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3rd January 2019

Happy New Year, Julie. Entertaining and informative as usual. Glad you had a good trip. See you in March.
6th January 2019

Thanks Joan - happy New Year to you and the family as well :)
6th August 2018

Jays Tickets
Hey Julie, Just wondering how long ago you had to get your tickets for the stretch in Oakland and then the Seattle games (which sounded so fun). Hope they continue on their roll this week - especially Friday when we are there
7th August 2018

I bought the tickets quite awhile ago (I want to say March or April..?), but I def could have waited - especially for Oakland, there were tons of seats. Seattle games weren't sold out either, but even back then when I looked at seats the sections near the Jays dugout were virtually all gone. I hope they play well back home for you guys too!
2nd August 2018

Poor Ol' Jays
Hi Julie, Been following your blog since part 1 of your summer and ran into your mom on Saturday so we had a good chat. Hope you get to see 2-5. We are going to the game next Friday with Matt and Justin. None of our shirts/jerseys are playing or with the Jays any longer. Oh well. I hope my man - Pillar - is back soon. Justin's road trip this year (besides Cleveland) is to Miami on the Labour Day week-end. Have fun in Seattle with all those fans.
3rd August 2018

Hi Joan! Well, we got a win last night - I'll take it! haha. It was sad seeing the jerseys at the game yesterday - I think I saw one "Smoak" and every other jersey was someone injured or gone. It was an amazing atmosphere though. I think they were saying Pillar might get back in during this series - fingers crossed. That sounds like a good time for Justin - hope he enjoys that and that you guys all enjoy the game next week!
4th January 2018

Wonderful photos, Julie. I've just added Iceland to my bucket list. Can I take your geography class?
4th January 2018

It's definitely a must-see place, even if it's starting to get a little crazy with the number of tourists. I'd suggest not the middle of winter for a first visit lol, there are more options of things to see and do... but any time of year is amazing. Iceland is definitely in my Top 3 countries. I miss teaching geography - I haven't taught it since my practice year!
29th July 2017

He spoke English
After all that, he spoke English? OMG that's so funny - never a dull moment. The door knocker looks like a grumpy Loki face!
29th July 2017

Happy Birthday
Hi Julie, Happy belated birthday. Your birthday treat looked deeelicious. I'm assuming 28? Justin wil be 28 on October 5. We'll see him in a couple of weeks when we go to the Big Smoke for a Jays game.
29th July 2017

Thanks Joan! Yep, 28. Enjoy the Jays game! Hopefully they don't lay an egg when you guys go.
23rd July 2017

Kofola or Covfefe
I wonder if "Covfefe" is the Americanized version of the word "Kofola"? Points to ponder...
24th July 2017

I def thought about Covfefe too haha
21st July 2017

Feel better soon
I hope you are feeling better soon, Julie. it's no fun, and so frustrating, when you are sick when travelling.
19th July 2017
Doesn't it look like a cute little face??

For some reason, that's the first thing that came to mind. Justin was very big into Pikachu; last year was it?
19th July 2017
Doesn't it look like a cute little face??

Haha, you're right! That works too! Good old Pikachu
17th July 2017

Enchanted Forest
You have a knack for finding enchanted forests whenever you travel! Very beautiful, great pics!
9th July 2017
This is what their beaches are

Just like Dover
Hi Julie, I'm enjoying this summer's adventure. I have similar picture of the beach in Dover when we were there last spring. The stones make for interesting walking as they are not as stable as hard packed sand. Very pretty though.
9th July 2017
This is what their beaches are

Hi Joan, Yeah, most of the southern coast is like that with the rocks - pretty, but like you said, not ideal for walking. Hope you guys had a nice visit when you went! The UK holds a soft spot in my heart in terms of vacationing.
20th August 2016

Just wondering
Hi Julie, I llok forward to your blog every summer; just wondering where your cruise was to and how was it? Hope you are having a great rest of summer in your new place.
20th August 2016

Hi Joan! Thanks - new place is great, I'm settling in now that I'm back in town. Cruise was East/West Caribbean - St Thomas, St Maarten, Bahamas, Mexico, Honduras. We were supposed to go to Belize as well but the hurricane got in the way ;) It was a great trip!
14th July 2016

Wow Julie! Nut bars galore! Be careful!
15th August 2015

How awesome!
Congratulations, Julie. That must feel good to be "secure" after all your hard work. Are you teaching in French? I may well direct some questions your way. I haven't been to London since I was 21 and Dave has never been to Europe at all so will be fun. Joan
17th August 2015

Have a great trip!
Yep, I'll be teaching Gr 9+10 French - I can't wait!

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