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July 10th 2017
Published: July 10th 2017
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Raspberry cake from BernRaspberry cake from BernRaspberry cake from Bern

Who could resist such a delicious cake?
After studying the weather forecast at length we decided that heading up the mountains wasn't such a good idea and that going to the lowlands would be out of any rain, so a better option. We chose Bern because it's a "must see" and also out of the mountain rain. We got a train from Grindelwald and Interlaken Ost and arrived in Bern around 12.30. This is a bussling university city as well as being the government centre so it was quite busy in the main street where there were trams, buses, covered shops and people everywhere. Our first stop was at a cake and coffee shop. Who could resist those wonderful, arty cakes? So, we partook. Ours were tarts filled with custard creme topped with fresh raspberries. Lovely.

We wandered on towards the popular clock where everyone gathers for the hour when a figure at the top bongs a large bell, below some figures revolve around and the weather clock moves on. It is huge and impressive.

Onwards and down the main street are flags flying and a series of statues and fountains. Finally, down by the river we arrived at the Bear Pit where 3 bears paced around their circular enclosure. Poor animals. They did at least have some rocks to climb, some plants growing and places for shelter but it was hardly the great outdoors.

We wanted to visit the huge and impressive cathedral but it was closed for a funeral service. However, the outside is very impressive and worth looking at with a soaring intricately decorated tower with animals and gargoyles and a fabulously decorated main entrance.

On the shopping side of things, the kids got their Victorinox pocket knives and I purchased some Swiss souvenirs for presents. As we have found over the past few weeks, there are numerous sales on at present and it is a buyers paradise if you're into shopping. It's not part of the TTAT's philosophy so we only shop for what we need to.

It is hard to describe this prime example of a medieval town. The arched covered shops offer shelter during the day. Roofs are tiled and dominated by a miriad of chimneys and turrets. Flags fly. Flowers abound. This old part of Bern is set in a loop of the river so would have been well defended.

Back at the railway station
Big brown bear in the Bern bear pitBig brown bear in the Bern bear pitBig brown bear in the Bern bear pit

Bears are part of the Bernese Canton flag so they appear often in paintings, names and flags
we missed our train by a few minutes so had to sit around for another hour. Dang! Where to sit? There was not much to offer so we went to a bar for beers and fruit juice for the kids.

Finally, back in Grindelwald we prepared dinner and watched yet another spectacular thunderstorm which soon passed on through and cleared.


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