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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid October 4th 2017

Day 23- Tuk Tuk Rides Zoe We woke up at lunch time because we were so tired. So today's blog is going to be short. We started the afternoon going to the market to get breakfast and lunch. If you were reading our first blog you would find the market. After that we took a tuk tuk around Madrid. We had a fantastic driver called Hellen. She spoke English and showed us all the main things to see around Madrid. It was really interesting and fun to do on our last day. After the tuk tuk we came home and went out for dinner at Plaza Mayor. Which is the Plaza that we are staying at. It was a very nice dinner. We played with toys that light up when you throw them up in the ... read more
Our great Tuk Tuk tour guide Helen
Flag of Spain

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid October 2nd 2017

Day 22: Goodbye Cartama and hello Madrid Bella We all sadly Packed up the house La Niña Chole in Cartama. We didn't want to leave but I feel ready to go back to Melbourne soon. We Drove to the train station and returned the hire car. We returned the car to malagacar.com We Caught the high speed train to Madrid (230 kms an hour). I sat next Zoe while mum sat with dad, we listened to music and played games on our iPads We Arrived in Madrid from our train and went to our apartment. It is cute and has double bunk beds. We are all sleeping in one room! We walked to a cute sweet shop called La Violeta.and got a lot of presents We went out to dinner with dads work friends called Toby, ... read more
Bye ducky
Our apartment in Madrid

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cartama October 2nd 2017

Day 21- 👋Bye Josia and Micheal👋 Zoe We started our morning pretty slow. We just sat around the table playing cards until 11. At 11 it was Josia's flight so we had to say bye😭😭😢. I will miss him so much. After Josia left and dad came back from the airport, we went for a drive to Malaga. We are staying just over the border of Málaga. In Málaga we went to another Picasso museum!! There were lots of his artworks there, including his sculptures. After all, Picasso was born in Málaga. It was very interesting to see the way his paintings changed the older he got! We also went to the outside of his house that he was born in. After that we went to El Pimpi which is a restaurant the owner of the ... read more
Bye josia 😢
Picasso museum

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Ronda October 1st 2017

By Bella We woke up had breakfast and went for another walk of the property, it is beautiful. It has lots of trees. After that we we went on a drive for 1 hour to Ronda which is an old town in the north of Malaga. It is cut in two and joined by a huge bridge. We went on an adventure under the bridge in the rocks. You walked/kind of climbed across and saw a bridge. It was amazing. Then we had lunch, I had pizza. Then we drove home We went for a Swim with dad and Josia it was really fun. There was a little concert with Flamingo dancing it was really cool but it was also really long so we were all tired half way through. Scroll down to see all the ... read more
Lunch with a great view
Walking down the hill

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga September 30th 2017

Zoe This morning I woke up and got ready for Córdoba. Córdoba is the capital of Andalusia. The drive was 2 hours from our house. When we arrived we went to The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. It's called the Mezquita. The building was a mix of different religions and styles. It was very hot. So after our tour we needed water and lunch. We had calamari and eggplant. Then we drove home. Bella and I had a swim in the pool. Then dad went to collect Michael from the airport. Michael is bella's godfather. Josia, Kym, Bella and I walked down to the festival in Cartama. The festival was really good. There was a street parade of the ancient story of Belle and Jarife. There were stalls everywhere though the streets. Some stalls had food, candles, presents, ... read more
The Cathedral
Gold on the inside

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cartama September 28th 2017

Day 18 Caroline and Mike leave us: 😭 Bella We woke up and collected 4 eggs?!?! We were so excited but we went down there and they had stamps and were bought eggs from the supermarket?!?!?! We did Running training and went to a track but it was closed so went to the park and did some laps. Cause we're running the melbourne marathon. We did a Big swim and then had a Late lunch. We said Farewell to Mike and Caroline. They left a note in the pillow case of their apartment. I feel sad that they have left. We are going to send post cards and letters to them. They live in a castle in Ireland, I would like to visit them there. We had another long swim with Josia. We played Marco Polo. ... read more
Morning swim
Our house

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Canete la Real September 27th 2017

Zoe This morning I woke up and went to see if Josia was awake and he was. We went outside and chatted and then Bella woke up so we thought we would play cards. We played cards and I won 🎉. We also had breakfast during the game. When dad woke up we played monopoly. It was Josia and I on a team vs dad and Bella. It was raining but we still jumped in the pool for a bit. After that we went to an old town called Antequera. We parked in the car park and went up to the top level. The top level was a viewing point. It had a great 👍 view of churches. Then we walked up a hill to a fort. We got audio guides. Mum, Bella, Josia and I ... read more
View from car park
Josia and I walking down the road
Nice photo

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga September 27th 2017

Day 16 Exploring Malaga I Woke up and played Monopoly with Zoe and Josia which was really fun. I lost and Josia had to buy one of my property's cause I couldn't afford it . Me, Zoe and Dad had a swim in the pool and played duck in the middle. If you don't know that is, it is a game where someone is stuck in the middle of the pool with a rubber duck. We Drove into Malaga to find a market the gardener told us about. It was a really smelly seafood market.So we had lunch at the seafood market. We found a park, port and ice cream. When we came home from the seafood market we found in the chicken coop one beautiful and clean egg! We went for another really nice swim! ... read more
On the docs
In a different park
In the park up side down

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada September 25th 2017

Zoe I woke up early in the morning and Josia was already awake. So we were just chatting outside. Dad was also awake so he went down to the shops to get breakfast. When dad was back everyone was awake so we had breakfast. They all had bread and dips but I had bacon. Then we got ready to go to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is an Arabic palace and fortress, it was originally built in 889 on Roman ruins. In the Middle Ages the Alhambra was the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada and their court. It is a beautiful palace and has amazing gardens. We went up the top of one of the towers and we got a view of the whole city. There is also a bell up the tower and they ... read more
Me in one of the Alhambra courts
I had fun with Uncle Mike

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cartama September 24th 2017

Day 14 josias arrival We woke up in our purple house 🏡 and had 🍳 from the 🐔 and made a buffet for Caroline and Mike after a while we jumped in the 🏊 ( but we didn't actually jump because it is too shallow). Then we got ready for lunch 🍴 ( we were in the pool 🏊 for a few hours). We drove down the hill to find the place our owner recommended. we could not find it so we asked a hotel. they said it was next door but we found a work shop next door and went up stairs and found an unusual restaurant. we ate lots of food 🥘 we got some tea ☕️ When we got home we went in the pool 🏊 .After we got out we found ... read more
In the pool
The gate

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