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July 13th 2019
Published: July 13th 2019
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I had a wonderfully lazy day today. So short entry.

I spent most of the morning down by the Aare River, different spot though. There's a campground not all that far from my hostel and they have a little "beach" area (read - pebbles not sand, but a little area at least). I got there just before 9am and I had the place to myself for a little over an hour. It was perfect. Every so often you'd see someone float by on the river lol. I still think this is a fantastic feat.

Myself, I didn't go swimming but I did walk around with the water up to my mid-calves. Water was coooooooold, only 16.8C. Cold, but certainly refreshing. I then went and sat on the rocks to just listen to the river while I did some reading. Unfortunately I didn't look before I sat down and managed to pit my hand in a bunch of bird shit hahaha. At least I didn't sit in it, I guess?

Around 11h it started to get busy(ish), so I packed up and headed back to the city. I went back to the Old Town to grab lunch, and explore around for some more of the fountains. It's honestly super cool that they a) have such unique fountains but also b) that all the water is clean and drinkable. I also walked around one of the parks and the Parliament - in the back you get a wonderful view over the river and the city below.

In the afternoon I took the funicular up the Gurten - the small mountain overlooking Bern. They have quite the set up for kiddos - great big play area, little rides, ice cream (which I enjoyed too). They were setting up for some festival next week, so it was kind of all.over the place, but the views up there were still mice and continued to enjoy my book for a bit and just people watch.

Off to Interlaken tomorrow! The weather apparently hasn't been super great for the mountains (webcams don't lie even if the weather forecasts do)... so fingers crossed I get a clear day or two.

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