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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 3rd 2013

This morning was very enjoyable, I got to sleep in! I decided to take Petra's bike and ride it to her work, an estimated half hour bike ride. Since I still don't know my way around I had to stop and make sure I was on the right track. I didn't even have to ride on the major roads because there were so many bike trails! The whole ride took more like an hour but the weather was wonderful so no complaints. After work we made chicken chili which was delicious and watched heat and identity thief. In both movies the main character was Melissa McCarthy, one of my favourite actresses because of her kind of humour. It was a very relaxing day!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 30th 2013

I woke up early this morning and caught a ride with Petra and Chris to work! Around 4pm Chris' grandmother, his niece Paige, Petra and Preet met at the store and we went to Rose's nails. The only time I ever get my nails done is for prom or a special occasion so it was a treat! All the girls get fake nails everytime they go, so I decided to try it out! I forgot how relaxing a manicure and pedicure can be (thank you Petra). The nails feel so strange and are so long, definitely will take some getting used to! We all went to the red lobster after and had a wonderful meal to finish off the wonderful outing. A fire alarm went off 30 minutes after we got there but because everyone had ... read more
Yummy yummy!
Coconut shrimp

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 29th 2013

Since I was able to sleep in and go to work later, I decided not to rely on Petra or Chris to pick me up, and take the bus! I'm not that familiar with the bus system in Branford, so Alberta was even worse. I caught the bus at 12:35 and the guy didn't even make me pay! I had to transfer after 20 minutes and didn't have to pay the second time either! Being anxious I got off at a few stops too early and had to walk for an extra 10 minutes but that's okay. After work we went to Costco which is a mini trip of its own. Not one of the healthiest dinners, but was enjoyed: hotdogs and poutine. The rest of the lazy night was spent reading and watching tv.... read more
Sitting at the station
Free ride!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 28th 2013

I was able to sleep in this morning, so feeling rejuvenated I walked to the YMCA, 20 minutes down the road. It's very expensive though so I settled for the 3 time free trial. After snooping the place out, I walked back home and got a ride to the office. It wasn't that busy but time flew by. Sunny, Petra's son, and his girlfriend Leanne came over for dinner. He looks a lot like Preet in my opinion (ill try to find a photo soon). We made homemade potato chips and grilled cheese with tomato, ham, chives, and cayenne, and man was it delish! After the great meal I headed to bed and read some more of my book (it's starting too get good!)... read more
Fancy family

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 27th 2013

Petra came into wake me up but I was sound asleep. Unlike my mother when I'm late for school, she just let me sleep in! Chris came and picked me up later that morning and we went to the store. The area their store is in isn't the kind you'd want your kid growing up in. There are a lot of homeless people, kind of a dirty low maintenance grubby hangout area. besides the fact of the location, the store does very well and has mostly normal customers with the odd strange or drunk one. Around 4, Preet came and took Petra and I to the West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest in the world. It has everything in terms of shops to entertainment to things to do. here is just a list of a ... read more
In England!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 26th 2013

This morning we woke up early and headed to the office! I am lucky enough to have been offered a job with my Aunt Petra in her store, Vacuum Central, selling vacuums! On this rainy day, sales are kind of slow, but it gives me a great opportunity to learn how to run the store! A weird thing I have noticed that is different from Brantford, a lot of the streets aren't named, but are numbered! "on the corner of 77th and 145th", to me this seems very confusing but I guess Ill just have to get used to it! Work hours are from 9-6 everyday except Sundays! After work we prepared a great steak meal and Preeti and her boyfriend Sean joined us. Another night of drinking wine and GIN-gerale, enjoyed while playing a competitive ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 25th 2013

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely rejuvenated and full of life, it's Sunday so that means a day off of work! Preet, Petra's daughter came over and we went out to tuttie fruities for breakfast. Preet reminds me a lot of my friend Victoria because she's kind of sassy but really funny and girly. We then went to a farmers market and browsed for half an hour. We lounged around for a few hours drinking smoothies on the deck, learning a bit more about everyone. Chris' grandparents invited us over for a wonderful pork roast dinner which was a great way to meet more of the family. The elderly couple are still full of energy at age 80 and show a great example of love, seeing as they are reaching their 60th anniversary this November! ... read more
Delicious dinner
The host!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 24th 2013

Petra and Chris woke up early and headed off to work and let me sleep in, thinking I would be up later to go out and do something. I ended up sleeping longer than I ever have before, until 5pm which is 7pm back in Ontario! I still felt very sick and had a killer headache. Once I got some mess in me and a bit of soup and pizza I was starting to perk up! The pizza they ordered must have been ten pounds, filled with toppings and extremely cheesy. It was a lazy day so we just watched some movies and went to bed. Chris is very technologically advanced so we were able to watch any movie we like, like meet the millers, grown ups 2 and pain and gain, all very good in ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 23rd 2013

This wasn't really how I had planned my last day to go.. at all. Started off in the morning packing and cleaning my room which will now be a spare bedroom, said goodbye to my pets ( hope by kitty is doing okay without me) said a final goodbye to Ross. The entire morning I was feeling off but I figured it was just from the nerves and stress. Half way to the airport we had to pull over so I could be sick. Once arriving at the Hamilton airport, we easily got my tickets and found our way to my boarding area. I got sick 3 more times before even getting on the plane so I knew this flight would be 4 hours of torture. I sat in row 7c, an aisle seat. A gross, ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 12th 2013

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