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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne October 26th 2019

The last day had arrived and it was time to say goodbye to our charming cottage and village. We packed and cleaned, taking some last photos, and leaving some of our leftovers in the wagon outside the honesty store (apples, oranges, drinks), which were gone by the time we left. Good! We were able to lug all our stuff in one go down the gondola and to our car. Then we were on our way to Bern, with me driving. This was our last stop before getting to Zurich. My flight left that night and they left the next morning, but were staying in a hotel near the airport. Bern was a good hour drive away and, after we had picked up our cuckoo clocks, we drove along the equally scenic south side of the lake ... read more
Child Eater Fountain
Bern city street and fountains
medieval clock

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 29th 2019

Since we were not able to visit the Glacier Palace yesterday due to weather, we postponed leaving Zermatt and boarded the trams to make our way to the top of Klein Matterhorn. The weather in Zermatt was still gray and foggy but as we rose higher up the mountain the clouds we departing and a vivid blue sky awaited up at the top. The top of Klein Matterhorn is glacier covered thus the snow still remains and we were joined by fellow travelers carrying skis and ski poles. The Matterhorn appeared in the window of the tram and below was the Klein Matterhorn Glacier. At the first stop to change trams, we stopped for a brief time to acclimate ourselves to the higher altitude before ascending even higher. At our next stop we climbed some steps ... read more
Alps Panorama
House in the Mountains
Mountain Sheep

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 13th 2019

I had a wonderfully lazy day today. So short entry. I spent most of the morning down by the Aare River, different spot though. There's a campground not all that far from my hostel and they have a little "beach" area (read - pebbles not sand, but a little area at least). I got there just before 9am and I had the place to myself for a little over an hour. It was perfect. Every so often you'd see someone float by on the river lol. I still think this is a fantastic feat. Myself, I didn't go swimming but I did walk around with the water up to my mid-calves. Water was coooooooold, only 16.8C. Cold, but certainly refreshing. I then went and sat on the rocks to just listen to the river while I ... read more
Chillin' by the Aare
Perfect that I had the beach to myself lol
A+ sign

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 12th 2019

Off to Bern for a short stay before Interlaken later this week. Again, I give up on weather reports - supposed to rain and be overcast all day... it was blazing sun for most of the day. Right. Getting there was an adventure in itself lol. The SBB (Swiss Rail) app gave me the wrong platform info leaving Bern - thankfully I noticed well before my train was leaving. They were doing construction work and we were 22min behind schedule. Wouldn't be an issue except I had a 23min connection in Olten lol. I resigned myself to the fact I would miss my connection (because the app lied again about which platform I was catching the connecting train on) but then as I came up out of the tunnel my train was just there. Waiting. Oh ... read more
View from near the bridge
View from near the bridge
Those claws..!

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne September 15th 2018

Letzten Freitag ist die 14. Arbeitswoche in Bern erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen. Da am Samstag der FC Bayern spielte und am Sonntag die Formel 1 lief, hatte ich am ersten Tag nur einen Museumsbesuch geplant. Ich bin daher nach dem Frühstück zum Bernischen Historischen Museum, welches wie andere Museen im Museumsquartier in Kirchenfeld liegt. Dort habe ich ein Ticket gekauft und bin durch die Ausstellungsräume. Vieles dort war mir schon bekannt, aber dass die Schweizer ein Heerlager der Burgunder eingenommen und geplündert hatten, war mir neu. Einige dieser Beutestücke waren im Museum ausgestellt. Nach dem Besuch bin ich zu einer Spezialitäten-Lebensmittelabteilung und habe dort Bündnerfleisch, Appenzeller Käse, Baseler Brot, Dry Aged Beef, Estnischen Fisch und Berner Rotwein gekauft. Das ganze war so teuer, dass man mir an der Kasse noch eine Dose Alpensalz geschenkt hat. Aber ... read more
Das Bernische Historische Museum.
Das Bernische Historische Museum.
Das Bernische Historische Museum.

