A short coach trip to the Li River, boarding our cruise boat for a 4 hour trip to Yangshuo. Amazing scenery again as we wound our way through high peaks of limestone. Arriving in Yangshuo, we checked into our hotel and went for a casual stroll through the local streets. Plenty of colour, music and the smells of the local delicacies were abundant, some chilli, blue claw and noodles ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu April 3rd 2019

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our Glories of China tour of 2019. The trip started off with a cancelled flight on Saturday night, arriving back home at 3am Sunday morning, back to airport for 3pm flight Sunday arvo. Into Hong Kong at 10pm and Cathay Pacific had arranged a brilliant hotel room, within the airport for the night. On our connecting flight to Shanghai at 7.30am Monday, arriving at 10am. Our tour guide, Grace had arranged for us to be picked up and although we missed the first part of Day 1, we were taken straight to our lunch venue, a magnificent floating restaurant on the Huangpu River. Our tour group is made up of Aussie's from Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle and of course Brisbane. We have another local guide, whose name is also Grace, so we have ... read more

North America » United States » California » Hawthorne July 25th 2018

Day 28 - Today was a very lazy day, as the heatwave coming up from Phoenix was forecast to be around the 116*F mark, we went for a quick stroll around Prescott, a quick lunch at Whiskey Row Pub where I ordered the Pickle Fries, which I thought would be a good snack. Well, it was a large basket of them, would have been enough for 10 people at least, so them and a couple of beers later, it was time for a nanny nap! We were entertained by a band in the park across from our hotel tonight to end a much needed relaxing day. Day 29 - We anticipated a ride to Jerome, an old mining town set on a mountain hillside, not far from Prescott, but rain was threatening, and we were all ... read more
Hotel St Michael & Whiskey Row
Matt's Saloon
Matt's Saloon

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona July 22nd 2018

Day 25 - Sitting in a saloon 48 State Taver, Page Arizona, after a long hot day on the road. Jac & Snapper found this gem on our 2016 trip. A couple of Porter Ales down, after Nifty wore me down on trying one (damn nice by the way), a plate of Wings with BBQ Bourbon sauce, Ranch on the side, now a Makers Mark on the rocks, our brilliant bartender, Chris - 'Have you got any Aussie music mate', Yep tell me what you like, Have you got 'Men at Work?' Yep, here ya go!' So here we are - sitting in a bar in Page, Arizona, listening to Men at Work, while eating Wings & drinking bourbon! Fantastic, I say! After leaving Kanab, a short detour to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, ... read more
Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon
Bitter Springs to Page, AZ

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 20th 2018

Day 22 - On leaving Durango this morning, we heard the last train back from Silverton had been delayed due to a landslide onto the tracks. This train was 1 hour behind our train, the passengers had to be coached back to Durango arriving at 3am. Lucky call to book the 1.45pm train! The US550 north was calling, The Million Dollar Highway, named as it cost a million dollars per mile back when it was built. Past Silverton and into Ouray, they call it Switzerland in America, as this little village sits in a majestic little valley in the Rocky's. Full of cafes, gift shops, art galleries and the like. A brilliant ride along the San Juan Skyway to Telluride was our next gem today, what a brilliant road either to drive or ride. Into Telluride, ... read more
Silverton CO from the Pass
Million Dollar Highway View
In Ouray

North America » United States » Colorado » Salida July 15th 2018

Day 19 - Awoke to cloudy skies and very windy, with rain forecast for today from Loveland to Colorado Springs. We hit the I25 and sat on 75mph, around Denver and onto Colorado Springs to see The Garden of the Gods. What a 'Slappin' Horses' moment (only a couple of you will get this!), absolutely amazing landscape, similar to Sedona on a smaller scale. Being a Sunday there were massive crowds out climbing on the rocks. We stopped for a few photos and parked in the bus zone, where a National Parks Office (only a young fella) came up to me with ticket book in hand, he'd already booked a half a dozen cars for parking illegally. So the conversation went along the lines of - Sorry Mate, we're just about to leave, am I getting ... read more
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

North America » United States » Colorado » Loveland July 12th 2018

Day 16 - We had a massive storm overnight, plenty of thunder & lighting, heavy rain around 2-3am. Still heavy overcast skies this morning and light drizzle, we headed out to Sturgis for breakfast and a walk around town before the 78th Sturgis Rally gets underway in approximately a months time. All the shops are up and running with all leather biker gear & t shirts stocked to the hilt. As we were due to leave it started to bucket down again, so we headed back to Deadwood to stay out of the rain. Another stroll in Historic Main Street, and the skies started to clear. We decided to head out to Bear Country, 10 miles the other side of Rapid City. It looked pretty dark and bleak as we rode the Interstate to Rapid City. ... read more

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