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North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Hopewell Cape September 2nd 2014

Sure enough up and ready to go and no one at the motel not even to had in the key. So a bun each and we were off to the rocks. The morning was cloudy and cool, but we were determined to go. We walked down and I kept thinking boy I hope there is a shuttle back up lol, Fred as always sniffing all the way and excited to see where we were going. Once at the bottom it was a beautiful as I thought it would be. Then I could hear a strange noise coming from out in the water, and I could see the rain coming our way. We walked along the edge of the rocks while poured rain for a bit, once it let up we continued. Had it been nicer I ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Hopewell Cape September 1st 2014

There are 2 motels near the rocks and the one did not take dogs so we ended up @ the Chocolate River motel. The rooms were clean, but other then a bed toilet, sink and tub, they didn't offer much. I knew going in that it was no where 5 star, but was hoping at least for a mini fridge lol. We then went to eat Tom had spotted a place on our way to the motel, so we went to check it out. Pauline's place was the name of the restaurant and there were several cars in the lot, so it looked promising. But unless you were a regular, they didn't seem to care about our business. We were group 3 of the 6 groups there, and watching the waitress with the others that lived ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Miramichi August 31st 2014

Ran out of room to type, so here I continue. Was looking this morning and thinking, hhmm maybe we should do a quick little ferry ride over to Newfoundland since we have come all this way it would be a shame to leave it out. Well at a cost of over 300.00 and 8 hour ferry ride, thinking maybe not in plans after all lol. So for myself, will have to leave Newfoundland along with NWT and Nuavic as provinces yet to see. Fred is having a great time the smell of fish, wind blowing in his ears. He has enjoyed the luxury of his on bed in a hotel in Quebec, to his own chair at Shela's. So for him this travel thing is great. Well time to get the masses up and moving, although ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Miramichi August 31st 2014

Well it's early and I'm up, while everyone else sleeps I figured it was a good time to add some things we have done. We arrived on Thursday and Tom's sister Shelia could not believe we were there. Her children came over with their children and we had a nice visit. Friday we were up and out the door, left a note gone for a little drive. We left at 8:00 and returned around supper. New Brunswick travel in one of their travel books gives a scenic driving map. It is made up of 5 different routes, so we thought we drive for a bit and follow the map, wedid the Acadian coastal drive and needless to say we finished almost the entire route. Turning back at Port Elgin and leaving Sacville as the only place ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park October 19th 2013

Today we got to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. It was a 4 hour drive from Lunenburg. When we got there it was about 6:00 so we just set up camp and made supper, after dinner we went to bed. The first full day there we stayed at camp and did school work because we were tired from doing so much in the days before. The second day, Mom and I went to a mushroom walk. I liked it! The researchers were really informative. When it was over we went for a kayak on a little lake, it was hard yet fun, we were pooched. Once we got back and put the kayaks on the car it started to rain. When we got back to the camp it started to pour. At camp we hid ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fundy National Park September 25th 2013

We got to Fundy National Park late in the day but we still had enough time to set up, make supper and try to go see the stars. They have a dark sky designation and a big portable telescope, but the sky wasn't cooperating; it was full of clouds. Still we had a great conversation with the park people and went to sleep full of ideas for the next few days. I thought the park would be functioning at minimum but they did have activities set up all weekend. Jacob and I went to the fungi foray. A number of experts walked with us on a trail along a beautiful stream and then waterfall. The experts helped us see the diversity of fungi all around us. Then mushrooms started catching everyone's eye everywhere. We got to ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Grand Manan September 23rd 2013

September 23, 2013 The weather cooperated so today found us on Grand Manan Island after all. On our way to Black's Harbor, NB, to catch the ferry we took a detour in St. John to take a better look at the "Reversing Falls." I won't go into the physics here, but it's quite interesting. We had read that to bring the car on the ferry it was a "no reservation, first come, first served" type of thing. But when we got there we found you COULD make a reservation and we were put into a line of vehicles labeled "no reservation." But, we did get on, along with many construction workers and maybe four other tourists, it's pretty late in the season for this vacationland. It was a 90 minute beautiful ride and we are so ... read more
Grand Manan Island
Grand Manan Island
Reversing Falls, Saint John, NB

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Saint John September 22nd 2013

September 22, 2013 Drove off the Atlantic Vision ferry in North Sydney around 9:30 AM, gaining a half hour by arriving back in Nova Scotia. The 16 hour ferry crossing from Newfoundland was smooth and our cabin berths were very comfortable, we both slept well. Got a note from Joe's sister saying that his mom said that Joe was in Gander, Newfoundland, on a flight refueling stop on their way to Europe in 1951. So this was Joes' second trip to Newfoundland. In Baddeck, Nova Scotia, we stopped at the Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site. This was his summer home and there are about 15 acres of beautiful grounds devoted to Bell. We stopped in the town of Pictou to look at the high quality knives that are made there. Joe has been seeing these McDonald's ... read more
Hooray for the McLobster
Cool Cafe in Pictou, NS

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Edmundston September 17th 2013

With a long drive ahead of us to get to Amherst Shore provincial park in Nova Scotia, we got up early and hit the local Timmy’s before heading out. After taking an incredible amount of time to steep tea we finally head out of there and immediately discover the Macdonald’s that we should have went to instead. While sneaking around the back of the building and hurriedly reading a sign that said Entrée Interdit, I almost ran into a truck coming OUT of the drivethru. Backing up quickly into an open parking space, I was cursing and wondering why the word Entrée would be on an exit. We walked in to get our food and left perplexed. Later Vicki looked it up and it means Entrance Prohibited. For F$#$^& sakes. After that it was drive, drive, ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Shediac September 8th 2013

We hated to leave our great motel in Bathurst, best room we've had the entire trip and nicest owner ever. As we drove around the pretty Acadian peninsula, we learned a lot of the Acadian history from the friendly locals that were happy to visit with us. I won't make you learn it too, but I will just say that the British sure treated the French Acadian people terribly in the 1700's and they were strong and survived. In this area of New Brunswick, the Acadian people are extremely proud of their heritage and almost every home flies the special Acadian flag and the homes are often decorated with other Acadian ornaments, banners, and colors. We thought once we got out of Quebec that we'd be done with the French language. But, in this part of ... read more
Acadian Telephone Poles
Acadian Home
Ready for the Harvest Festival

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