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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 17th 2015

Woke refreshed to the sounds of a dying all-night rave next door. The maid arrives in an hour, so there's time for a coffee and a turkey sarnie before hiking these fifty boxes downstairs. Hinton awaits with YEG in my rear-view mirrors.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 16th 2015

The old Vibe needs to make one more journey across the Yellowhead pass. The bright orange and white box behind her waits with jaws gaping to accept my few belongings.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 15th 2015

Got the trailer hitch installed today. Packing is half complete. The couch is at the Sally Ann and the maid comes on Friday. Excitement finally looms in the man-cave as departure plans are executed.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton January 27th 2015

One thing I value pretty highly is friendship, and just seeing a video from home from the Crate family for Australia Day just makes you feel awesome that you have great mates. One aspect of Travel I do love is meeting people and the opportunity to meet two Contiki friends who live in Calgary over the last few weeks has been awesome. One I caught up with in Calgary and got to see just a little more of this city I am starting to call home the other I helped him celebrate his bucks in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. I have also meet some new people in my journey as well, and have just met the rest of the exchange crew in Alberta and sharing their stories and experiences makes you realise this is a ... read more
Most of the PE Faculty
The Volleydome
View of the Rocky's from Calgary Tower

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 11th 2014

September 11, 2014.........We're Off! Leaving Calgary later tonight on British Airways arriving Barcelona tomorrow morning. This wonderful mother- daughter excursion is to honour Heather's second 29th birthday!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 30th 2014

Le soleil cogne fort cet apres midi, dans les avenues de la ville 34* , dans le béton des immeubles, sans brin brin d' air, c' est assez pénible. Edmonton est la capitale de la province d' Alberta 810 000 habitants, et traversée par la riviere Saskatchewan. Situé au centre nord de la province, dans une des régions les plus fertiles de l' ouest américain. La ville en elle même ne possede pas de caractéristiques particulieres, elle ressemble a toutes ces grandes nord américaines, mis a part, qu' elle se situe de part et d' autre de la riviere Saskatchewan, qui coule pratiquement dans une gorge, en méandres, ce qui donne des montée, ou descentes vertigineuses, et qu' il n' ai pas facile de se repéré. Je pourrais mettre les photos de Calgary et les placer ... read more
les mêmes a ma taille
a aubes le bateau
les tours

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 29th 2014

Le beau temps continue Ce soir je pense que je vais être assez bref. Je ne vais pas vous abreuvez, sur toutes les informations que j' ai eu ce matin au Royal Tyrrell Muséum. Je ne sais pas si Albertosaurus sarcophagus qui a vécu il y a 72.5et67 milions, si ce qui c' est produit a l' époque devonian ou permian va bien vous passionnez. Le musée et la visite eux le sont, mais a raconter!!!.C' est un vrai musée équipé des dernieres technologie audio-visuel. Pas un musée avec 3 bouts d' os et 2 dents de dinosaure. A l' entrée je me suis équipé d' un audio guide en Français, la visite m' a pris 2 bonnes heures. Tres honnêtement si il y avait eu interrogation écrite a la sortie je ne sais pas si ... read more
drole d' entrée de ferme
les Badlands au couché de soleil

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton October 26th 2013

I spent my last night in Edmonton with Petra, Chris, and Preeti at the Rocky Mountain food and wine festival! It was held at the Shaw Conference centre and is known as the biggest cocktail party where you know nobody. There are booths set up everywhere and you go around and taste test different wines and types of food using your bought tickets! I tried all sorts of different types of wines and alcohols, examples: fruity beer, 2 oceans wine, Wayne gretzkys wine, pumpkin creme tequila, and pumpkin vodka! I'm not the biggest fan of wine but I can't say no to tasting something! To be honest I spent most my tickets on food such as the delicious lobster truffle Mac and cheese (my fav), tacos, key lime pie, steak bites, some kind of meet sundae, ... read more
Preeti and I
The cripple and I
Fancy shmancy

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton October 20th 2013

Surpirse! (Well for Petra atleast) My Oma, her sister Nane, and my Aunt Andrea were knocking at the door! Petra's birthday is coming up so they planned to come visit for the week since Andrea had work in Edmonton anyways! Unknowingly Petra was forced to open the door still wearing pjs and unshowered, she truly had no idea. They were in town for 5 days which gave me lots of time to chat and catch up! My lovely mother made sure I won't starve, freeze or spend any extra money by sending along a whole suitcase of stuff with Andrea. Yippy, Christmas in October :) I sorted through the stuff which covered the entire floor and sent back everything that was unneeded. I loved hearing that my family is doing well. One of the nights we ... read more
Oma and I
Things you can do with a shall
Things you can do with a shall

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton October 18th 2013

I have actually met some pretty cool people my age and had the chance to hangout with them a few times while I've been in Edmonton! I met them all on Whyte ave when I have gone out the few times. I recently went to the Telus World of Science with my friend Stephen and saw body worlds, an environment exhibit, astronomy, and abunch of other cool themed rooms. There was a room full of information on your different senses and you could test how fast your pupils dialate and how good your hearing is. I really enjoyed the science exhibit but I have to admit, the science centre in Toronto is much better! I've gone for coffee with a guy named Ryan who is studying to become a chiropractor and I think we are going ... read more
At telus world of science!

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