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Sunday found us heading towards Hopewell Rocks ( to walk on the shoreline underneath the rocks once the tide was out. The ‘fastest directions’ brought us to Highway 114 in New Brunswick; a windy, crater filled badly, lumpy one lane each way road that really only should have been a 60 km/h maximum instead of the posted 80 km/h. I’m sure the funeral homes in the area got their town council to raise that to 80 km/h since they wanted more business! We kept it to 60 km/h in the good parts, but mostly crawled like a slalom course at 45 - 50 km/h. We arrived around 12:30 and found a parking spot in the RV section of the parking lot. We were able to bring out the BBQ and I cooked up some hot dogs ... read more
Propane BBQ
Hot Dog!
The vista at Hopewell Rocks

We woke up from a great sleep. We had our showers in the shower/washroom pavilion and it felt like heaven; especially for Shelley as she’s been using the little shower stall here in the RV - which is fine - but NOT as roomy as the shower this morning. And talk about water pressure! Lol. After that we had some breakfast, simple toast with peanut butter and coffee/tea. Then out for a little stroll. We walked to the Amphitheatre near our campsite as the path there leads down and to the road where we follow it along to the Salt Water Pool. On the roadway we saw what we thought was a rock in the middle but turned out it was a toad! It was so big. It made me remember the times as a kid ... read more
Roadway towards the lake and Amphitheatre
View of the salt water pool near our campsite
View of the little lake behind the Amphitheatre

Another great sleep last night. It was windy, but comfortable in the ol’ RV. We enjoyed a breakfast of bacon ‘n eggs (fake bacon for Shelley), coffee ‘n tea and then got ready for the day. We lazed around the campsite in the morning. I enjoyed a pipe with my coffee and did a bit of reading, then actually got in a cigar as well! That’s quite the morning. Afterwards, we decided that we would drive the 37 minutes (according to the GPS) to get some gas and a few supplies. Little did we know that about three minutes up the road from our campsite is a little village of Alma with a Gulf gas station, general store, hotels, and PLENTY of ‘lobstah’ shacks and places to eat. We were thrilled since we had it in ... read more
Red Adirondack chairs
Me with an old ship mate

Shelley and I crossed the border at Calias / St. Stephen’s, New Brunswick. We immediately felt relief at the change in highway conditions. Even though the rain and wind were still present, the highways were wide and gracious to us! So much more open and wide, 110 km/h maximum speed (we didn’t go that fast, but cars were sure enjoying that!). We headed to Saint John’s where we stopped at a Sobey’s to pick up some more vegetarian friendly foods for Shelley. The place we stopped at in Calais didn’t have much in the way of good groceries. Due to the Bird Flu taking place, we were not allowed to bring raw chicken or eggs over the border from the US to Canada. There was a Beer and WIne Store next to where we parked in ... read more
Our present location
Eric relaxing after the long drive

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 18th 2021

We continued then South to Bay of Fundy, the place in world where the tides are the highest. First attraction there, is Hopewell Cape, a place where you can witness these tides, and the beautiful effect of erosion. Some of the structures are called 'flower pots' because of a few trees on top of very high slim rock pillars. This is a must in you come in the region and is really impressive. You need to check the tides schedule before you come to make sure to be able to walk on the beach. But do stay as well as high tide, to see the difference in water levels, as well as the speed of rising tides. Next stop was Fundy national park, a beautiful mix of forest, cliffs, sea, lots of trails and wildlife. It's ... read more
lighthouse in Cap Enrage
Covered bridge

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 15th 2021

We arrived at the coast. We slept in a small B&B, in Saint-Louis de Kent village, called Ancrage b&b. This is a wonderful place, comfortable and with very good breakfasts. Its a few minutes from the national park. National park has a general flat topography, with forests, salt marshes, beaches, dunes, lagoons. It has many self-interpreted trails, (my favorite kind), showing the diversity of the region. Wildlife is abundant, especially birds. We saw many great herons, (sometimes 7-8 in the same view!!!), a great number of bald eagles, (which like to perch on high trees on shores of lagoons). About herons, check this video showing one that is hunting: We also went in a tour to observe seal colonies, (gray seals mainly). The forest is humid with lots of moss hanging from the trees. A popular ... read more
bald eagle

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 13th 2021

The pandemic still lingers. Land borders are closed and international travels are not recommended. It's better to travel local in these conditions! This summer, the Quebec's region of Gaspesie was flooded with tourists and all accommodations, (hotels, motels. campings), were full. This is a beautiful region, but too many people for my own taste. I decided to visit the province of New Brunswick, doing a great loop around the province, while mainly concentrating my stays at two locations, central acadian coast and Fundy bay. It was my first time taking vacations in September, just before fall. Weather was overall good: chilly in the morning, but comfortable in the afternoons. First stop in Quebec, at the tourist town of Cabano, on the shores of long narrow Temiscouata's lake. Region has a micro climate warmer than its immediate ... read more
Temiscouata lake

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » St John October 29th 2019

Greetings from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. We are now 2 hours ahead of you in the time zone. It is late. I am tired. We had a long day today. We woke-up and decided we should do a little tour or something today. We were busy today. The boat docked here around 10:30am and we were in line to get off the boat by 11am. We walked to the City Market. It was cool to see but it was also located up the steepest street in Canada (for reals). Yikes what a climb that turned-out to be. After touring that area, we walked back down and decided to have a 1:30pm drink at a local lobster café/pub because we weren’t hungry. At 2pm, we caught a tour we purchased when we got off the boat. ... read more
My lunch
I love this picture

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 21st 2019

Up and out the door. We drove to Prince Edward Island. About a 3 hour drive. The bridge over to the island is 13k long. We hit the tourist info building then headed towards our first nights stay. We stopped at the College of Piping. As you can guess they teach you how to play the bagpipes. Not much was going on because it is a summer school. College students study there during the summer and then head back to university. We wanted to visit the Wyatt House, but our tourbook said it would be closed. When we talked to the info people, they told us to go to the archives across the street and see if we could get them to give us a tour. We told them we came all the way from California ... read more
The lighthouse
Me at the College of Piping
The sign

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton September 20th 2019

We left Truro and headed toward New Brunswick. Our first stop was a place called Hopewell Rocks. This area has the highest tides in the world. The tide change the day we were there was 39 feet. At low tide you could walk out 200 yards from the beach onto the sea bottom. At high tide the beach was under 6 feet of water. We happened to get there as the tide was coming in. The guide said it raised about a foot every 10 minutes. So we didn't get to sea the sea bottom. After that we drove into Fundy National Park. We found a nice trail to a waterfall and I hiked it. Stacy stayed at the car. We then drove to Sussex and spent the night in a classic 1950's motel. Very simple, ... read more
Stacy by the upper falls
Hopewell Rocks
From the beach

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