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September 30th 2013
Published: October 18th 2013
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Our crossfit coach
I have found a new and exciting activity, crossfit! I love fitness but haven't been able to workout much lately, butbt his fits perfectly into my schedule. Every morning I get dropped off at the 9am class by Petra on her way to work. Crossfit is different from the typical gym. The coach, Jason makes up a warmup, WOD (workout of the day) and strength/skill portion. The entire group does the same workout at their own speed and at the end of the time period or last round the score is recorded and put on the computer so you can track your progress. Everyday is something completely different. I have learned to do alot of new weight lifting workouts properly such as overhead squats, push press, push jerk, dead lifts etc. I have also been introduced to some things I've never heard of like a turkish get up, or "skin the cat" on the rings. Muscle ups are so hard and forsure one thing that I will have to work really hard to be able to finally accomplish! All the people at crossfit are incredibly nice and motivational. The workouts are intense, but fun so it's not painful to get through, for example last week we did the deck of cards workout. Each suit was a different workout and the number was the amount of reps. Face cards were 10 reps and a joker was a 800m run! To go through the entire deck is exhausting, but also a fun gambling game! I'm going to miss going once my month membership runs out 😞

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Crossfit armoury Crossfit armoury
Crossfit armoury

There are minimal machines because alot of the workouts use body weight!

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