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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 25th 2012

Well we are packed and ready to go! Elizabeth and Samuel are over excited, so we have them sitting in front of the TV to stop bickering while we wait for our taxi.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 10th 2012

We whiled away the day at the West Edmonton Mall. Well, half of it, anyway. We took advantage of free late check out (noon) and stayed in the hotel as long as we could. Then we saw a movie (Hope Springs, which we both enjoyed), wandered about, had dinner at Earl's, and finally came to rest at an Internet café. At about 9 pm, we were both bored enough to figure it couldn't be worse at the train station, so we took a cab there. The station in Edmonton is so small that I had to ask to be sure there was indeed a train coming through here en route to Montreal (there was). Unfortunately, the train left Jasper two hours late, so won't even be here until 1 am (we were scheduled to depart aet ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 8th 2012

08.08.2012 Gestern sind wir gut und wohlbehalten hier in ST Albert angekommen und wie vermutet haben wir momentan keine Möglichkeit ins Internet zu kommen. Alle vor 3 Jahren noch offenen WLAN sind mittlerweile verschlüsselt. Aber zunächst will ich von der Fahrt hierher schreiben. Das Wetter in Valemount hatte sich wie angekündigt entwickelt. In der Nacht gab es das erste Gewitter, aus den Wolken, die wir am Abend vorher schon beobachtet hatten. Und als wir aus dem Fenster schauten waren die Berge teilweise in Wolken und es regnete. Also gingen wir zum Frühstück was leider nicht im Hotelpreis enthalten war und so sind wir da erst einmal 40 CAD los geworden. Gestärkt packten wir all unsere Sachen wieder ins Auto ein und kamen so gegen 1/2 elf auf den Highway zur ca. 500 km Etappe. Die ersten ... read more
Elch an der Straße
Fußbad im See
kurzer Stopp am Highway

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 2nd 2012

2nd August ’12 Jasper to Edmonton, Alberta Just outside of Jasper we took the turn off up to Maligne Lake, we weren’t far along before we saw our first bear! Then we passed caribou and reached the toe of a long thin lake, which was very pretty with mountains all around. Eventually (it was a long road) we reached Maligne Lake and from what we could see it must be a stunning area when the mountains aren’t covered in mist, but they were. It soon started raining so after a quick look around we backtracked to the main highway. We carried on towards Edmonton and passed signs for the scenic highway to Alaska (about 1800 miles away!). The weather got better as we approached Edmonton, which is obviously a large city but we were just heading ... read more
Maligne Lake
Maligne Lake
Maligne Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 30th 2012

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Keine zu klein...

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 26th 2012

The drive to Edmonton was 297km long but felt soo much longer, the road was straight and all that was around us was nothing, it was just flat! On our way through a small place called Gasoline Alley we saw a dounut store, we stopped and got some, they were delicious. We arrived at Devonian Gardens and looked around. The gardens were really cool there was a butterfly house full of beautiful butterflies. There was a lot to see with woodland gardens, wetlands and Japanese gardens. We liked the Japanese garden best, there were dragonflies everywhere, it was like walking through midges at the beach and there was a peace bell, so we both had a turn at ringing it. The weather was fantastic on our way to Edmonton and at the gardens but when we ... read more
Photo 10
Photo 22
Photo 8

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton June 8th 2012

Another great day. Started with a bit of light rain, but turned into a great day with lots of sun. Much cooler, but was a nice break after the heat of the previous 2 days. Today we went from Brandon MB, to Edmonton AB. To this point our daily mileage has been; 1 – 657.4, 2 – 680.9, 3 – 709.9 miles. We have been in the seat 30 hours, 10 minutes. The speed limit is usually 110kpm, which is about 72mph. The locals tell us that 5 over is usually safe to avoid tickets, and that seems to be the standard traffic flow. Tomorrow will be a short day over to Grande Prairie, where we are both getting oil changes and having the bikes checked over before we head up the ALCAN. That should give ... read more
The rear

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton June 2nd 2012

Hey all! It's me, fishifishy! Also known as Renee. :P Just a question to all those reading: What is there to do in Edmonton in mid-August? I'm asking because my friend Steph from Charlottetown, PEI is coming out this August to come for a visit! I'm super excited because we haven't seen each other for three years. We met in Jonquière, Québec in 2009 when we were on a bursary from the Canadian government. (the program we took part in was the Explore Program). We stay in touch like 90's friends: snail-mail. After I found out that Steph was going to be coming to see me, I immediately started planning a mini-tour of St. Albert and Edmonton, and I've booked a weekend in Banff as well. Other than the obvious trip to the "Magical Mall" (West ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton May 25th 2012

hello travel world, well, we have eight months until we leave on our adventure over to Europe. the thought of having to wait 235 days until we can pack up our lives into two backpacks and board a plane to Dublin, Ireland makes me sad. I would like to leave yesterday if that's at all possible. such is life. I can't be too much of a downer considering we're going for an entire year and hopefully longer. in the meantime, we've planned Ireland, UK, Scotland & Wales. the rest of Europe will be done sporatically throughout our summer here. I know, we've started this travel blog eight months too early, but i'm getting antsy. besides, I can read about all the places I want to go to on this website. and if we go on any ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 29th 2012

I have finally arrived in Canada...yes I travelled for something like 30+ hours all in the same day April 28th. Leaving Perth at 00:25am (April 28) for the first flight to Melbourne was difficult as i'm a homebody and i'm leaving my fur babies for 3 months. In Melbourne I had a quick 3 hr layover before I jumped on the mother of all flights to LA. So time to stock up on magazines and well that was it. Did some downward facing dog in that airport and I was set. The flight to LA was suprisingly good. I rode in cattle class of the A380 although I was a little nervous considering all the engine problems in the past and the bad publicity about Quantas etc. So everytime we hit turbulance I thought I was ... read more

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