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne » Grosshöchstetten August 22nd 2018

SWITZERLAND and THE ALPS “A day in the life of a Tour Manager” I exited the aircraft in Zurich, Switzerland. After settling in to my hotel and aware of the age-old statement to stay awake if you can, to correct your internal clock, I immediately ventured out. During the train ride into the city, the introduction to the centuries old European sandstone buildings, the charming rooftops, steeples and chiming of church bells flooded my jet lagged mind. I wandered the ancient cobblestone streets. The passing of trams with a quiet hum that doesn't seem to disturb the wellbeing of the environment was such a pleasant beginning to my travels. I wandered over quaint bridges and found what I’d planned to be my first dinner in Switzerland. Raclette is a meal of melted cheese over small potatoes, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 21st 2018

Vor einer Woche bin ich gemütlich und ohne Stau wieder von München nach Bern gefahren. Die darauf folgende 6. Arbeitswoche verlief wieder problemlos. Ich habe auch verspätet mit mitgebrachtem bayerischen Bier meinen Einstand gegeben. Da dieses Wochenende ein Testspiel des FC Bayern, die Tour de France, die Formel 1 und wieder interessante Politiksendungen kommen, habe ich für heute nur ein kurzes Programm eingeplant und zwar endlich einen Spaziergang durch Bern. Nach einem schönen Ausschlafen und Frühstück in meiner netten Wohnung bin ich zuerst die Rathausgasse entlang gegangen. Das Rathaus selber wird anscheinend gerade renoviert. Danach bin ich zum Bärenpark und dem Bärengraben. Dort waren viele Touristen aber ich konnte keine Bären entdecken. Ich habe jetzt auch nicht stundenlang gewartet, bis einer vorbei kommt. Also bin ich die zentrale Kramgasse entlang und dann links abgebogen zu... read more
Der Bärengraben anscheinend ohne Bären.
Blick auf Berner Münster und Münster Plattform.
An der Zytglogge gehe ich jeden Tag zwei mal vorbei.

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 31st 2017

We stop in Berne on our way to Interlaken. This town has a really cute old town. We walk the old town and eat our lunch with a view of the river. There are booths selling fireworks because of the upcoming holiday. I buy firework, don't know what I bought but they were cheap. We walk across one of the old bridges and are surprised to find bears living along the river, the are fenced in. We enjoyed our time in Berne.... read more
Olld town street
Old bridges

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 10th 2017

After studying the weather forecast at length we decided that heading up the mountains wasn't such a good idea and that going to the lowlands would be out of any rain, so a better option. We chose Bern because it's a "must see" and also out of the mountain rain. We got a train from Grindelwald and Interlaken Ost and arrived in Bern around 12.30. This is a bussling university city as well as being the government centre so it was quite busy in the main street where there were trams, buses, covered shops and people everywhere. Our first stop was at a cake and coffee shop. Who could resist those wonderful, arty cakes? So, we partook. Ours were tarts filled with custard creme topped with fresh raspberries. Lovely. We wandered on towards the popular clock ... read more
The huge weather and time clock in Bern
Big brown bear in the Bern bear pit

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne June 25th 2017

This is hard to describe. We were excited to visit Switzerland but are completely in awe of the Swiss Alps. First off, the villages are storybook & adorable! We are staying in the village of Wengen which is 4500ft above sea level. After our scenic drive, we arrived at our hotel which is a beautiful chalet. We enjoyed an authentic Swiss meal & listened to Swiss music. This morning, we headed to Trummelbach falls, huge waterfalls within the Alps. Absolutely incredible with 5000 gallons of water per second - truly awesome & a bit frightening! We went up an elevator inside the falls & walked down. I cannot even describe it!! The power & roar of the falls was overwhelming! Then we headed on a gondola up to the top of the mountain & proceeded to ... read more

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