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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham January 28th 2020

"Your most important task is to be here and how and enjoy the present moment " Thich Nhat Hanh So today although we were thinking about our next holidays and a short trip out to Northumberland next weekend . That given it was time to enjoy today. This weekend we watched the final episode of the Trial of Christine Keeler and we were taken back to the 1960's. We remember the trial well. We remember the stink when the story hit the newspapers . The clothes that people wore. Young girls with hats, short mini skirts, Biba , Mary Quant and Twiggy, the men wearing flat caps or bowlers. Knitted waistcoats and umbrellas. We had been transformed back over 50 years ago and it felt just like yesterday. The world was changing. That change was intense ... read more
D H Lawrence house
a piano in the living room
Lace curtains and lace clothing

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham March 31st 2019

"Homeward Bound " - The feeling you get whether you are away a day, a week , a month or longer. It is always nice to get back to sit in your own comfortable chairs, to eat what you want when you want. Egg on toast - beans on toast . To be able to sleep in your own bed. As I write this Gabby is sitting on our drive . We have arrived home after our short South Walian break. Gabby is a filthy girl and Glenn spent the best part of a morning cleaning her roof which had not seen a brush nor water for months. I spent the time getting washing into the washing machine and making lists of things to be done. The second day Glenn cleaned the outside of our girl ... read more
one of those interesting gates
Wollaton Hall
Wollaton Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham February 10th 2019

Saturday morning, after a nourishing breakfast of porridge and a bacon sandwich with brown sauce we were off down the M1 again back down to Nottingham. Even though the weather report was a little shaky I was determined to attend my first ever English professional football match. In this case a Championship level game between Brentford and Nottingham Forest. Before heading off to the stadium we stopped at Davey’s house to watch some of the early games while having a cup of tea. When it was time his wife drove us as close to the stadium as possible, telling the traffic official that she was “taking the lads to the football”. We were then left to walk the rest of the way on foot. It was great walking as the air was fresh and we were ... read more
River Trent
The Supporters
Game Action

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham February 8th 2019

As I rumbled up the tracks from London to Nottingham I was rocked into a delightful contented slumber. Snuggly in my seat, I was jostled awake by a woman and her unruly suitcase. Where were we? “Now arriving in Beeston”. Holy smokes that’s my stop and with that I hurriedly snagged my trusty silver traveling bag and disembarked the train. There waiting for me was Davey. Someone, I met in a hostel one random morning in Sydney eighteen years ago. Over the years we had hung out in North America, South America, and Asia. However, it had been ten years since I had last seen him. But the thing about true friendships is that no matter how long it has been you simply pick right back up as if no time had passed at all. After ... read more
Davey's Street
Hindu Temple

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham July 13th 2018

Well its been 6 years in the making........ i guess in our 20s/30s we had unfinished business. We missed hed kandi! Our reason for ibiza, and we missed out due to the flights and other reasons. Over the years, H Kaz and Nix have all done their own thing, but like moths to a flame for ibiza, we are back! For 4 days all sensible judgement is out the window. We have learnt from last time!! What a wardrobe fiasco. Never will we forget going into ushuaia wearing the most in appropriate clothes. Getting back to the apartment and asking ‘so what have you bought thats actually appropriate? All of this (2/3 of iitems) totally inappropriate as we fell apart laughing. Golden rule girls, if you would wear it in england DONT pack it. If its ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham December 5th 2017

26th November 2017 Today I went to Nottingham Castle. The original castle was destroyed by rioters in 1831 and the current palace was built in its place only a few hundred years ago. It is now a museum and art gallery, but the exhibits weren't very interesting. There is a good view of all of Nottingham though. 17th December 2017 Newstead Abbey is much nicer. The house is perfectly restored and decorated in full Christmas-ness and there are geese and peacocks running around everywhere. The rest of the month was filled with playing in the snow, convincing myself I was dying of the black plague, and Christmas shopping (mostly buying presents for myself, and only occassionallly for other people too). 1st January 2018 Today I went to the Attenborough Nature Reserve. Birds everywhere. There were geese ... read more
Nottingham prepares for Christmas!
Nottingham prepares for Christmas!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham October 28th 2017

28th October 2017 I love driving. I hired a car for the weekend and it's amazing. Driving is my happy place. I drove to a super pretty happy place today: the Peak District. The drive was amazing. The view was amazing. The road was windy and hilly and had obstacles like narrow blind corners and horse riders and the like. Overall: amazing. I stopped for lunch at Bakewell: home to the famous Bakewell pudding and Bakewell tart. Of course I tried both but unfortunately neither were anything to write home about. Bakewell is the cutest town you've ever seen in your whole life though. There's a creek and old buildings and a farmer's market and a craft market and full of little town cuteness. Then I kept driving on to Buxton where I stopped to visit ... read more
Peak District - Heights of Abraham
Nottingham - Trent River Cruise
Nottingham - Christmas Market

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham September 24th 2017

1st October 2017 I've been in Nottingham for a week now and people ask "what is it like?". My only answer I guess is same same but different. The big things in life are the same; work, home etc, but the little things make me realise that perhaps I'm not in Kansas anymore. Humans are all essentially the same, Australian or Brittish so work is essentially the same, except the little things like testing less for snake bites and more for haemoglobinopathies. Home is still the same because I still need to cook dinner and wash my clothes, but watching squirrels out my window instead of kookaburras is a little bit exciting. I'm excited that I will have heaps of quirky little memories like how the bus driver literally stopped the bus, got out, picked up ... read more
Mushy Peas at Goose Fair
Nottingham City
Sherwood Forest

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham April 7th 2017

Returning home to Nottingham for a week was both lovely and odd in equal measure. It was great to catch up with family and friends but it was strange being back without having to go back to the daily routine. We had just six days to see everyone and get through a to-do list that rivalled the kind of nightmare work to-do lists I had in the run up to this trip. If it had been down to me we'd have gone home for two days max, but thankfully Paul is a little more practical and insisted on a few more days. Packing for the second half of our trip proved to be a little challenging. We had all the stuff we need for diving in Indonesia (wet suits, snorkels, fins, masks, dive computers) plus warmer ... read more
Still getting birthday presents :)
Lunch break in Nottingham
Birthday cake from work

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham October 4th 2016

David here... We set off for Köln tomorrow from Stansted via Peterborough - an opportunity to have a final, traditional pub lunch before flying out of the country for 12 months. We both finished work on Friday, which was an odd experience for both of us even though we'd done it previously. It didn't really feel like we were leaving work, despite both having nice leaving drinks with our colleagues. We both felt that once Monday came around we would be at work again as normal. Obviously Monday came around and we didn't head off to work as normal, though we couldn't have a lie-in as we had to get up to put our mattress outside for the council to take away. We timed it well as they arrived as soon as we had closed the ... read more

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