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28th October 2020
lost river entrance

On the to-do list
Yes, Mammoth Cave is on the list of places we want to go to. Maybe we'll go to the States in 2023. With a bit of luck we'll go there then. /Ake
24th June 2020

Mexico Trips
It seems to have worked now. We loved our time in Mexico and look forward to visiting again :)
23rd June 2020
familiy crossing

Baby elephants are amazing. Just been looking through your blogs, great collection of reptile and arachnid photos! I couldn't see your blogs in the two Mexico trip folders, but will look again later. Cheers, Ren :)
23rd June 2020
familiy crossing

Animals and Mexican trips
Hello, it's always a pleasure to follow your blogs!!! For me, to view wildlife is always one of my highlights when travelling. During my trip in Thailand, it was a real pleasure to see wild elephants and other animals that I had on my wish list. :-) Regarding Mexican trips, I saw mismatch between my blogs and my trips. I edited my blogs to change some dates so that it would be the time I was there, and not the time I wrote the blogs. I was not able to properly edit trips, so I deleted some and recreated them with a range to include the proper blogs. It does not show right away in blog's page, but possibly, changes will appear later. Please let me know. Thank you
7th January 2014

Good job man!!
Lot's of variety in tour trip! Good pics and videos.
30th March 2011

Loving blog on Rincon de la Vieja. I went to the Rincón de la Vieja (The Old Lady's Corner) National Park. Rincón de la Vieja is the name of an active Costa Rican volcano and this park protects the volcano, neighboring volcanoes and the watershed that stems from their slopes. That watershed is significant and includes 32 rivers and 16 seasonal streams which combined provide most of the water for the entire province of Guanacaste to the west.
From Blog: Costa Rica 2007
30th January 2010

Hi, about the chemicals, they are naturally present in the water, from all the volcanic activity. One stream has a lot of copper mineral, that shows when it mixes with the other one. It\s nice but i wouldn't drink it!
From Blog: First time in CR
22nd January 2010

Chemicals mixing in river?
What's this about the chemicals mixing in the river to form the color? Do you mean that people put dyes in the river? I hope not!
From Blog: First time in CR

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