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9th March 2014

Liebe Charlotte.We only can say WOW.Will you move to Australia one day? I would not be surprised if you did.When ever I meet someone who has been there ,loves it.When my parents wanted to leave Germany we applied to Canada and Australia.But Canada replied first so we came here.Give our love to all of you in Sydney.We are glad that your mother wants to walk the Camino with you.With all the walking you did with Bengt you are fit for that walk ,but your mother has to get in some walking for the Camino.Stay healthy,I am glad Max is ok.The fishy fotos are wonderful.We have an Aquarium here in Toronto now too.When I took the edge walk they were just putting the finishing touch on the Aquarium.Love and H U G S, Oma and Opa.
28th February 2014

Liebe Charlotte.I want to HUG you.What can I write? Just H U G S and thank you for your Love. Love, Oma and Opa
1st February 2014

Hi Charlotte, We trust all is going well on your trip around this beautiful world. We have followed your blog and it seems you are enjoying your adventure!!!! Greetings from O.Claus and Fran
12th January 2014

Redlands California
Hi , Liebe Charlotte.You look great in the white blouse fromEdmonton We are glad you liked your stay with Friederike and her family.Fresh Orange juice is goooood.We are so happy that you met interesting Students and People at the Univercity.Wow is the word for your wonderful TRIP.Love, Oma and Opa.
11th January 2014

In reply.... you email, Charlotte. The only one of my children who has been at the Camino was Thomas and he did not walk it but guided bicycle groups along the trail several times. Continue enjoying your trip and stay healthy! Hugs, Tante Vera
10th January 2014

Hi from Hamburg
Hi Charlotte, I just spent an entire evening reading your blog from start to (preliminary) finish! What a blast you\'re having, it sounds really exciting. And I now have a few new places to visit on my bucket list! It also reminded me of my own visit with Paul and Elaine when I was 18 - they did just as wonderful a job of showing me around and taking me hiking, I just came across the pictures the other day. Of course Annie and Mark were about Eliana\'s and Sofia\'s age then, haha! And it all ended with the fish story... (Paul and Elaine, if you\'re reading this - thanks again for the memories!!) Have a great time, can\'t wait till you and Corinna get to Hamburg. Love, Alix
11th January 2014

Alix! I am glad you're able to see yourself in these blogs and relive it that way. I bet you had just as amazing of a time as I did. I'm so excited to visit you again in Hamburg because I view the world so differently than I would have back in gr.8! I have tons to ask you about. See you soon, ish :) - Charlotte
1st January 2014

Our dog Yoda went to Portland, remember? He has probably enjoyed a wonderful life there! I would love to visit Portland too. Your description shows an inviting, interesting place that I am so glad you had the opportunity to visit (in the company of such wonderful people.) Continued great travelling Charlotte. Love Mom
From Blog: Portland!
29th December 2013

Char, we loved having you visit us. Your photos are wonderful memories for us too. We look forward to reading about your next adventures. Bon Voyage! اس ام اس جدید
29th December 2013

Dear Charlotte, I am sure you had a very nice, totally different, Christmas with Onkel Bengt, Sheryn and Max. You will have so much to write about and I am looking forward to reading about all your adventures. All we have to report from Ontario is the terrible ice storm, which started on December 22nd and today, December 28th, thousands of people are still without hydro!! It took me 28 minutes from the Brock Rd. turn off at the 401 to your grandparents place as all traffic lights did not work. Normal drive is 5 minutes. But I certainly don't want to complain, as I was lucky to be warm and in very good company for a wonderful Christmas. I wish you a great stay in Australia! And in all the different places you will visit. Have an exciting, interesting, healthy New Year and once you reach Europe, ask me for the addresses of my kids in Germany and Spain - if you want to. Take good care and be safe - open your eyes and ears and soak up all experiences like a sponge - Finally: Beware of those big bad boys, haha. With love, Tante Vera
11th January 2014

Hello Vera! Thank you, I am really loving this world adventure. There is so much to see and do, I cant wait to see whats next! I heard about the terrible weather and really feel for you guys (as I sip my ice tea by the pool). I am really excited for Spain and the camino trail, has any of your children ever done it by any chance? -Charlotte
23rd December 2013

Hi Charlotte.Again this a wonderful rich funny report on your trip. The family is wonderful.Did I not tell you that Paul and Elaine a great people. To bad that you never met Paul's Parents.Do you remember the old print with the elaborate train to the coronation ? That is from his parents. Take care and we love you. BIG HUGS, Oma and Opa.
From Blog: Portland!
13th December 2013

I would like to visit Seattle some day too. I love your photos, especially the hole in the wall! New scenery, new friends,...I'm glad you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for this latest blog! It's great! Mom
12th December 2013

Char, we loved having you visit us. Your photos are wonderful memories for us too. We look forward to reading about your next adventures. Bon Voyage!
23rd November 2013

Again, Charlotte, you hit the Jackpot. What a trip with Nane. I tell you a secret, when her and I are together we NEVER have a dull moment. Always interesting,we may have quiet moments and stop talking, but we are never bored.Drumheller got a lot bigger over the years. I was there in 1997.Next time I am in Calgary I want to go with Nane again to this place.Take Care,Oma and Opa
14th November 2013

Nane and you in Calgary
Wow, what beautiful pictures of you and Nane, much nicer then mine .You had a wonderful time there and I am so glad.You never have a dull moment.Have fun , take care and we love you, Oma and Opa.
8th November 2013

Hi Charlotte.I am so glad that we did not corrupt you at the Casino.We only went for the experience and we had fun! When you are at Paul and later at Friederike they will have also so many stories to tell you from their parents.Life is so worthwhile living.Get as many memories as you can get.We love you and miss you,Oma and Opa.
4th October 2013

Hi Charlotte.I do not know if yesterday\'s comment went thru.We Love your reports.Keep it up.What an interesting trip you have so far. Xoxo Oma and Opa.
29th September 2013

Too bad about the bussing mix-up, but happy to know you had a good time at the festival. Photos are wonderful. Looks like you've had terrific weather! Stay happy and healthy. xoxo Mom
19th September 2013

I think you've eaten more terrific food in 3 weeks than I have in 3 years! Looks delicious! I'm happy that you have been getting along so well with Sonny and Preet, as your blog entries indicate! They are showing you a wonderful city and I hope the weather stays nice for the next little while. xoxo Mom
7th September 2013

Great Blog!
Hey Charlotte...Soooo glad you have made this blog! Opa was excited to tell me about it - he's reading along about your adventures on his ipad. What is that green thing you are holding in the photo "I'm gunna getcha?" You seem to be having a fantastic time, as all your snaps indicate. I'll get your resume ready and send later today. Do you want me to send all the people in our contacts that you will be visiting your new blog info? Then they can follow along with your adventure (Bengt, Max, Sheryn, Ulrike, Alix, etc. etc.) Let me know. Have a great weekend! Love Mom p.s. Do other people see this comment?
9th September 2013

yes mom everyone sees your comment! and it was a delish sandwich, didn't you read it? and sure if you would like!

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