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North America » Mexico » Estado de Mexico January 31st 2010

This was my first time in Mexico. We wanted to see certains things in particular for a long time, like the winter home of the monarch butterflies. We also took the challenge, (kidding :-) ), of visiting places in Mexico city. The horror stories about that city, are exagerated. The city of New York is far more dangerous statistically speaking. In Mexico, like other big cities, you need to avoid a few neighbourhoods and use common sense not to attract thieves. We arrived in Mexico city. We stayed in a small hotel named Milan, in the "zona Roma". The area was nice, kind of middle-class neighbourhood, with business people and restaurants and plazas. We visited the "Bosque Chapultepec", a big park in the heart of the city. In the park, you have a mix of little ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita January 30th 2010

Third time in Costa Rica, but this time to visit the Atlantic coast. That region doesn't really have a real dry season like the Pacific North West, so it may rain less, but it's raining a little bit everyday nonetheless. This was perfect because the jungle there is really all green and it was much easier to spot frogs, and we saw a ton of them, without any difficulty! So in brief, we arrived and stayed at San Jose one night. Next we took the bus to the Atlantic. The bus trip was really nice, especially in the mountains, in Braulio Carrillo park, where the cliffs and sides of mountains are litteraly draped with plants! Arrived at our place for a couple of days, we stayed at Puerto Viejo, a very sympathic little village. The highlight ... read more
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At last we were able to come back to Costa Rica, 2 years after the firs trip in 2005! Between the 2 trips visited some places in Quebec and in the states, (kentucky), but i really wanted to come back - Mi paraiso! We began by going to Carara national park, making sure to stop on the bridge over rio Tarcoles. One of the stop to easily watch a big group of Crocodiles. We then headed to Manuel Antonio park, a famous and small park, yet very interesting. Wildlife is easy to see here, at least the most popular ones. Moved south to Uvita and Marino Ballena park, and stayed in Uvita. The beach is superb, with the jungle in background! One entrance of the park leads to the Tombolo, a liitle strech of sand, when ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Arenal January 21st 2010

Finally we were there! I'm an avid wildlife viewer so i couldn't wait to arrive. I heard and read so much good things about Costa Rica. We stayed at Ciudad Quesada, where a family of friends live there since a couple of months. Because we had to come back to home, almost most of the times, we limited the visits to Northwest of Costa Rica, except, the time we stayed on a beach in Nicoya. Here's a small sample of the places we visited and the things we saw. Enjoy!... read more
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Pacific coast

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