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September 29th 2013
Published: October 18th 2013
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My friend Stephen invited me to go to a Mormon church with him today at noon. I wore a nice skirt along with a scarf, and didn't realize how underdressed I was until I got there. Everyone looked very fancy and all the girls wore dresses and heels, Mormons take their religion very seriously! Stephen told me that this wasn't a normal day in the church, and was a day for people to say their testimonials. One by one people volunteered to go up to the stand and tell a a little story, explain why they believe the Book of Mormon is true and give their thanks. I was shocked at the amount of teenagers who were strict Mormons, for them this is a huge part of their life. If I remember correctly, mormons are called to go on a missionary for 2 years at some point inbetween the age of 18-25. They are volunteer representatives of the church who engage in church service, community service, and spreading the word about the Mormon religion and clear any nasty rumours (they don't have multiple wives). Another fact about Mormons, they aren't supposed to drink coffee or alcohol, smoke, or have any tattoos. "You don't have a soul. You are a soul; you have a body." By following these rules it ensures they treat the body as a temple. Aftee the testimony was over we went to a class room for institute where a man teaches teens about the Book of Mormon. Today's lesson was on tithings! I find the religion very interesting and can relate it to the Christian religion in many ways. Altinterested thrilled to experience the way of a Mormon, I don't think it's the right religion for me.


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