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North America » United States » South Carolina » Charleston January 25th 2019

This is a trip I did a few years ago. Starting from my little village North of Montreal, Canada, to explore sites in Virginia, both Carolinas, Georgia and North Florida. There are thousands of people from Quebec going to Florida every year in the winter, but they never explore other states on the way. For my part, I think one's can find interesting places a bit everywhere on earth, if you learn a bit on these places. One thing I ever wanted to see was cotton fields. We all know the horrible history of slavery in the US, and many suffered to work in these fields. I saw my first cotton fields in Goldsboro ,North Carolina. This is a peculiar plant: The cotton fibers on the plants look like popcorn, and this is quite beautiful. We ... read more
Magnolia's Garden main house
Magnolia's Garden oak alley
Nice house in Paris, Virginia

North America » United States » Arizona » Jerome January 24th 2019

Not long in the past, Jerome was one of Arizona's richest town, due to its copper mines. Jerome is perched in the mountains, so it wasn't practical to transport the ore directly from Jerome to a big foundry. Instead, they did a quick transport to Clarksdale below, and then railroad was built to bring copper on long distances. Clarksdale, founded by rich man William Clark is a pleasant small town. You can visit the railway museum and also do train tours of the surroundings. Climbing to Jerome is quite abrupt. The day we went, weather was really gray with fog, so it added some "ambiance" when we visited the ghost town. Jerome was in the 40s and 50s, a town with several dozens of thousands peoples, but then population decreased rapidly when the mines closed. It's ... read more
Mr Clark
Railway museum, Clarksdale

The expectation was building up more and more...... Yes, coming from Flagstaff on a cold but sunny December day, I was very excited to arrive at grand canyon. What builds up the expectation is that you don't see really see the canyon until you are in the park, on designed sites. When you see it the first time, you mind needs to adjust to grasp the huge dimension of it. Breath taking!! Did I say it was cold? We arrived at -5 Celsius with very strong wind, so bring your coat and layers in the winter! But the good side of this, is that there are far less people around, so you can really take your time at every station. I tried to take pictures from different angles and perspective to attempt to represent the greatness, ... read more
desert 's view

North America » United States » Arizona December 27th 2018

To see completely different things in my trip, we decided to visit some archealogical sites. The Sinaguas, were indigenous people living in Verde Valley and North Central Arizona. They seem to have thrived between the 1100 to early 1400 AD. They made buildings well adapted to the environments, like the Montezuma castle, neither built by Montezuma, nor a castle. The location of this site is perfect: Surrounded by a vast desert, they dig and built a structure on a cliff, facing South, warmer in winter, and shaded in the summer. They had a river below where large trees grow and where agriculture was good. The building complex, if 5 five stories high, and was accessed by ladders. They knew the desert very well and used any resources available for food, clothing, medicine, etc.... It is still ... read more
Beautiful sycamore trees
Beautiful sycamore trees

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona December 17th 2018

My main focus on trips is animal viewing and photography. It was already too cold to see any reptiles, (sniff sniff!), but I looked for other types of animals and tried to take the nicest landscapes pictures I could. With all these colors in the rocks, the most important factor for photographs is sunlight, in the best angle possible with clear skies. The red of the mountains kind of glow when sun is a bit low in the sky. But end of fall season helps in that matter, because sun never goes that high in the sky, when you're not in the tropics. The day when I explored Bell rock and CourtHouse butte, was for me, the best to photograph mountains. I was able to photograph some animals as well. Enjoy!... read more
Bell rock
courthouse butte

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona December 13th 2018

Second time in Arizona. Last time was in the south, in Tucson region to mainly visit the Sonora desert. This time, I stayed in Sedona's region and visit the surroundings, including a trip to grand canyon. The small city of Sedona is surrounded by mountains of all shapes and having many colors, but red is the dominant color. Plenty of accommodations in the region. There are 2 main aspects defining the region: a-nature, landscapes, hiking trails, jeep and atv. b-Arts galleries of all sorts, yoga, and other "cosmic things". For me, first aspect is the draw. City is surrounded by hiking trails, going in desert, forest, around or on top on mountains. We spend 10 days there, and we didn't do a third of all trails!! Trails are well maintained and maps are available. The views ... read more
view on Thunder mountain trail
Prickly pear cactus in abondance.
view on Thunder mountain trail

Europe » France August 27th 2018

This one is to put pictures of the trip I did in France when I was very young. I'll try to get pictures and upload them, (my sister actually has them). We visited many sites in Paris, but also did a tour of France in 2 weeks I believe.... read more

It was our last part of the trip. We decided to do a little road trip. We went to Zarcero. On the way we stopped to Grecia, to see the church made of metal plates. We also stopped at Sarchi to see and buy some handicrafts. In region of Zarcero, views are splendid and reminds a bit of Switzerland. In Zarcero city, there's a nice topiary in front of the church. The church itself has 2 towers that look like missiles, (!!). On the way back, we went South to Atenas, one of the places that was tagged as one of the most ideals weathers of the world. In the "zocalo", like all other spanish cities, there's a beautiful park, and we sat there a little while to see people go by and eat some ice ... read more
zarcero church and its missiles.
Bye bye Costa Rica!

Are you driving from Guanacaste or San Jose to South Pacific Costa Rica or even only Manuel Antonio? The you need to stop at a very special place: the bridge over the Rio Tarcoles. From the bridge you can see dozens of huge American crocodiles, and you don't need to pay anything! you might see some other water birds as well, along with macaws on mornings and evenings, when they do their daily "commute" between Carara park and the mangroves. One important thing though: make sure to leave no valuables in your car!! I saw some people with doors unlocked that had their luggage stolen in less than 10 minutes.. because it's a popular stop. Right after the river, (Southbound), starts the Carara national park. It's a transition zone between dry and humid forest. Park is ... read more
green and black dart frog
Crocodiles in rio Tarcoles

What is the ideal climate? It depends on everyone's preferences and metabolism! For me that enjoys animals of all kinds and plants a lot, I like a place that is green all year round. This is in the tropics mainly, but not a sea level. an altitude of about 1000 meters in the tropics, is perfect. It's like normal days of summer but with no extremes. That's what you have in all of central valley Costa Rica, but some places have the wow factor, like Atenas in the West, but also the very beautiful Orosi valley , South-East of Cartago. The Orosi valley is surrounded by little mountains that grow coffee on the slopes. The city of Orosi it not too big, and nature is very close on all sides. In same region, we visited the ... read more
Orchid lankaster gardens

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