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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya March 22nd 2018

Out of my list of 5 wild animals to find and see in Thailand, this was actually the one that my wife wanted to see the most. :-) These are flying foxes, with faces much cuter than other smaller bats. There are 2 places called "bat temple" in Thailand, but this one is in the Ayuthaya's province. The temple seems to have no name on Google maps, but this is the adress: Unnamed Rd Tambon Mai Tra Amphoe Bang Srai Chang Wat Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13190 Tambon Mai Tra, Amphoe Bang Srai, Chang Wat Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13190, Thailand To get there from Ayuthaya, take road 3263, and then 3111 South. About 1km before Chan Thara Lake village, you can see a golden bat statue on the left. Take the small road next to ... read more
Bat temple entrance
Bat statue
Bats in tree

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Lopburi March 21st 2018

I chose to go to Lopburi, before I arrived in Thailand. I really wanted to make sure to see macaques. If you, at least go to one national park during your trip , don't even bother to come to Lopburi as you are almost 100% sure to see macaques in these parks. But if you're not, you will see them in Lopburi. A bit of warning: the macaques in the city are stressed out and agressive, so make surer not to get bitten. At my previous stop, Khao Yai, I saw plenty of macaques. I wanted to skip Lopburi, and go to Ayuthaya instead, but it was too late to cancel the hotel, so I had to go. First of all, i personally didn't like Lopburi, as it looks to me as a dirty city with ... read more
Evil monkeys!!
monkey temple --Khmer architecture
paklop resort

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Khao Yai NP March 19th 2018

KHAO YAI, (big mountain). This was the first and longest part of my trip. After some reading back home, I had high expectations for that park, and I wasn't deceived!! This is the main place I wanted to see in Thailand. First, let's say that within 2-3 hours from Bangkok, you can get there. So it's really accessible. The park has extensive asphalted roads with many pull-overs, good and long hiking/nature trails, visitor center, observation tower, some restaurants, etc... Be careful on roads, as some people, (like some park rangers, but more generally locals), run well over the speed limit. So if you stop to photograph animal, be sure to do so in a safe place, if you want to avoid collisions!! You can easily go there by yourself and go where you want. Because I ... read more
male gibbon
beige female gibbon

Asia » Thailand March 16th 2018

I wanted to go to Thailand for a long time. It came true in 2018. If you read my profile, you know all my trips are driven by a desire to see wild animals, and that culture is secondary for me. But I incorporate cultural elements in every trip too. After some reading, I decided to rent a car and drive, to get where I want. I finally drove 3200 Km in 3 weeks!! It would have taken much more time to do the same in bus, and I would have lost precious time. But every trip is different. I didn't rent a car when I visited Peru, but it was okay because all the places I wanted to visit were very far apart, so a combination of plane and bus did the trick. I wasn't ... read more
Calmar snack -- only for those who already like sardines!!
Fishing boat on Andaman sea
Cute flying lizard that landed on me!

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson December 20th 2017

Finally I am here! It's a place that always fascinated me, with these tall cacti and a surprising variety of other plants and animals. I was based in the suburbs of Tucson, a desert valley surrounded by mountains. I stayed in a golf complex, but not to play golf! Complex was just on th eside of Tucson mountain park, which is linked to Saguaro national park. The Saguaro is the name of these tall cacti. They kind of replace trees in the ecosystem, as the birds perch on them, and nest in them as well. Timing was not good for the reptiles, (beginning of December), but perfect for humans, (6-9 Celsius in the night, 18-23 Celsius in the day). :-) This place is known by children all over the world, as the setting for the cartoon ... read more
fish hook cactus
Saguaros cacti in abundance at the foot of the mountain
Ghost cactus

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba February 17th 2017

Honduras is a country with some dangerous regions because of gang war,etc... The Atlantic side is more quiet and has many tourist facilities. We stayed in a very nice B&B in the mountains. I give it a 5 stars: nice gardens and surroundings, quiet, comfortable, good meals, owners always ready to suit your needs. We visited most of the interesting things in the region: 1- Pico Bonito national park: entrance was 2 minute from our B&B. Nice forest, but very steep trails! 2- Cayos cochinos: series of corals keys + 2 real islands. Beautiful, good for snorkeling. We saw the famous pink(ish) boas. 3- Cuero Y Salado National park: nice tour in the mangroves to see birds, monkeys, and yes one manatee. We stayed one week. Our minds disconnected after 2 days, so we really ... read more
Dock at Cayos Cochinos
Coral reef
Carribean reef squids

You all know by now that all-inclusive resorts are not what what I like. I prefer to go to wild places, and after one day at the beach I am completely bored! But If I have a comfortable hotel, very close the a nature's park, then this is the best of both worlds! That's exactly what I had during this week! The resort is located just beside a real nature preserve!!! Send me comments if you need more information. Highlights: 1- Night walk to look for tarantulas: we saw 15 in less than 40 minutes, not far from the hotel! 2- Guided tour to a cave, (cueva del puente). We were all alone with a park ranger. Cave is full of bats and I took lots of pictures, I identified 2 species. 3- No big reef ... read more
Bank of sardines
bat -- jamaican fruit bat
fishes under the dock

My second time in Panama. Contrary to many of my previous trips, I didn't change place to sleep every 2 days, but did only 2 places in 2 weeks. I spent 8 days in Hotel Summit Radisson near Gamboa, and Bocas del Toro, 6 days. Highlights: 1-Soberania national park: easily accessible; I walked 8 days in the trails and forest is full of animals I saw 2 new species of monkeys: Geoffroy's tamarin and Panama night monkey. Finally, I saw all species of Central America! Yahoo! 2- Bocas Del Toro: Bastimentos island: national park on it, really nice beach. 3- Zapatillo Caye: colour of the sea is splendid! Lows: 1- Bocas del Toro: Bocas town. The city sees an army of tourists, but it isn't the nicest city. Be careful of porters at the airport!! They ... read more
Who can resist that face?

First time in Dominican Republic. For an animal lover like me, that's not the best spot, as many animals you found on the continent, (monkeys, anteaters, sloths, macaws, squirrels,etc..), are absent. But there are some beautiful places and people nonetheless. Stayed in Sosua. Sea was really rough: Visited the classics in Puerto Plata: cable car to Isabel de Torres mountain, (great !!), , Brugal Rhum factory, (good - the rhum and the prices...), amber museum, (a bit worn out), and the San Felipe Fortress, (okay if you never visited one in latin america before). Went to visit a friend in the mountains in the interior, (San Jose de Las Matas), real beautiful surroundings and less chaotic than coastal cities. AN inviting place! Visited the Cabarete caves, (small but tour is interesting and well led). See video ... read more

South America » Peru March 17th 2014

Peru is large country. In most of people's mind, when you say 'Peru', they immediately think about Machu Picchu and inca trail. Well this is the traditional places that most tourists visit, the country has a lot more to offer. In this trip, I went in the Amazon, Puerto Maldonado region, the mountains and the southern desert coast. Many interesting things! . Highlights for me: 1- Amazon region, lodge in the forest: comfortable and deep in the forest enough to see many new animals: anaconda, fer de lance viper, hoatzin bird, etc... 2- Islas Ballestas: We saw sea lions, many flying birds, and a small colony of penguins!! They survive there because of the cold ocean current 3- Nazca lines by plane. Cuzco is nice colonial city, but you are attacked by armies of sellers of ... read more

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