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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham September 27th 2016

David here... So, after a bit of time saving, lots of discussion on how to spend it and whether we could really justify going on another round the world trip, we decided that the last trip gave us so much pleasure and happy memories that we just had to do it again. So, over the months since we made the decision to do it we've been shopping for clothes, useful items, trying and buying new backpacks and planning where we are going to go on this trip. I say we've been...the planning part of the trip has mainly been done by Suzanne. She has been busy checking routes, monitoring prices, booking flights, and deciding on places we just have to visit. We've tried to pick a route that is not a copy of our last trip ... read more
I think we're going to need bigger packs!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham September 27th 2016

Robin Hoods nabolag Jeg ankom rimelig sent til Nottingham, så jeg tjekkede ind og slappede af. Dagen efter fik jeg lidt morgenmad på en café i nærheden af hostellet, inden jeg tog til Leicester. Jeg kunne lige så godt få brugt mit tog kort. Jeg tullede rundt i Leicester i nogle timer, inden jeg vendte tilbage til Nottingham. Jeg lærte hvordan man skulle udtale Leicester korrekt af togkonduktoren. Han kiggede meget underligt på mig, da jeg sagde at jeg skulle til Leichester. Mener du mon Lester? Det er da, det jeg gør! Det er altså også forvirrende, når de undlader, at udtale halvdelen af bogstaverne… Jeg lærte da noget nyt i dag. Jeg skal være ærgerlig og indrømme, at jeg ikke husker meget fra mit besøg i Leicester, men jeg er sikker på at det var ... read more
Det koster penge at gå derind :/
Imponerende træ

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham August 9th 2013

It is around 12 weeks until i travel and i am currently in the process of building my travel blog. This is just a test blog. Roll on 2nd November for the real deal!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham January 13th 2013

Written, February 2010. Very soon Nottingham will shoot to the top of the UK's "Nice Day Out" charts. Because Ridley Scott is at it again. Ridley and Russell Crowe are making a movie about Robin Hood. Robin Hood hung out in Sherwood Forest and often nipped into town to take a pop at Nottingham's sheriff. I went to Nottingham where I read Geography and History - and so I can’t wait for Ridley's remake. At last our very English own Mr. Scott could / should / will reclaim one of our finest legends after we lent it out to Johnny Hollywood for far too long. Hollywood seems to enjoy pinching our national myths if only to slap American accents on them. "Norttinghaarrm." The Septics love the English sword slashing and the candlestick flinging that we do ... read more
Brian Clough Statue
Renamed Derby Road

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham March 10th 2012

A whole week has gone by and finally I am working part time. The decision has been made to try to get up early, do something and make the most of the extra days without work. A walk to the swimming baths, 50 lengths and a walk back on two days. A trip to the local garden centre to buy vegetable seeds ready to plant up for the summer. The car received its much needed wash before its trip to the garage for new wheel bearings and to have its handbrake cable sorted. Life is much more pleasant now with more time on our hands and more importantly Spring seems on its way. The mornings are pleasant, the sun shining, gardens full of the colours of Spring; the yellow opening buds on the forsythia, daffodils waving ... read more
Gunthorpe Ducks and Geese
Suzy Sundance

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham February 29th 2012

6 Months to go before my trip away and really i still have no clue of what to do....i literally know i'm flying to Quito on the 8th of Sept and i am flying home from La Paz on Oct31st... I sort of know the things i want to do while i'm over there...but then i dont want to feel too restricted if i plan it all now...i want to just go with the flow...i'm thinking to just book my first nights accommodation in Ecuador and then go from there...but then i dont want to get stung when i'm over there by over priced trips etc...hmm, ou what to do..anyway for now i'm just going over various forums and websites and speaking with mates who have been to South America to get their views... Over and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham November 15th 2011

My work allowed me to stay in Nottingham for a year. Nottingham – the place of Robin Hood, whose stories we are all familiar with. It a relaxed city unlike other bigger cities in the UK. Not much of a hustle-bustle but quite calm. There are many places to visit in and around Nottingham. Wollaton Hall, Nottingham Castle , Matlock Bath, Attenborough , Old Market square amongst host of other tourist attractions. My favourites are the Old Market Square and Attenborough. Old Market square because, it was the heart of the city. Shopping, pubbing, indulging in food from across the world – you could do it all here. And Attenborough because of the memorable bicycle ride to this place from Nottingham. My friends and I planned to cycle to this place on a weekend. I had ... read more
Ducks enjoying ..
What is he looking for anyway?
On our way to Attenborough

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham October 31st 2011

David here... Well, we've been home for almost two months now and we are well and truly back into the rhythm of 'normal life'. When we arrived home to the United Kingdom we felt quite depressed. The skies were grey and it was cold and drizzly. It kind of summed up how we were feeling. It was nice to see friends and family again, to hand over presents and sort through the stuff we'd collected on our travels, but for the first few weeks, it is fair to say that we just wanted to be out on the road again. Throwing away our trusty backpacks but battered was tough. For me, it was especially hard going back to work and getting back into that routine, though I know I am very lucky to have had a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham August 21st 2011

After saying goodbye to Chrissie and Lisa who've been up for our usual "shopping" trip in Nottingham, the final plans have commenced!!! There are just 12 sleeps before we jet off on the first leg of our holiday of a lifetime, so today will probably see suitcases out the loft and piles of clothes and those "must have" holiday items scattered all over the lounge floor! Nottingham Flag has been purchased and will fly proudly whenever we get the chance :)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham June 15th 2011

Firstly, welcome to the blog. This is for everyone to keep up to date with our trip to Sri Lanka. It will be updated every few days with pictures, quotes and plans throughout our trip. We have 4 days to go before we head to Heathrow Airport and fly out to Colombo via Qatar. Myself and Mesh have been up late for the last few days planning the trip and although we are running on enthusiasm and a few red bulls, there is so much still to do! We have booked all our accommodation and transport for the trip and are anxious to get out to Sri Lanka asap! Please stay posted and we will try and send you all as many pictures of possible of our teams adventures! Nick and Mesh... read more

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