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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 30th 2013

I have found a new and exciting activity, crossfit! I love fitness but haven't been able to workout much lately, butbt his fits perfectly into my schedule. Every morning I get dropped off at the 9am class by Petra on her way to work. Crossfit is different from the typical gym. The coach, Jason makes up a warmup, WOD (workout of the day) and strength/skill portion. The entire group does the same workout at their own speed and at the end of the time period or last round the score is recorded and put on the computer so you can track your progress. Everyday is something completely different. I have learned to do alot of new weight lifting workouts properly such as overhead squats, push press, push jerk, dead lifts etc. I have also been introduced ... read more
Crossfit armoury

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 30th 2013

Something I find interesting: My friend Nick Down from Burford is truly a remarkable guy. He always finds cool things to try out or is investing his time doing something productive. He had mentioned polyphasic sleeping before but it seemed impossible to try with my busy schedule. I figured now that I have time on my hands I may as well give it a shot. It's an old concept, basically it is a scheduled sleep pattern to maximize the amount of rem sleep. Normally in a nights sleep we go through sleep cycles of light sleep, deep sleep, rem sleep etc. By cutting back sleep times to only 30 minutes every 6 hours it forces the body to jump straight to rem sleep (most important). In theory the body would be getting 2 hours of rem ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 29th 2013

My friend Stephen invited me to go to a Mormon church with him today at noon. I wore a nice skirt along with a scarf, and didn't realize how underdressed I was until I got there. Everyone looked very fancy and all the girls wore dresses and heels, Mormons take their religion very seriously! Stephen told me that this wasn't a normal day in the church, and was a day for people to say their testimonials. One by one people volunteered to go up to the stand and tell a a little story, explain why they believe the Book of Mormon is true and give their thanks. I was shocked at the amount of teenagers who were strict Mormons, for them this is a huge part of their life. If I remember correctly, mormons are called ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 28th 2013

Since a career involving animals is definitely a possibility, I decided to volunteer somewhere that had wildlife. I bused to a place in the north end, Edmonton Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre! I met with a very nice elderly lady who showed me around and gave me a quick update on what I would be doing! This specific building was the hospital, where animals first come in, are assessed, and then either treated or sent to the rehab centre in Spruce Grove. They take small rodents, muskrats, beavers, squirrels, bunnies, but mostly focus on large birds like hawks, ducks, and smaller birds. Since I am not trained I couldn't do much of the actual procedures but got to witness and help out! abunch of the animals received medicine, a duck had a swim test, and a magpie was ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 24th 2013

My friend Stephen invited me out to get Taiwanese pancakes randomly one day, so I thought, why not. He picked me up and we headed to Whyte ave to where this restaurant called Gara apparently was. (recommended by his friend Ian) We had to go down this back alley and into this weird store that had all sorts of random things. A rack of jewelry, 5 dresses for sale, fish chips, random Asain snacks, a lounge area, and at the very back was a house kitchen. We ordered our pancakes from the menu that was written in a different language and only had the titles of the foods like "golden metal" (how am I supposed to know what that means?). They came out as a little cake that was almost like two crumpets squished together with ... read more
The store
The Legislature Building

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 24th 2013

I have met some really cool people since I've started at Plow and Harvest. The first boy I met was being trained on the same day I was, his name is Brandon. Some people could probably find him pretty annoying, but I think he is hilarious. I'm not sure how he already knows everything about everything, but he does and always has something to say, no matter the subject. One day I decided to go to the mall after work and I guess he had nothing to do and followed me in. His comments on the world are so funny, without him intending on it being anything but serious. Shane is an odd character as well. He's written 6 books and has a weird fictional imagination and tells me about his fantasy worlds. He's very smart ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 21st 2013

An interesting event caught my eye as I was browsing the Internet for things to do. There was a men's rugby game going on in the south end, the B.C. Bears vs. the Edmonton wolf pack. Both teams were outstanding and I can't even start to compare them to our wimpy highschool team. I would love to be able to go back to ACS and give them advice just on things I've learned from watching that game, or better yet, bring them all to a real game! Their hits are so brutal that if I were to be playing it would terrify me to just be on the field. Unfortunately for Edmonton the B.C. Bears took the win (it was well deserved). Man do I miss rugby! Ill be cheering on my old highschool in thought ... read more
Front row seats!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 20th 2013

Preet came over after I was done work, and we were feeling like being adventures so went out to have some Whyte Ave fun. We started at Hudson's and met her old best friend Nick and his fiancé for her birthday! We ventured down the street to the red square, completely different from Hudson's! I met alot of Preets old friends and relatives that hang out there once and while. Nick promised us that before I leave he will take us on a motorcycle ride (he races professionally)! I am so excited :) We ended the night eating the famous Alberta donairs.... read more
Us on whyte ave

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 15th 2013

I like my new job. I have never worked in a restaurant before so it is definitely a new experience. Thankfully the restaurant is trying out a new comfort food concept where you seat yourself and go up to the counter when you're ready to order. My job can be a few things. Greeting, bar tending, carrying food out to the tables, or quality checking the floor. Plow and Harvest serves delicious soups, salads, and a yummy bison meatloaf! I do have to admit it was pricey (good thing we got to taste test half the menu for free)... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 14th 2013

I took the bus (after missing it twice) and found my way to 118th Ave for the Kaleido festival! I didn't even know it was going on to be honest and kinda stumbled upon it. My new friend, Reece, had invited me to watch his band, Bardic Form, preform at the Carrot Cafe, and just so happens the festival was going on, on that street! I got so lost at the bus station that ended up riding for 3 hours, getting caught up downtown, and having some guy ask "how many boyfriends ya got". But I finally found it, only catching the last song, but still heard the great tune! After Reece had packed up, we walked down the festival and saw so many cool venders and street performers. He introduced me to this funky hippy ... read more
Reece and the Hippy Lady
The Giant Kalaidoscope
Solar Energy Cookies

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