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I'm mainly a nature's lover with a net preference for snakes, lizards, crocodiles and frogs. But i try to always incorporate landscapes, architecture, people and other stuff related to the country where i go, so that it could please to a larger audience!

South America » Peru March 17th 2014

Peru is large country. In most of people's mind, when you say 'Peru', they immediately think about Machu Picchu and inca trail. Well this is the traditional places that most tourists visit, the country has a lot more to offer. In this trip, I went in the Amazon, Puerto Maldonado region, the mountains and the southern desert coast. Many interesting things! . Highlights for me: 1- Amazon region, lodge in the forest: comfortable and deep in the forest enough to see many new animals: anaconda, fer de lance viper, hoatzin bird, etc... 2- Islas Ballestas: We saw sea lions, many flying birds, and a small colony of penguins!! They survive there because of the cold ocean current 3- Nazca lines by plane. Cuzco is nice colonial city, but you are attacked by armies of sellers of ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán September 3rd 2013

Back in Mexico, especially for the whale sharks. We were not deceived! We saw some manta rays as well. We visited also a botanical garden in Morelos which is quiet and full of animals! We took time to stroll in Playa Del Carmen's streets t buy things and just look!... read more

South America » Ecuador April 5th 2013

First time in South America. In Ecuador, we decided to visit the grand geographicals regions, (except the Galapagos, which is a trip of its own!!). We visited the highlands, the amazon region and the Coast. Half of the trip by bus and other half by rented car. Favorites: 1-amazon region. But I must say that contrarely to my all time favorites, Costa Rica, you need to go very deep in the amazon, and invest more in a remote lodge, to be able to get same wildlife viewing as Costa Rica. For that trip, no time to go too far, so we were in Misahualli region. The lodge we were, Suchipakari, is pretty pleasant, and prices are affordable. 2- Coast near Puerto Lopez: succession of cliffs and forests, (national park). Actual Puerto Lopez town, is dirty and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Coclé October 3rd 2012

Quick trip to Panama. My first trip in an all included, not my favorite, but prices were so low, that it was actually cheaper than the flight alone. But we rented a car a couple of days to visit more. I went ot the canal of course, but also other places in Central Panama.... read more
Nice bus
View near Valle de Anton
Royal Decameron resort

Central America Caribbean » Belize March 16th 2012

First time in Belize. To add to the adventure, (and save on the costs), took a plane to Cancun, and then a couple of buses to Belize. Regional buses in Mexico are big and comfortable. Buses in Belize, are more of the "chicken bus" type. I explored all regions of Belize, partly in bus, and partly in rented 4X4. We also took the boat to visit Caye Caulker. My wife and i, we don't like big hotels and resorts, so we stuck mainly to little places, eating real authentic cuisine. We tried iguana and armadillo in one restaurant. I have to admit, both were good, especially the armadillo that tastes like lean beef. Country is small, as the population's number, but it is cosmopolitan: english, americans, creoles, chineses, latinos and mennonites. Highlights: 1- Caye Caulker: small ... read more
southern sting ray
caye -caulker -- the split

North America March 24th 2011

Back to Mexico for the third time. I explored a different region. This time i went to the states of Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan and Nayarit. Highlights: 1- Whale watching in San Blas: apart from those big whales that you can only see the backs, i saw and filmed jumping Humpback whales. Amazing! 2- Coast of Michoacan: very rugged coast, and at many places, the mountains stop directly at the sea, creating super high cliffs, protected coves, and above all, FANTASTIC VIEWS!!! We must have stop 15 times on the road, saying that one view was better than the previous one. It's a destination in itself. 3- Paricutin volcano: it's not the first volcano i have visited. But the fact that i went to visit it by horse, (6 hours total...), that you can visit the old ... read more
Michoacan coast
SAn Blas, mangroves
village destroyed by volcano

North America » Canada » Quebec » Tadoussac July 27th 2010

Whale watching, what a cool experience! We went to the little town of "Les Escoumins", just a few kilometers after the very popular Tadoussac. As soon as we arrived, we could see whales from the shores. We saw 3 species: the fin whale, (2nd largest after the blue whale), the mink whale abd the white beluga. We went East on the coast, until the Islands of Mingan: a collection of islands with naturally sculptured lime monoliths, lots of birds. Also, there's a mix of mixed pictures at the end.... read more
Mingan islands
Mingan islands
Cap Tourmente

North America » Canada » Quebec » Mont Tremblant July 27th 2010

That was actually in 2003, on a fishing trip in a place 2 hours North of the city of LaTuque. Fishing was good. We caught some pikes and walleyes during the week, which we cooked as soon as we caught them. Delicious! I was there with my wife and a family of friends. One day, i left early to go fishing on the lake, while my friends were staying to relax a bit. At some point, in the cabin, they saw a bear paw through the damaged window screen, trying to grab some apples! They did some noise to chase it away. They went on the lake then, to tell me the story. When i heard the story, i immediately stopped fishing, to go back to the cabin, in the case the bear would be still ... read more
Pike fishing
Bear close to the cabin
Rustic cabin

North America » Canada » Quebec July 14th 2010

Here are some recent shots of animal, small or not, that i have taken in my region. Some insects are alien like! Enjoy! I added some recent winter pictures.... read more
red-bellied snake
longhorned beetle
Little frog close to pink flower

North America March 6th 2010

For that trip, one of my goal was to find a scorpion or a tarentula by myself and take pictures of them. I succeeded with the scorpions! I found one in the jungle at night, and the second one, my wife found it in her bed! In Yucatan peninsula, we visited Merida and Campeche cities, Celestun, (biggest concentration of pink flamingos in the world), Calakmul region where you have a cave with hundreds of thousands of bats that go out every night, and pass right by your face, (Cooool!) and also the ancient city of Calakmul deep in the jungle and with myriads of animals to see, and some cenotes in Cuzama. In Chiapas, we stuck to the "Gringo route", by visiting Palenque, Agua Azul cascades and Misol Ha warterfall, and San Cristobal de las casas, ... read more
Flamingos in Celestun
spider monkey

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