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I'm mainly a nature's lover with a net preference for snakes, lizards, crocodiles and frogs. But i try to always incorporate landscapes, architecture, people and other stuff related to the country where i go, so that it could please to a larger audience!

North America » Canada » Quebec November 24th 2021

Very hard not to go abroad this year. :-} Went in Eastern Canada in September and that was nice. Thought of going somewhere when winter starts but COVID-19 situation is still not that safe. Rules here is that you can go by plane if your fully vaccinated, but a test is required upon your return. If you test positive, you can't leave the other country!! That's not a risk I am willing to take. We plan to go somewhere in March if rules change. Not sure what will be open or close at that moment, but we shall see.!! Meanwhile we went a lot around on nature trails, especially during the ever beautiful fall season with all the colors!! Took also time to photograph birds and film some of them like: Red mockingbird Northern flicker, (type ... read more
Gorgeous fall colors!
Turtles basking on a trunk
Beautiful leopard frog

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 18th 2021

We continued then South to Bay of Fundy, the place in world where the tides are the highest. First attraction there, is Hopewell Cape, a place where you can witness these tides, and the beautiful effect of erosion. Some of the structures are called 'flower pots' because of a few trees on top of very high slim rock pillars. This is a must in you come in the region and is really impressive. You need to check the tides schedule before you come to make sure to be able to walk on the beach. But do stay as well as high tide, to see the difference in water levels, as well as the speed of rising tides. Next stop was Fundy national park, a beautiful mix of forest, cliffs, sea, lots of trails and wildlife. It's ... read more
lighthouse in Cap Enrage
Covered bridge

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 15th 2021

We arrived at the coast. We slept in a small B&B, in Saint-Louis de Kent village, called Ancrage b&b. This is a wonderful place, comfortable and with very good breakfasts. Its a few minutes from the national park. National park has a general flat topography, with forests, salt marshes, beaches, dunes, lagoons. It has many self-interpreted trails, (my favorite kind), showing the diversity of the region. Wildlife is abundant, especially birds. We saw many great herons, (sometimes 7-8 in the same view!!!), a great number of bald eagles, (which like to perch on high trees on shores of lagoons). About herons, check this video showing one that is hunting: We also went in a tour to observe seal colonies, (gray seals mainly). The forest is humid with lots of moss hanging from the trees. A popular ... read more
bald eagle

North America » Canada » New Brunswick September 13th 2021

The pandemic still lingers. Land borders are closed and international travels are not recommended. It's better to travel local in these conditions! This summer, the Quebec's region of Gaspesie was flooded with tourists and all accommodations, (hotels, motels. campings), were full. This is a beautiful region, but too many people for my own taste. I decided to visit the province of New Brunswick, doing a great loop around the province, while mainly concentrating my stays at two locations, central acadian coast and Fundy bay. It was my first time taking vacations in September, just before fall. Weather was overall good: chilly in the morning, but comfortable in the afternoons. First stop in Quebec, at the tourist town of Cabano, on the shores of long narrow Temiscouata's lake. Region has a micro climate warmer than its immediate ... read more
Temiscouata lake

North America » Canada » Quebec » Trois-Rivières July 23rd 2021

The pandemic is still lingering..... :-( There are options to go to some countries, because you had your covid-19 vaccine shots, or your wear a mask, or both, but resurgence of cases in Europe and in the USA, makes that a possible risky business... Let's hope, things would be better at end of this year! :-) Meanwhile, I continue to explore my region, going to places I never thought to go before, and found little jewels. First went to a nature's park, on the shores of Saint-Pierre's lake, (an enlargement of Saint-Lawrence river), a region of great importance for its abundance of wetlands. Place is called "Reserve naturelle de pointe Yamachiche". Although the entrance does not look that great, there are very long trails on boardwalks, overlooking at seasonally flooded forest and marshland, with excellent viewpoints. ... read more
Echinacea, my favorite flower
Landscape near Charette, Quebec
Lavender's field

North America » Canada » Quebec December 23rd 2020

We are deep into 2nd wave of covid-19 pandemic in Quebec. :-( Everything will close during end of year holidays. The authorities just started to vaccine the population. At least 6 months will be required to vaccine everybody. No trip outside the country before next fall! But next trip will be to Africa!! In the last months, I took opportunities to visit, and revisit, places around my home. When you take time to observe more carefully, you discover beauty in smaller things! In blog, can see things I photograph during the last month. As the title suggests, one evening, I saw the pinkest skies I have ever seen. It was strange, like being on an other planet. but it was also very beautiful!! See you next time.... read more
Beautiful butterfly
One of my favorite dragonfly
pink sky

North America » Canada » Quebec » Terrebonne July 31st 2020

Last trip was in Nicaragua and I had to cut it short because of possible closing of borders due to covid-19 pandemic!!! I did well because some canadians were stuck for 3 months and more abroad which is not always easy or practical. :-) I came back in mid March, at the end of winter. Quebec's government took strong confinement measures at the beginning of the pandemic, but because of a combination of factors, it was the most affected province of Canada. At one point, all regions of the province were closed , but now we are free to move within the province, but always wear a mask in public places. Many took vacations in the province, and many regions showed camping, or house rentals completely full. Some went to these regions anyway, without reservations, and ... read more
Beautiful moth
moisan lake

This was my last stop in Nicaragua, before heading back to Managua. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I cut 3 days from the vacation. ..... Leon is a colonial city and ancient rival to Granada. The city is far less touristy than Granada, but still have many accommodations and things to do around. Old downtown center is compact and easy to navigate. We stayed in hotel Flor de Sarta, about 4 blocks North of central park. This si close enough to get to center in 10 minutes, but quiet enough to sleep well. The staff is super friendly ans breakfast is very good and varied. A small pool and patio allows to relax in the afternoon. ... In Leon, the highlight is of course the big white cathedral, which is white in and out. The building is ... read more
 hotel flor de sarta
hotel flor de sarta

There is actually a road nicknamed "avenue of the volcanoes" in Ecuador. There, for about 200 miles, you can see many high volcanoes like Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, (if you're not in rainy season, otherwise it's full of clouds.....I know I was there..:-) ) In Nicaragua, what I call the "road of the volcanoes", is a stretch of road , East of Leon, in which for about 45-50 kilometers, you can see seven volcanoes from the main road, (there actually more than that to see if you take some secondary roads). Many of these, you can book a tour to explore more in details. What I did was a more of a quick panoramic road trip. I especially wanted to look for the highest volcano of the country. In order, coming from the South, here's the active ... read more
smoking momotombo
santa clara volcano
telica volcano

It's time to go to the sea!! We left early from Ometepe and with reservation we took the ferry in no time with our car. We headed North on the inter Americana. During the dry season, the landscape is more open with many beige colors grasses in contrast with a few evergreen trees. The terrain is in general flat but things change after Diriamba. We climbed in altitude for many kilometers, changing the landscape completely. It's now more green, and from above, we can see the ocean in the far distance. We left highway at El Crucero, and descend steadily for a few kilometers. The views are splendid here! It seems that this resort is in the middle of nowhere, because we took a shortcut, but that's part of the adventure!! A couple of dirts roads, ... read more
sea birds
Views from main road
Cattle on the road

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