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31st July 2011

re: hostels
Yep! I can post a picture of the place I was staying in last night, in the next update. Some of them are sketchy, but if you research before you go, most of them are well kept now.
31st July 2011

Hi Julie. Sounds like you got off to a great start on your gap adventure. Are you allowed to take pictures in the hostels? I'd love to see what they look like. I'm sure they are much improved since my time - 1974 and 1977.
11th July 2011

re: Em
I can respond here, doesn't mean you'll see it haha. I'll message you once we're in Washington anyway. Yay for reading =P Hotel near Atlantic City was good. It's a Howard Johnson, so nothing amazingly spiffy, but it's clean and sound doesn't carry which is nice. I shall hunt Kashi for you =P
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10th July 2011

how's your hotel? is it nice? i'm not really sure why I'm leaving my comment on here, since you probably can't respond this way. oh well.. just to prove i'm reading your blog maybe? :P Feel free to bring me back something kashi related!!!!
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30th May 2011
Ladybird the Eagle

What a beauty!
I love Ladybird's feather-do. I think she could be starting a new hair/feather craze. You know, the shaggy look.
29th May 2011

re: Elvira
We're so used to Alaskan weather, it's going to be a shock to the system to get home! Happy to hear Balou's being a sweetie - I'm impressed that he's going for walks ;) See you all soon!
29th May 2011

Great pictures Julie! Great scenery...
All's well here. We're having lots of rain still. It should warm up in the next few days. Be prepared for muggy weather... We took Balou and Rufus for a longer walk around the park last night and Balou did fine. He was happy to get home though (after 3/4's of the walk he said that's enough, let's go home). I am sure he can't wait to see you guys soon! He is a very brave and sweet boy!! Love, Elvira, Jerry
28th May 2011

re: Joan
Thanks! It feels weird doing those short updates, but I should have all the original posts up within the next day or two. We saw a few bears, but all at a safe distance ;) My Mom says hi back!
26th May 2011

Sounds wonderful
Julie, Your descriptions are so vivid even in abbreviated form. Can't wait to see some pics. Say hi to your mom for me. Safe travels and keep those bears at a distance especially the mommies.
19th May 2011

re: Em
I did not keep it, unfortunately... but the photo lives on! Weather was lovely - cear skies and warm. Nice airport - it's quite large and very sprawling which means tons of walking. Mom's gimpy right now, so that made it interesting lol. And a rain-free Seattle? Rain Gods LOVE MEEEEEE =)
From Blog: Airport-hopping
19th May 2011

hahah, please tell me you kept that pretzel bag!! That's so clever, I love when companies can poke fun at themselves. I'm glad you guys are having fun! What was the weather like in Atlanta? Is their airport nice? Had a good laugh about your run-in with customs. Some people are ridiculous. Good Luck in Seattle! watch for the rain!!... oh wait ;)
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14th March 2011

Thanks for the comment Seri, hope you have a nice trip to Estonia and to Latvia - I loved both countries! And glad to hear someone's heard of Ottawa =)
28th February 2011

Walking Tour
Just want to say thanks for making such a great post about the walking tour, I'm off to Estonia for a few days and was undecided on whether to visit Riga for a day or not, but this has convinced me that it will be worthwhile, especially after seeing all those lovely pictures. Oh and just also wanted to say that I've heard of Ottowa and find it very surprising to learn that most people don't (I thought it would be quite common knowledge, considering it's the capital city)
22nd August 2010

Yellow Free Tours
Hi Audrey, The tour was "Yellow Free Tours" - they do them in a couple cities around the Baltics. Their website is: Hope you have a great trip!
18th August 2010

name of the walking tour?
Hi, i'm leaving to Riga in few days and i like walking tours. you seem to have had a good moment, so can you give me the name of this tour? Thanks in advance, audrey
20th July 2010

Safe travels home!
Great blog, Julie. I really enjoyed everything. I might now consider visiting some places that I had never even thought about.
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19th July 2010

Hi there
Julie, haven't been able to keep up; will read soon. Happy travels still! Big hug, Elvira
19th July 2010

Yeah, I know the hill was cleared a few times - it's quite amazing that they managed to keep "re-building" it each time. I'm glad I went - it was super out of the way, but well worth the time. I can't imagine what it would've been like alone - even with all the people there it was still eerily quiet - that must've been quite something.
19th July 2010

Well, at least that's romantic..? Haha.
From Blog: Au revoir Paris
19th July 2010

When we were there in 2004, there were no people around (except for gypsies selling trinkets in the parking lot) so it was a little eeire wandering around the crosses. I'm not sure but I think the Russian tanks cleared it a number of times but the LIthuanians kept coming back and erecting more crosses. A similar site is at St. John cemetary in Mississauga. They have a small hill with crosses erected on it. A very strange site to see when you drive in but memorable.
19th July 2010

French tales
One of the lines Rosalie heard was an offer to go to a guy's apartment so he could cook for her!
From Blog: Au revoir Paris
10th July 2010

Thanks Joan!
9th July 2010

What a trip
Hi Julie, I'm really enjoying following your adventures this summer. Highly entertaining, and informative. Stay safe! Joan
9th July 2010

Love- Jodi <3
9th July 2010

i love it!

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