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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles November 22nd 2017

The hotel type accommodation in central Rome two blocks over from the Termini was perfect for our last night in Europe. 6th floor, clean and quiet. We were up at 4am and walked to the Terravision bus stop at Termini by 4.30. It takes an hour to the airport but we were a bit earlier as it wasn"t too hectic on the roads this time of morning. Driving through the old city Roman walls in their partially ruined state, all lit up. Easy checking-in, via London (transit) to LA. Booked all the way so didn't have to worry about our checked 'hold luggage'. Just as well..I'm pleased security is real tight but in that effort to get here I don't know how many times we had to disassemble our 'carryon' packing to put through scanners... All ... read more
French Alpes
French Alpes
France west coast

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles November 18th 2017

Off to Palm Springs in Val’s Audi convertible - Karen in the back seat 💺😎~2hr drive First stop, check out Johnny Carson’s home 🏠 neighborhood with midcentury-modern architecture, although you cannot see the actual house due to the natural hedge and fence. We can understand why people gravitate to this area to relax. The core shopping district along Palm Canyon Drive features vintage boutiques, interior design shops and restaurants. We walk around and meet Tisha/Rachel, Val’s friends who we plan to stay with at Joshua Tree, for a bite to eat 🥙 Sunday evening we attended a birthday 🎂/ housewarming party 🎉 in Palm Springs for a friend of Val’s who purchased the former home of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 😆 Check it out... read more
Integratron Sound Bath...our girl band photo cover 😁
Joshua Tree National Park
Griffith Park

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles October 31st 2017

Big Stars and Jam This blog covers Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th of October. Sunday the 29th - Hollywood I'll tell you one thing about Hollywood, its not as exciting as its made out to be, the Hollywood sign is hard to get a decent photo of and the walk of fame it a crowded affair with people spruiking tours in your face on each corner you get to. But when in America right? We found a spot in Beverly Hills to grab a snap of the famous Hollywood sign. The suburban roads you need to drive around to get to the spot was very tense, with tight blind bends and only around 1 lane of space to fit cars through it is raising hairs on my neck just to think about it still. ... read more
Hollywood Sign
"Reagan's" Star
Hard Rock lunch Hollywood

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles October 30th 2017

The Three Days of Saturday This blog will be broken up into the interesting phenomena I had of experiencing what felt like 3 days in the same day, I wrote each part as it concluded to give you a real time experience. EDIT: I apologize for the delay in posting this first blog, it would appear I fell asleep without pressing publish when I wrote it. Enjoy. Day 1 - Arriving at departures. An early 4:15am rise marks the beginning of our holiday. Showers, last checklist items completed, lock luggage, stong coffee... lets do this. Our lift arrives at 6:00 and we are off. For me Tullamarine airport is never a pleasurable experience and it is a place I avoid with a passion if at all possible. However the process of check in and security was ... read more
Our Metal Bird
Santa Monica
Santa Monica

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Laguna Beach September 18th 2017

Last night I stayed up late to finish my packing. We just learned last Friday that we will not be able to get visa into Tibet as planned so we had to take out some of the winter clothes from our suitcases. I am almost done with my packing.... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles September 5th 2017

LA! via Sydney..... landing just after an early morning breakfast. A little sleep for one & none for the other. Hotel shuttle direct from airport to our Hotel proved easy. We all think the heavy haze over LA is due to the Calfornia fires in Burbank. It turned out to be a warm day but not as hot as the previous few days. Alice & Drew came into LA early, all the way from Tulare (4 1/2 hours due to a couple of accidents) to meet up with us. They arrived about 10 mins after us to the Hotel. It was so great to see them & they are both looking good. We drove to Venice Beach a particularly wide & fine sandy beach with long promenades and palm trees and shops and people strolling, skateboarding, ... read more
Venice Beach
Just like the building
Palm trees

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles August 22nd 2017

22.8. Dienstag, Das geniale Frühstück genossen: schmeckt wie Krapfen, hat aber andere Formen. Schokoguss, Zuckerguss oder mit Zucker bedeckt. Ungesund und macht nicht satt. Dann gefragt, wo das Zollamt ist, da ich die Adresse hatte, konnte man das leicht finden. Auf meine Frage, ob man da auch hin gehen kann, bekam ich keine Antwort. So dämliche Fragen werden einfach ignoriert. Ich ging dann los, hab mich aber bald gefürchtet. Die werden doch nicht die Polizei rufen, weil da eine zu Fuß geht? Aber es ging alles gut. Die Gegend hier ist d+t, dreckig und trostlos. Nach den fast chemisch reinen Ländern Korea und Japan und den sauberen Hongkong ist dies besonders auffällig. Nun gut, nur an den Stellen, an denen der Wind den Dreck zusammengeweht hat, liegt er kniehoch. Graham hat am Tag vorher sein MR ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles August 19th 2017

The second half of our trip was from Santa Barbara with its patriotic American flag lined main street and purple Jacaranda dotted streets. It has a nice beach with a mountain backdrop and plenty of shops around. We then entered L.A from the north and arrived at the Celebrity Stars to start with. I didn't realise that they extend for hundreds of meters on both sides of the road. If you did want to locate a specific star then i'd say to get a map that way you would find it easier. We then went to go up the hill for some city views but as it was a public holiday, the only options were to park halfway up the hill and walk or drive right through. We got a glimpse of the surprisingly small city ... read more
Mission Veijo
Santa Barbara Jacaranda Trees

Next stop, the famous LA! I've stopped counting the number of visits I did here. So these 2 days will be all about showing my preferred places to Tanya. We are staying in Old Pasadena. This is a first for me. We are a little further from the tourists sites, making a stay a little more affordable. This is prime tourist season and a simple 3 stars hotel can easily charge you over 250usd a night....slightly madness! That may be ok if you are an American taking your 10 days of holidays per year, but our schedule is a little more extended than this, so I don't mind to drive 15 minutes more to get a more decent rate. Old Pasadena is actually a very peaceful and lovely place to stay. I won't hesitate to sleep ... read more
At the Griffith Observatory....with the crowds...
Rodeo Drive...

Alright Folks so we are home, It was an extremely uneventful trip home after we left San Antonio it was smooth sailing with the train leaving so early that we had to wait at every station for time to be made up. The most exciting things were the rain in New Mexico, the Dust in Arizona including tumbleweeds and the few things I heard on my scanner during the later hours of the night. The first one was when we were just getting into Arizona I heard a request for an ambulance to meet us a passenger had cut herself and needed to be removed from the train. We got to our next station stop and there EMS waited and took the passenger to be checked out. The next one was a little bit more serious ... read more
It Rained in New Mexico
Some More Rain Mixed with Dust
We are home at 0430

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