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10th July 2013

HP theme
I'm sensing a Harry Potter theme to your trip. This time you encountered the three-headed beast (or whatever that dog thing was in the early HP series). Woof!
9th July 2013

Giant Spider
Ok, wasn't there a giant spider in one of the Harry Potter movies? Ewwwww. I hope you took a picture before destroying her web. Glad you found your way back to civilization - sounds like you're having a blast!
9th July 2013

I wanted to take a pic but I was so upset by the fact I was legit lost in the middle of the woods that I did not haha.
4th July 2013

HP reference
Day 2, 3rd paragraph...I've got computers on the brain. I couldn't understand what the Hewlitt-Packard reference was...
27th July 2012

Happy Birthday, Julie!
Had a nice lunch with your mom today.
28th July 2012

Yeah, I heard it was a nice time :) Thanks!
16th July 2012

Half a cow
Please bring me half a cow from Morroco instead of a bookmark. Thank you.
15th July 2012

Riding Horsies
Do you remember riding the pony at Wonderland? You said it was "defective" because it kept sneezing the whole time! Look how far you've come - gallopping on the sand dunes of Morocco!
15th July 2012

I don't remember that at all, but I definitely just burst into giggles while sitting in my hostel bed. Look how far I've gone indeed haha
6th July 2012

Parade of Cows
A parade of cows? How...unique! I have visions of a Grand Marshall Cow, a Cow Marching Band, Cow Clowns...Fun!
6th July 2012

omg... it was honestly all the cows in the world and they were in a perfect line going up the hill. and this morning we woke up to them moo-ing
4th July 2012

Zoo fun
Ok, for your birthday I'm getting you a farting rhino and a Highland Cow. (We might need a bigger apartment!)
3rd July 2012

site to visit
If you have time visit the John Rennie McIntosh musueum (lovely "modern" furniture) and a fabulous tea house (tea pots and delicious deserts).
1st July 2012

Rocks and trees?
In Canadia we have rocks and trees and trees and rocks. In Scotland apparently they have sheep and lochs and lochs and sheep....and bunnies!
4th May 2012
Gdansk welcomes you

Gdansk (Danzig) Euro 2012
I'am proud that a few of the games of Euro2012 shall be in Gdansk, my city where I'am born in 1939 ! Good Luck !
20th March 2012

I haven't seen Jay for a couple of weeks. Been on vaacation. When did he grow a moustache? I like it!!
24th March 2012

He didn't - he lost a bet with Jimmy Fallon and had to wear a fake moustache (without explaining why) during his monologue. He actually took it off in the next segment... although I agree, it actually didn't look as bad as I expected haha.
16th March 2012

Loved the photos
We're heading to Alaska in May so I was very interested to read your blog and view the photos. I hope we're as lucky as you to see bears. Your photos are great.
17th March 2012

Thanks! Hope you have a great trip - May is a wonderful time to go
11th March 2012

glad to see you made it there eventually! OU EST MES PANTALONS?!?! My mom warned you about the smoke, right?!?! please tell me you at least did ONE slot machine!! you had to! and gambling in pyjamas? seriously? so not the stereotypical class i\'m picturing (think oceans 11). The eh jokes will never end. the eh jokes are never ending... looking forward to them on our trip ;) this is getting me so excited!!! ahhh!!! and nervous... we have 0 planned. nerves!! aeroplanes! customs! ah! we\'re gonna have such a hard time understanding anyone in scotland/ireland hahaha. even watching the new america\'s next top model america vs. Brits i\'m like what? some of the girls have to be subtitled. i hope you have lots of pictures from the observation deck. would it have been expensive to bungee jump off it i wonder? crazy people are crazy. I wouldn\'t mind dangling off of it. I have a feeling McD\'s will be our european saviour.... do they have one dollar drink days there too in the summer? ;)
12th March 2012

Man that was quite the epic-long comment!! Haha, I'll answer your Euro qs in a message you'll actually read (it doesn't send you a message when I reply here, so I doubt you'll check back). Long story short, if I could get by in eastern Europe and northern Poland where there was virtually NO english... I have less than zero worries about Scotland/Ireland ;)
7th August 2011

Good luck with that!
Gone are the days of segregated rooms by gender, eh? Can hardly wait for tomorrow's entry!
2nd August 2011

Yeah, I'm not quite sure what to make of this looking native everywhere I go thing lol. Oh well. Anything and everything I can do to stay off Crim Minds =P
2nd August 2011

Haha! you are always asked for directions no matter where you are :P you look native to everywhere you go! This also shows you look like you know what you're doing.... which is beneficial as a tourist that way you don't end up on an episode of criminal minds ;) Glad you're having fun.
1st August 2011

Thanks for the hostel pic!
Very nice indeed. Much better than the mouldy 70's.
From Blog: Day 5 - Sopot

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