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Greetings from Los Angeles! I'm home, safe and sound albeit exhausted. A quick trip recap and an announcement about the future of the Alien. I left Billings Montana at about 12:00 PM on Friday. Hat night I made it to Nephi, UT about 735 miles away. The next morning I left early and blasted the remaining 600 miles home, arriving last night. Man, this was a great trip. It was one I needed for sure. I feel refreshed and regenerated. I didn't realize how burned out and tired I was two weeks ago until now. This ride has been therapy and I en joyed every minute. For me there were a couple of standout highlights. The 101 from Southern California to Northern Washington was fantastic. I could not have asked for better weather, a better road ... read more
Everyone is loading up those last few things before hitting the road.
First gas stop of the day...The Mothership in front of an "adult superstore."
Getting ready to roll

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CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'September 2, 2010 Bob and I hadn’t seen California in 14 years, so-----on our way to New Zealand----we thought we’d stop and check it out! We had cashed in some miles on Delta and enjoyed the flight from Sarasota, FL. LAX was busy, busy, busy (it was Labor Day weekend, what were we thinking?!), but we soon got through the car rental process. Bob had booked a bargain on Priceline--$150 for five days—but I knew all was lost when he started checking out the ragtops! So, we doubled the price plus and left in a midnigh... read more

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Trip Dates: June 19th 2017 - July 10th 2017 Yep, It's me, the Alien and I'm at it again! Last year I took an epic ride across America and a few folks have told name that they enjoyed following along with my misadventures. To kick off this year's trip, this post will contain FAQ's, route information, preparations and equipment. FAQ's: 1. Really? Again? You didn't have enough of this last year? Yeah. Yeah. No. 2. How can you just leave your wife at home and go off on these trips? Mrs. Alien is very understanding about these rides. She is always invited to come along but long miles on the bike for weeks at a time is not her idea of fun. This year, she will fly out to meet me in Montana where we will ... read more

Bonjour, Les mois d'avril et mai furent intenses, mais opposés, entre un mois d'avril orienté sorties et amusements divers et variés, avec l'arrivée d'amis des enfants, et un mois de mai entièrement dédié aux études (ponts du mois de mai compris !), car il faut quand même travailler... En avril, donc, à la grande joie de Juliette et Corto, Daniel et Laetitia sont venus nous rendre visite pour, respectivement, deux et trois semaines de séjour, ce qui leur a largement laissé le temps d'en profiter ! Ayant revêtu mes casquettes favorites de guide touristique et taxi à Los Angeles, nous leur avons fait visiter les endroits les plus emblématiques de cette ville tentaculaire : Venice, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu... Ils ont pu apprécier aussi notre super salle de gym, faire du surf, du trampoline ... read more
histoire de prendre un peu de soleil !
Daniel se remet en forme au trampoline...
avant une visite à la magnifique Greystone Mansion...

It is getting to be time to hit the road again, this time Jennifer and I are on our way to Texas to visit her brother and do some snooping around in Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas. As was the case with the previous train trip we will be riding on Amtrak. However, we are not going to be going to on the Coast Starlight on this journey. We will be taking a more southern route this time as we are heading to Texas. I have included the maps on this blog as well as a picture of the map. Another difference this time is that instead of Jennifer and I sharing one compartment we are going to be taking two compartments of the roomette style. We did this for two reasons: 1. It allows us a little ... read more
Texas Eagle Route
Day Time Roomette
Night Time Configuration of the Roomette

I am up a bit after 6am local time. Check my email, play some games, quick edit or two on yesterdays journal. Today we head back to LA and tomorrow will be spent mostly getting to the airport and flying to Cincinnati and then driving home. Everyone is moving by 8am and be breakfast for the last time in Verde, the hotels' restaurant. In the room we fill our bags and try to have things organized so that tonight/tomorrow nothing will have to go into or come out of the big green suitcase. All out traveling possessions fit neatly in the trunk of the Elantra and we walk over to Old Town to grab some souvenirs for Caroline's co-workers and to see the blacksmith work. We also toured the saddlery and saw the burros. At noon ... read more

I have long wanted to visit this museum in Los Angeles, but until today, May 13, never found the right opportunity. I found it today, by attending the Asian Pacific Islanders and Historic Preservation Community Symposium at the museum. Among the current exhibits: New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei March 12 - August 20, 2017 New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei explores the life and career of pioneering actor, activist, and social media icon George Takei. By examining Takei’s diverse experiences and achievements, this entertaining and interactive exhibition creates a portrait of a unique individual while offering an innovative means of engaging with the social history of America. GK: His YouTube conversations about Relocation are very inter... read more
Gila River Relocation Camp, Arizona
Moving day
JA Museum Los Angeles

This is a must stop for any book lover: There's no denying the significance of San Francisco's City Lights Bookstore, recognized as an official historic landmark for its role in beat culture. But the Last Bookstore has grown along with L.A.'s revitalized downtown and now holds the title of California's largest used and new bookstore. Its 22,000 square feet on two floors of the Spring Arts Tower hold 250,000 books, as well as thousands of vinyl records and graphic novels. The building also includes the Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore, which features the gallery shops of local artists and mind-boggling installation art, such as a tunnel made from stacks of old tomes. And this: Not only is the Los Angeles Central Library ... read more
Entrance on 5th
Creative displays
Love the book sculptures

Abcde and I were up early (no surprise there) and while I typed up the previous days activities she played and wife slept. Wearing the same shirt she had stained with strawberries the day before, Abcde joined me for breakfast and again survived on fresas and decaf coffee. Wife eventually joined us and after cycling through the shower we settled on the zoo as our best choice for things to do. At about 11 am Karina and Joel rolled up and we were on our way. Used Joel's AAA card for a small discount on the tickets which offset the price of the carousel, $84 all in for 4 adults and one free child. We first met Reggie the alligator, who was rescued from a local lake where his previous owner had dumped him to terrify ... read more

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... is going to the car hire depot on your 52nd birthday to pick up your economy compact for the weekend, and driving out in a Mustang convertible. Oh yeah. We spent Saturday touring the hotspots, top down, ticking off Venice beach (tacky), the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame which was just crazy!! It was full of people demonstrating: against Trump, for Trump, pro life, pro Jesus, anti Christian. Everyone was dressed as a superhero and the Chinese tourists went mad over the Jackie Chan star, lying down on the pavement next to it to take a selfie, oblivious of the hundreds of people walking long the boulevard. I'm not sure if my favourite moment was the mounted policeman parking outside Starbucks to get a coffee to go, or meeting the bright orange ... read more

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